Terror Infinity

Chapter 7-3

Vol 12: Chapter 7-3.

Zheng continued going forward with this feeling of uncertainty. He still hadn’t found a single dinosaur no matter how deep he was into the forest. Or had the navy cleared all of them? Then why did the fleet garrisoned outside the island?

Curiosity and nervousness rose in his heart. The feeling of danger became increasingly vivid as he went deeper into this island. This was an instinctive feeling of an animal. Like walking toward a beast, stressful and unbearable.

Zheng continued running for ten more minutes. After counting the time, the Sky Stick would finish cooling down if he were to head back to the beach now. So he stopped and was about to turn around when a red bone caught his eye. The bone seemed fresh. Zheng immediately ran over.

This bone seemed like it belonged to a giant animal, a shoulder blade. The blood had dried up but still looked red. Its owner obviously died not long ago. However, Zheng’s attention was focused on a row of large holes on the bone. The holes pierced through the bone and was as thick as his arm. How big was the owner of the beast with such large teeth?

Zheng gasped. In fact, judging by the shape of these holes, those teeth might be even bigger because this seemed like just the front portion of the teeth. So the size of its owner would be several times bigger than a T-Rex. That was simply horrifying. There hadn’t been any carnivores of such scale in Earth.

A sudden, loud noise came from outside the forest. Zheng immediately used the movement technique to jump up to a 10 meter tall tree. A large T-Rex was running at his direction while roaring. It didn’t look like it was chasing after a prey. Just simply running. As he was about to turn around and get away, he halted in place. He stared at the T-Rex’s direction with his eyes wide open.

Dragon! That was a real western dragon! With horn, scales, wings, and a lizard shaped body. The dragon had a body length of about 30 meters. It was running after the T-Rex. Due to the difference in size, it quickly caught up to the T-Rex then bit its head. The bite almost took away the T-Rex head in whole. Zheng finally found out the origin of the holes to that shoulder blade.

“The Lost World: Jurassic Park bonus mission, slay the dinosaur mutant. The slayer receives a rank B reward and 5000 points. Assisting members each receive a rank C reward and 4000 points. This organism belong to magical beasts. Long range high tech weapons are nullified. If the organism isn’t slayed within 24 hours, all members that participated in the attack will be erased.”

Zheng gulped as he heard the notification because he saw the dragon tore off the upper body of the T-Rex as it raised its head. That strength was horrifying. Its size was equally shocking. The stress coming from a 30 meter long organism made his body tremble despite being so far away. He wasn’t scared, but his body felt the danger.

Zheng immediately turned around and ran toward the beach without a second thought. Fortunately, the dragon was focusing its attention on devouring the T-Rex and didn’t notice the tiny human running away. After Zheng ran for a kilometer, he heard a roar coming from behind. An unconscious roar that signaled it was full. The roar was loud as thunder. It made his ears painful despite the distance. But he had no time to pay any attention and focused all his energy on running.

After charging out of the forest, Zheng saw Xuan, WangXia and Kampa standing by the shore safely. He let out a sigh of relief and headed over to them. There were obvious traces of mines on the beach but they didn’t have to disguise the mines against dinosaurs. Zheng easily bypassed the mines and reached the group.

Kampa and WangXia asked simultaneously. “What was that noise just now?”

They looked at each other then Kampa said. “Shit, is it really a Godzilla? So they actually come from genetic mutations?”

Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He sighed. “More scary than Godzilla. I saw a dragon, a real dragon.”

The other three turned theirs eyes toward him. Xuan nodded. “These dinosaurs can be considered dragons. We are insignificant when compared to them in size.”

Zheng scratched his head and drew in the air with his hands. “Not dinosaurs, a dragon from the legends. Uh, I mean a real dragon exists in this island. I received a notification from God as soon as I saw it. Killing the mutated dinosaur rewards the slayer a rank B reward and 5000 points. Assisting members receive a rank C reward and 4000 points. Sounds nice but God also said that long range high tech weapons are nullified against the magical beast. Which means we can only fight it in close range. But you didn’t see it with your own eyes. It was tens of meters big and bit a T-Rex in half. F*ck, how could God not allow long ranged weapons.”

Xuan was looking at him calmly the whole time. He thought in silence after hearing the whole thing. Then he asked some details about the bonus mission, such as the time, location, or other restriction. He began pondering again when he heard the 24 hour time limit.

“Your Spear of Osiris isn’t a long range high tech weapon. The gravity mines are high tech weapons but belong to close range. Which means we still have a pretty good chance. I don’t know if missiles count since the explosions are close range but they are launched from distance. So we have to test.” Xuan muttered.

Several minutes later, Xuan said again. “Then let’s go take a look at the dragon first. I will attack with the missiles from the Sky Stick. If missiles are effective, we can kill it easily. Otherwise, you will have to attack with the Spear of Osiris. There’s no time to waste. Let’s go since the carrier fleet hasn’t gone too far away. We can lure it to the fleet if missiles are effective.”

Zheng thought for a bit and replied. “Let me go alone. You haven’t seen the dragon yet so the bonus mission hasn’t activated for you. Instead of dying together if we can’t finish the mission, it’s better for me to fight alone. I can control the Sky Stick and use the Spear of Osiris. If I do die, then you can go back safely and revive me. I still haven’t revived through the Book of Amun-Ra.” Zheng took out the Book of the Dead and the Book of Amun-Ra from his ring then handed them over.

Yet, no one took the books from him. Kampa shouted. “F*ck. Who do you think you are? Superman? And what are we? I have been fighting with you as part of team China! How can I watch you go fight with your life by yourself while we escape back to God’s dimension like a dog? I will never be so worthless in my life!”

WangXia also said with a low and deep voice. “He’s right. My bombs aren’t long range high tech weapons so I can give you help. Let me go with you!”

Zheng didn’t say anything. He turned to Xuan with the two books. Xuan adjusted his glasses as if he hadn’t seen the books. “Although you sound like you are right but I can’t be certain if we can revive someone by combining points from all three people. If not, none of us has the points and rewards to revive you. Which means we will go through one or more movies without a leader. Do you think we will ever get a good chance to revive you if we don’t know what movie is coming next? Instead of losing the leader and most powerful person in the team, let us make the bet with our lives!”

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