Terror Infinity

Chapter 7-1

Vol 12: Chapter 7-1.

As the jets flew past, Xuan piloted the Sky Stick over the sea. It went under the jets with the help of the darkness. The jets obviously wouldn’t notice such a small object during the night. They continued flying ahead at a high speed.

The group let out a sigh of relief after the jets went away and Xuan said. “Everyone can take a break. It takes around an hour to reach the island since the weight of four people lowered the speed of the Sky Stick by 10 to 20 percent. The island is over 600 kilometers away so we will see it in around an hour.”

Fatigue struck their bodies once they became relaxed. The series of fights and the torrents underwater put their bodies and mind in a tensed state. One of the main reason they came out without a dent was due to Xuan’s piloting technique. Otherwise, one wave of bullets and missiles would have shot them down. Their powerful weapons wouldn’t be of much use in that situation.

After several minutes of resting, Xuan said calmly. “I will take this time to analyze the current situation and rewards.”

Zheng and the other two people looked at each other. Their eyes were filled with delight. These risks were dangerous and almost put them in a desperate situation. They could still feel a chill deep in their bones when they thought of those bees that covered the whole sky.

“The reward from the bonus mission is 4000 points and 2 rank C rewards. Sinking two ships is 2000 points. Even without counting the dinosaurs we killed on the way, each of us got 6000 points and the rank C rewards. However, we were deducted 4000 points so that put us at 2000 points in the end.”

The three of them were excited until that last sentence dumbfounded them. Xuan continued. “You probably didn’t pay attention to the notifications during battle. We caused a large amount of insects escaped Isla Sorna in advance and were rewarded negative 4000 points. Fortunately, God only took away the points. This is what we are discussing.”

“Changing the plot doesn’t always end in a reward. To the contrary, some changes may cause a chain reaction that will result in a punishment from God. The negative reward was one of such. Furthermore, that notification included the whole team China. The three newbies may not make it out alive.”

This shocking news left them unable to react. After quite a while, Zheng said .”Aren’t there two more bonus missions? We can’t bring them to Isla Nublar but they should be able to join in on the third bonus mission. I think…”

Xuan shook his head. “This is what I am planning to say. But before that, let’s organize the information we have on bonus missions and their patterns. First, the bonus missions will change the main plot in an unpredictable way. The bigger this change is, the bigger our reward is. The reward from this change can be positive or negative reward. However, completing a bonus mission will give us a positive reward. This is the first pattern.”

“Second, the more dangerous a situation is, the higher the reward, which can be seen from the research facility. We were lucky to have gone there at a time when many insects were dying. We had a high speed transportation tool. If it was a helicopter or airplane instead, we would have gotten caught by the bees. And we had someone that could quickly identify the document and Zheng to complete the mission. Without any of these, the male male bees and queen bee could have killed us in the facility.”

“Third, the more people required for the bonus mission, the more that will obtain the reward. Only the four of us were rewarded when we completed the bonus mission in Isla Sorna. However, the negative reward included everyone in the team. Do you still remember the Scorpion King mission? Even though I participated in the mission but you were the only one that obtained a reward. So that means the number of participants is determined by the bonus mission, not by us. For example, if a bonus mission only rewards five people and a team of twenty participated, the five that did the most work will be rewarded.”

Xuan’s tone was still calm and indifferent. “Based on these three rules, the third bonus mission probably has a very low reward, and only includes one person. You can choose one of the newbies to save. However, whether it succeeds is still dependent on the how much is rewarded. I personally favor Luo Gando.”

Kampa and WangXia turned to Zheng. He clenched his teeth in silence. Everyone could feel the struggle he was experiencing. Even though he didn’t want to abandon any newbies, he must make a decision in this situation,

Zheng muttered. “Is there no other way? Only one of them can live?”

“There is. Based on our current situation.” Xuan fixed his hair and turned toward the rising sun. “We can pick up them now and head toward Isla Nublar together. Since the first bonus mission was enough to reward four people, the chance that the second mission rewards even more people is high. However, that will decrease the speed of the Sky Stick further by 30 to 40 percent. This is the first problem. Secondly, if we are attacked during the mission, can these normal people face the situations calmly? Are they certain to not drag us behind? It’s your choice.”

Zheng knew what Xuan said was true. Yet, truth wasn’t always easy to accept. If someone were to say that either you or a stranger could live, would you give this chance away? No, you would seize this hope for yourself. Such was human nature. There was no one to blame for selfishness.

Xuan said calmly. “If you can’t make this decision, I will do it.”

“No.” Zheng said. “I understand the responsibility of a leader. That is to protect the team members’ lives and interests. We are still rebuilding our team and the three of you don’t have another chance to revive. I can’t exchange your safety for a few newbies. This is a cruel decision but we proceed with the original plan and give the third bonus mission to Gando. This is my order as the leader of team China!”

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