Terror Infinity

Chapter 4-2

Vol 13: Chapter 4-2.

The night passed peacefully, aside from Lori taking a few hours to build a cabin for the dragon before Zheng carried her inside. The two slept until their internal clocked kicked in.

By the time they came out to the platform, all others aside from Kampa were already there. Zheng thought Xuan might have stood there for the night since he was as the same position as before.

Lori was considerate and went back to the room to prepare breakfast and food for the dragon. WangXia gave Zheng a smile then went back to the book he was reading. The cover and thickness of the book looked like a published web novel from the real world.

Xuan opened his eyes to take a glance at Zheng and WangXia then said. “Wait until Kampa comes. I said I discovered something interesting yesterday. We will test it in a bit.”

Zheng and WangXia then started chatting casually until Lori came out with cakes, milk, and apples. Xuan only took a bright red apple while the other two were more interested in the cakes and milk.

Almost another hour later, Kampa came out laughing. The blonde woman chased out and kicked him in the butt before quickly returning to the room. They saw she was in a lingerie. Kampa massaged his butt and ran toward everyone.

He sat down on the floor then grabbed a piece of cake and started eating. “Haha. Aryan women are so energetic. I woke her up in the morning and she could still do this.” His gestures were rated 18. Lori blushed and ran back to the room.

Zheng gave him a punch and laughed. “Aren’t you afraid of breaking her with that body of yours? You should know how late it is already.”

Kampa seemed proud of himself instead.

Xuan turned around and said to them. “The last bonus mission gave each of us 1000 points. Not as much as I expected but it was basically zero difficulty. So it’s still reasonable. I have 8000 points, a rank B reward. 12000 from all the missions and deducted 4000 from the first bonus mission. Kampa and WangXia should have about the same.”

Kampa and WangXia both stood under God and checked their rewards. After a while, WangXia nodded.

Kampa said. “I have a little over 9000. Is it from killing the dinosaurs?”

Zheng also closed his eyes. He almost couldn’t speak from the shock he received. “I have over 14000 points. Shit. We are rich now. Also a rank A reward, 2 rank C rewards, and a rank D reward. Why do I have so many points? I only got 1000 points more than you from the second bonus mission.”

Xuan adjusted his glasses. “This is the advantage of a large number of people. The army of Anubis is more effective than us at killing weaker monsters in huge battles like this. 14000 points is enough to revive at least one person.”

Zheng nodded. “I will reserve 8000 points and a rank B reward when exchanging enhancements and items. Which means I have 5000 points and 2 rank B rewards I can use.”

Xuan shook his head. “No. I think we should enter The Mummy to revive members first before exchanging anything so they can be included in any discussions for the team. And I can plan properly.”

Zheng was confused. “Isn’t it enough for me to enter alone? You haven’t activated The Mummy’s world yet, which is a rank D reward. That seems wasteful. Furthermore, you only have 8000 points. How many will you have left after going in to revive them?”

Xuan shook his head again. “This isn’t an issue. We should activate this world also. If you happen to die, we won’t have to worry about finding a rank D reward. Aside from this reason, I think reviving in both God’s dimension and The Mummy allows for everyone to contribute. Otherwise, 8000 points and a rank B reward from one person is too harsh. If this is true, we can revive two people this round.”

“The distribution will go like this. Each of us will contribute 4000 points and 2 rank C rewards. You will contribute 6000 points and 2 rank C rewards instead. Which leave us at 2 rank D rewards and over 4000 points while you have a rank A and rank D reward and 8000 points. That’s enough for you to get a tier A Qi.”

Zheng didn’t know what to say. In contrast, Kampa and WangXia both nodded in agreement about entering The Mummy together and contribute for the revival so Zheng could become even stronger.

Zheng wanted to reject this suggestion but he couldn’t utter a word. He quietly patted the other three people on the shoulders then turned to Xuan, who still had more to say.

“As to the revival order, if we can revive two people then I will choose Lan and Zero. Even though Heng’s sniping ability sounded strong from your description but his mental state may cause accidents in our plans. So I hope to choose Zero as the first person and Lan must come after him. We will have a 70% chance of protecting her this way. The psyche scan and soul link abilities are too useful. If she was in the last movie, we wouldn’t have to run away several times.”

After saying this, Xuan took out a few necklaces from his pocket. They were made of a white metal. Each necklace was embedded with a jade the size of a thumb and had a faint glow. The jades were vibrant and translucent.

“These are made from the dragonshard. I split it into twenty pieces and made twenty of them. The metal used is the Luna titanium alloy that has self healing property. The necklaces took 100 points total and I spent another 150 points to charge one of them. The interesting thing is…”

He showed the necklace he was wearing the pointed the Gauss pistol at his head. He pulled the trigger in front of their shocking expressions. A series of gun shots followed.

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