Terror Infinity

Chapter 6-3

Vol 12: Chapter 6-3.

As the Gatling cannon fired, the missiles exploded mid air one by one. Xuan seemed to know that Zheng would do this in advance. He flew the Sky Stick toward the ship without stopping. Those on the ship stared with their mouth wide open at this never seen before aircraft, and the unbelievable shooting accuracy. No helicopter would have thought about shooting down missiles. It wasn’t just an issue with accuracy but also reacting fast enough to aim for one missile after another.

However, Zheng did it under the enhanced reaction speed in the unlocked mode. Those on the ship watched as the hoverboard flew through the explosions. The Gatling cannon also aimed at the deck.

When the Gatling cannon began the next round of fire, numerous bullets hit the surface of the ship. Unfortunately, it wasn’t even near the power of the EMP rifle. The cannon shots didn’t even penetrate the metal layer of the deck and only got the soldiers on the surface. At the same time, WangXia threw a timed bomb and two mines. A huge explosion occurred after they flew across the ship. The heat waves nearly caught them into the blast. This explosion was much more powerful than the missiles that exploded before. They turned around to see the whole deck was torn apart. Though the explosion only impacted the top of the deck and wasted most of its force.

Xuan said. “Not enough. We haven’t received the reward notifications yet, which means the ship isn’t sinking. Zheng, WangXia, use the gravity mine.”

They paused for a moment. Then WangXia took out the gravity mine, a black sphere. Who would have known this little sphere would destroy anything within two hundred meters?

Zheng took the mine from WangXia. The activation weight was set at 5 kilograms. Then he said. “Fly back. I will throw it.”

Xuan flew the Sky Stick back over the ruined ship. Zheng had already thrown the gravity mine down. Then he threw a grenade without pulling its ring. After the mine landed, the grenade hit the mine. A suction force immediately pulled everything toward the mine. They could feel this force even in mid air. Thankfully, the Sky Stick was able to fly them out from this force. The force became smaller and smaller as they flew further away. After they reached a kilometer from the ship, they turned around and was appalled.

Most of the ship was rolled into an incomplete ball with many parts of it filled with water. Explosions were occurring inside the ball. Fire from the explosions escaped but then immediately got sucked back. Before long, this ball sunk into the sea.

This destruction left the four of them standing in place for a moment until horrifying buzzing sounds brought them back to reality. Miserable screams were coming from every ship nearby. Countless bees had swarmed these ships. The navy and solders were running but that was only futile. Each time a group of bees caught them, they would soon turn into skeletons.

Originally, Xuan’s plan was to cause chaos by sinking two ships so the rest of the fleet wouldn’t have time to look for them. Then they could take the chance to enter Isla Nublar. However, the current consequence would likely be the whole fleet getting destroyed, differing from Xuan’s plan.

Zheng and the other two couldn’t bring themselves to look at the scene. Xuan turned the Sky Stick around and flew away. Then they dived into the water just like before.

The Sky Stick flew underwater for about two minutes before surfacing. Kampa and WangXia immediately coughed and breath in air.

Zheng was silent for a while before he asked. “Have you thought of this situation? To let the insects attack the navy and wipe them out so we can enter the island in this chaos?”

Xuan’s voice was indifferent. “No. Things often differ from expectations. I am not a god. I can’t consider every possibility. That’s god’s domain.”

“If you can…” Zheng said with his head down. “Although this may sound hypocritical, since we have decided to attack the navy in the beginning. But try to kill less when we are guaranteed to live. It’s understandable to kill to survive but people in this world don’t know that they are part of a movie. They are also living humans. I hope this kind of tragedy doesn’t happen again.”

Xuan disagreed decisively. “That’s impossible. If I have known this, I will definitely lure the bees to the fleet. This will offer the biggest advantage to us. Chaos that’s enough to wipe out this fleet will definitely incur a reaction from the carrier fleet. We can take this chance to enter the island. Furthermore, the governments will only pay attention to the documents we have after they realize the potential threat of the insects. That’s the key to completing the third bonus mission. So your suggestion is unreasonable. I won’t agree unless…”

“Unless?” Zheng knew that he was being unreasonable and expected this reaction from Xuan, but he was shocked to hear the unless.

Xuan said. “The reason we are doing this is because we lack the power to complete the missions with just ourselves. If you are strong enough, or if the team is strong enough to disregard these tricks then we won’t have to involve so many people. If you are as strong as the clone you described then you could totally avoid everything that happened.”

In the end, it was still the problem with strength. Zheng felt a bit down but then he realized that strength was what he had been searching for. Strength was the basis to completing the bonus missions, to reviving his team, and to fighting his clone! If he didn’t want people in the movies getting used and massacred, his only choice was to become strong, strong enough to ignore everything!

Even though the fight ended with a tragedy, all four of them here were tough. A minute of silence later, Kampa and WangXia returned to normal and discussed about their weapons. Kampa kept mentioning the limitation of the EMP rifle and begged Xuan to come up with something.

“That’s out of my capability. This gun is a sci-fi weapon to begin with. The technology is approximately 150 years beyond the real world, one level higher than gauss weapons. EMP is on the same level as laser weapons. Its biggest limitation is supposed to be the reloading time but your weapon doesn’t have this limitation. And you still want it to fire without stopping? That will raise the worth of this weapon to tier B or at least higher.”

That was true. Since a single person with the EMP rifle could sink a ship. So Kampa didn’t say anything after grumbling for a bit. WangXia was also quite dissatisfied with the bombs. He was going to ask Xuan on how to insert the bombs into the target before detonating when they heard ten jets flew over them. The jets were heading toward the almost destroyed fleet.

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