Terror Infinity

Chapter 9-1

Vol 13: Chapter 9-1.

Money wasn’t a solution to everything but 99% of problems weren’t a problem in front of money. Zheng easily obtained the necessary documents for an exhibition from the city government. He hired lawyers and related professionals to rent a space in a popular area. Followed up with advertising, renting equipment, and finding artists for entertainment. He also sent invitations to famous public figures.

After all was done, everyone in the team found themselves with nothing to do while the professionals took care of the event. This Egyptian relics exhibition caused a stir in the city. Many public figures who hadn’t received an invitation came to ask for one. In the end, they decided to hold a party at the end of the first day. Everyone could come in for food and water. Money was merely a number to Zheng anyway.

“Never imagined the event got up to this point. It seems like we can’t back off now.” Zheng muttered on the roof of a skyscraper. However, no one was next to him.

The team’s connection was weaved together once more after Lan’s revival. Psyche scan and soul link enabled the team to stay connected no matter where they were at. They also had shared vision. Lan turned the team into a whole.

Xuan’s voice sounded in his head. “Not an issue. This turned out similar to what I planned, so it is still within control.”

Zheng paused for a moment. “Let’s talk about your plan. You didn’t finish explaining it last time. There are other ways to lure the movie characters out. So why do we have to risk the valuable books? We have four quest items, but we are now putting half of them up in a bet.”

Xuan interrupted him. “It doesn’t take both books to lure the movie characters, but what if we can get Imhotep to come too? You said Imhotep decided to move to the U.S. with his lover. He has a sense of connection to these two books. The Na ring cuts off this connection when the books are inside but if you take them out, he might come to New York.”

Zheng asked in confusion. “Why do we have to lure Imhotep over? Are you planning to kill him again? He didn’t provoke us, so there’s no reason taking this risk. I will refuse this plan if this is your intention.” His tone became serious as he went on.

Xuan was as calm as always. He waited for Zheng to finish. “No. There isn’t a need to kill him. I wish to gain a powerful ally for this bonus mission. Another reason I am considering is the watch that can bring movie characters into God’s dimension. Do you still remember it? It requires the character’s consent. However, the stronger the character, the more difficult the task is. Powerful characters in each world are usually our target for the main mission. Imhotep is powerful and isn’t target. He also doesn’t feel a strong sense of belonging to this world. We can find him and discuss this with him.”

Bringing Imhotep to God’s dimension? The idea was beyond what Zheng could think of, since Imhotep wasn’t a person from the real world. However, an undying high priest that could use magic would be a power up for team China. He could also summon around ten sphinxes, even though it was much less than the army of Anubis.

Zheng’s mind wandered away as he stood on the roof of the skyscraper. After a while, he finally said. “This idea is not bad. I am coming back now to discuss it. Lan, call Zero back.”

He jumped off the building. Zheng took out the Sky Stick while falling then stepped on it. Several minutes later, he landed in a valley. No one would probably notice a little hoverboard during the night.

A normal person’s vision would have difficulty seeing the Sky Stick while its flying at high speed. Even if they did notice it, it was difficult to make out what it was. However, what if that person had extraordinary night vision?

A handsome brown hair man stood on the roof a skyscraper several thousand meters away and stared at Zheng’s direction. He carried a baby boy that was to two years old in his arms. There were no emotions on his face. Several men who were lying on the floor behind him slowly stood up. Tiny tubes connected to these men pulled back into the brown man’s body.

“Hide yourselves. Don’t get burned by sunlight. Egyptian relics exhibition?” He muttered. The men behind him enlarged into two meters tall.

“From my analysis, neither Imhotep nor Anck-Su-Namun are good people. They are the typical antagonists in movies who are evil, powerful, and want to conquer the world. However, they have the human nature of a normal person. You can usually see this kind of people from fantasy novel that WangXia reads. A young man that gets bullied suddenly obtains power. His first thoughts would be strength, authority, women, desires. Novels use a variety of reasoning to cover up the nature of this. But a normal person gifted with power will usually be darker and crazier than someone who obtained his power through efforts because they don’t know the value of this power and just want to unleash their suppressed desires. Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun are such people.”

Xuan sat on the sofa and said. “I will do my best to kill such people if I meet them. No matter how innocent and kind they were before they obtained their power, their actions had shown that they are a threat to the world. Of course, that’s if they come from the same world as us. Imhotep had lived a life of riches and was a person of high ranking before his death, so he doesn’t care much about money and authority. The reason he turned out like this was because of love, so more women isn’t his desire either. There are two possible desires he has left. A power strong enough to conquer this world. This was shown when he attempted to kill the Scorpion King. And a power strong enough to protect him and his lover. We can see that from his story. Both possibilities are equally likely so we only have a 50% chance of bringing him back.”

Zheng smiled bitterly. “Is 50% chance worth us place the books on a bet? I can’t get the feeling that it’s too risky off my head. I can’t accept this point.”

Xuan adjusted his glasses. “50% chance is worth the gamble. You need to be aware of the fact that other teams are also chasing after bonus missions. If we just want to survive safely, we wouldn’t have spent over 10000 points to come back here. The Mayan ruins, the bonus mission, and Imhotep, the possibilities of all three combined are what’s worth the points coming back. Why else did you think I took the risk.”

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