Terror Infinity

Chapter 5-1

Vol 13: Chapter 5-1.

Zheng was the first to sprint up and grabbed Xuan’s arm but it was much faster for Xuan to pull the trigger. With a series of gun shots, the needle like bullets hit the surface of his temple. At the same time, a translucent barrier surfaced and blocked the bullets.

Zheng knocked Xuan’s hand away then slammed him to the floor. The pistol also fell to the floor. He shouted. “F*ck. I know you don’t have a desire to live so I hoped you can stay alive until you reach the third stage. And what did you do? There was no need to use your head for experiment. Do you want us to see our comrade killing himself?”

Zheng punched Xuan on the chin, sending him back ten meters and breaking his chin. Then Zheng panted heavily and shouted. “God, give him a repair. Deduct the points from me!”

Kampa and WangXia immediately separated the two of them. Kampa’s tone also sounded cold. “Xuan, you know the mutual agreements between mercenaries. One does not kill himself under any other reason than captured because that will only burden your comrades!”

The injury wasn’t serious. The beam only lasted for a brief moment and his chin was repaired. Xuan touched his chin and said. “Was that because you are concerned about me? That isn’t necessary. I already experimented this on my hand last night, then moved toward each part of the body. As long as you are wearing the necklace, all bullets and energy attacks will be blocked off when they reach 1-2 centimeters near you. The barrier energy can last very long. 150 points of recharge is equivalent to the effect of a CC defensive item. It takes the Gauss pistol 20 minutes of continuous shooting to deplete the energy.”

Zheng shouted back at him. “F*ck. Even then you still didn’t have to point it at your head! Where is your dream? Your desire to live? To become a real person? Can you still reach them if you die? F*cking do it again and I will break your limbs.”

Xuan adjusted his eyes and turned his head away. “It’s pointless hitting me since I can’t feel pain. I apologize for my rash behavior this time.”

Zheng, Kampa, and WangXia looked at each other in shocking surprise. They never imagined that Xuan would apologize.

At the same time, Xuan threw the necklaces to them and continued. “The dragonshard is the most valuable reward from the Jurassic Park world, more so than points and ranked rewards. That is if the following experiment succeeds. Zheng, channel your qi or blood energy into the dragonshard.”

Zheng immediately channeled his qi. He had slightly more qi than blood energy at this point since it was easier to train. All he had to do was circulate the qi in his body. While blood energy needed to be depleted and recovered to gain an increase.

The dragonshard glowed in a soft white as the corrosive qi entered it. The glow soon increased to the intensity equivalent to Xuan’s dragonshard and no more qi could enter it anymore.

Xuan asked at once. “How much qi or blood energy did you use.”

Zheng felt his energy and said. “About 15% of my qi. I haven’t tried blood energy yet. The dragonshard didn’t absorb much.”

Xuan let out a sigh of relief then took out his other pistol and pointed at Zheng’s hand. “I will fire when you are ready.”

Zheng said. “Ok, go ahead.”

Xuan pulled the trigger upon hearing those words. Numerous bullets shot toward Zheng’s hand but the barrier blocked them just before reaching his finger. Xuan fired for several seconds. The barrier persisted without any change and only disappeared after the shooting stopped.

“The reason the dragon couldn’t be harmed by firearms and sensed the gravity mine was due to this dragonshard. I suspect it could also recharge the shard’s energy. But due to the amount of energy that can be stored, if an attack is powerful enough, it will break through the barrier.” Xuan muttered.

Zheng stared at the necklace for a while before he said in excitement. “This is great that the necklace is rechargeable and I can charge it. Your close combat abilities and defenses are too weak. With this necklace, you can block all the attacks and use sci-fi weapons from afar while I recharge the energy continuously. Haha. Our team basically won’t get killed anymore aside from huge attacks or movies that are too difficult.”

Kampa and WangXia were also excited. The necklaces that can protect against most things were an amulet, much more important than any weapons.

Xuan smiled and nodded. “I was worried about it taking too much of your energy to recharge. If it used half of your energy, its value will drop below half of what it is. Didn’t expect it to use so little. From this point on, as long as we plan accordingly in the movies, there shouldn’t be many casualties.”

Zheng laughed out then recharged Kampa and WangXia’s necklaces. He also tested blood energy on them, which had different properties from qi. But once the blood energy entered the dragonshard it became the shard’s energy. In comparison to qi, he expended slightly less than 15% of blood energy which meant that it was more condensed than qi.

After all was done, they wore their necklaces. The design wasn’t ugly to say the least. There were no decorations, just a silver white chain and the soft white shard, which gave them a plain look.

Xuan waited for them to calm down before saying to Zheng. “The discussion on points and rewards from the last movie is over. Now let’s talk about how you survived. Say it in details and it did your strength grew?”

Zheng nodded. Xuan continued. “No wonder you broke my chin in one hit. You didn’t have this kind of strength before.”

ZHeng smiled bitterly. He remembered when he punched Xuan in the face after Alien. His strength back then was obviously weaker and didn’t break Xuan’s chin. He said. “You are still bearing the grudge? It has been so long.”

Xuan adjusted his glasses calmly. “Why bear any grudges? Talk about what happened first.”

Zheng took a deep breath then sat down on the floor. He narrated what happened after he woke up and how he survived based on what the scientists said and his guesses.

“The bomb exploded when I was still in Destruction mode. My body’s toughness was much higher during this mode so I didn’t get crushed. The blast wave pushed me into the dragon’s head. Then…”

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