Terror Infinity

Chapter 7-2

Vol 12: Chapter 7-2.

Kampa and WangXia both sighed and felt relieved. Even though this was cruel but the merciful would not take charge of an army. Sometimes, a decisive leader was the needed for the majority to survive. Furthermore, the three newbies still weren’t part of the team yet. At least not part of the team revolving around Zheng.

Zheng said in a serious tone, “In the end, we are still too weak. Not just in exchanges but also in creating our own powers. Perhaps it’s too early to say this but if we happen to live through movies easily in the future, I will revive the newbies and give them a second chance. Hoho, hope that day comes.”

Xuan’s voice came from above. “Ok, now that’s been decided, we will continue on to the difficulties of bonus missions. Basing off other rankings in the system, the lowest difficulty is D, then DD, then C and so forth. The one we just completed is a CC difficulty. The one Zheng completed in The Mummy is B. You only receive double rewards for doing it in advance. If we are to categorize them, C should be considered hard. However, with the right methods, it shouldn’t be too dangerous. Just like how we used smoke to enter the facility.”

“B difficulty is life threatening. Judging from the Scorpion King mission, it’s set at around 80% chance for a team wipe. So BB should be 90%. I can’t imagine how difficult A and above is. That kind of missions might even cause casualties at those who didn’t participate. Based on our performance, the hardest difficulty we can complete safely is CC. We should avoid B and above missions.”

Zheng thought for a bit. “You mean the mission in Isla Nublar might be too difficult?”

Xuan said, “Basically. We can see from this document that the mad scientist discovered a method to manipulate genetics. He originally planned to enhance humans in order to make humans evolve. This is similar to what God is currently doing, except he tried to play God and do it with external forces. His method is successful in some ways. The substance he developed can stimulate an organism to unravel the secluded genes of their ancient forms, such as those large bees.”

“Secondly, when one of the organisms undergone this change, its genes mutated and DNA reconstructed into something unusual. The document said he placed that infant life in Isla Nublar. Dragon is the only name that suits this mutated organism. This makes me worry.”

“Dragon? Dinosaur? It couldn’t be Godzilla right?” Kampa laughed.

The others also smiled. They didn’t worry much about dinosaurs, even if it was a Godzilla. The Sky Stick could keep them in a safe distance to gun down the Godzilla. They had absolute advantage over life forms that couldn’t fly.

The sky was still a little dim. A trace of sunrise crept up in the horizon and they finally saw the fleet. All the ships were well lit. It seemed like what happened in Isla Sorna had forced this fleet to head there. Hope they wouldn’t encounter the swarm of bees and become the next victims where everyone died but the ships were still intact.

Xuan lowered the Sky Stick near the surface of the sea after he saw the fleet. They were still some distance away so the chance of being detected was slim unless the fleet was specifically searching for them. Soon, they flew past the fleet and Isla Nublar came into view.

“The island where the first movie took place and our possible second bonus mission.”

The group landed on the beach. They wanted to move around a bit after hanging there for so long and this flight had put excess burden on the non-official Sky Stick. It was better to let its energy system cool down a bit.

The sky had gotten brighter by this time. Half the sun was up in the horizon, shining over this yet to be polluted beach. If the dinosaurs didn’t exist, this would be a holiday resort.

They moved around for a bit. Zheng took out the solidified water and compressed food. It was necessary to refill their energy after a night of fighting, and to take on the possible, more intense fight.

After a while of resting, Zheng said to Xuan. “Can you deduce what this mission is going to be about?”

Xuan shook his head. “Not possible. We know too little at this point. Although it can be certain to be related to that organism, but this island is bigger than Isla Sorna. It’s too difficult to find a specific organism. Furthermore, we can’t be certain if the whole island is polluted with that substance, which might mean another attack by swarms of insects. I can’t known something out of nothing unless you give me enough information.”

Zheng looked at Kampa and WangXia. They provided a lot of help in the previous mission. So this unknown mission made him hesitate. All three of them were important but aside from their weapons, they were not that much different from normal people. There’s a high chance to get killed if they were ambushed by dinosaurs.

Zheng thought for a bit then asked. “How long will the Sky Stick take to cool down? Is an hour enough?”

Xuan nodded. “The fact is, we can use it now but its value is irreplaceable until I can create it. So I wish to let it cool for forty minutes to an hour.”

“That will be enough. I am going to probe inside the island in the meantime. Kampa, protect this place. If you see something else moves, shoot it. WangXia plant mines around here and set the trigger weight to 300 kilograms. We don’t need to use mines on the smaller velociraptors.”

Zheng then took out the Spear of Osiris. The axe was left in the facility when it was stuck to the queen bee’s stinger. There was no time for him to take off the axe so he had to give it up. Now, he didn’t have a close combat weapon. The spear would have to do for now.

Zheng ran into the forest. Kampa entered an alert state. And WangXia began planting mines in a two hundred meter radius.

This forest was planted by humans. There was a set distance between each tree. However, it had been abandoned for too long. Withered branches and leaves filled the ground. Though this didn’t affect Zheng’s running. He continued heading deep into the forest.

The atmosphere was strange. He didn’t see a single dinosaur on the way, not even the remains of a dinosaur. There were also no giant insects. The insects here were still in their normal sizes. Which meant this island wasn’t polluted with the substance.

Zheng let out a sigh of relief. The insects from Isla Sorna gave him a lot of stress. With the insect problem gone, he was getting confused on why was it so quiet here. So quiet that it seemed like there was no large animals.

A quietness like being at the border of a beast’s lair. A beast that had eaten all its preys.


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