Terror Infinity

Chapter 5-2

Vol 13: Chapter 5-2.

Zheng narrated his experience from how his lower body was fused with the dragon’s flesh and survived the dragon cells’ attack then gained its properties, to when he woke up, defeated the marines and got in contact with them, and finally when he went to Isla Nublar with the general and marines.

It was over half an hour later when he finished. Kampa and WangXia sighed. Everyone thought he was dead at the time because even the dragon was blown to pieces. It was a miracle that Zheng survived.

“This shouldn’t be a miracle.” Zheng also sighed, then muttered. “You told me that a bomb exerts its full power inside the target. The inside of the dragon is only flesh. In contrast, it was outside me when it exploded. If I am a piece of metal, it will blow me away instead of blasting me to pieces.”

Xuan asked. “You fused with the dragon’s cell? Or I should say a large part of you consists of the dragon’s flesh. The three of us retained the stats from the dragon’s blood after the repair. What did you get?”

Zheng thought for a bit. “My physical stats almost doubled, qi and blood energy more than doubled. Oh, and my recovery rate also increased by a lot. Let me show you.” He put his finger in his mouth and bit it. The finger was bleeding immediately with a bite mark.

The other three people look over at the finger and saw the wound slowly closing up. The recovery rate isn’t as high as the dragon but in just a minute, scabs had formed on the wound and most of it healed.

“Basically, my Explosion technique can last 30 to 40 seconds. Destruction almost 10 seconds. I think I can fight the dragon head on if I get another chance. I won’t put the team under the same desperate situation again!” He clenched his fist and said.

This Jurassic Park movie was completed almost perfectly. Almost, because the three newbies were killed by God. Xuan suggested to put Gando in the revival list but not for some time. Gando was still a newbie with no combat abilities until they could get him a robot.

The team repaired their weapons and exchanged some basic consumables like antidotes, hemostasis spray, bandage, solidified water, compressed food and etc. They decided to rest for another day befor entering The Mummy to revive Zero and Lan. It was up to fate on whether they could revive both people.

By the time everything was set and done, it was already 5pm. Kampa’s woman came out several times. She didn’t whine or anything and brought them coffee. Lori also brought everyone tea and fruits. After a while, the two women started chatting. The blonde woman was quite good at conversations. Lori started calling her sister before long.

Kampa said to them. “Haha. She’s amazing right? I don’t know what personality the movie star has but this is the woman of my dream. I also made her only loyal to me…” The woman was cooking at the time. She blushed and threw a pan at Kampa. Fortunately, there was nothing in the pan but it still knocked him to the floor. She came over, picked up the pan and slammed him several times before returning to the kitchen.

They spent the afternoon doing preparations for the movie. It was only ten days with nothing threatening but being over prepared was never a bad idea. All the weapons were checked, the Sky Stick was repaired and recharged, and all consumables exchanged. When they were finally done with them, they noticed they were starving and decided to eat in Zheng’s room with the two women being chefs.

The women happily prepared their food while the four of them sat there staring at each other, only Kampa said some adult jokes once in a while. Xuan and WangXia were just silent. Zheng had to pick up the conversation and said. “What do you want to do in the real world after saving 50000 points?”

Kampa laughed. “Of course go back with countless gold. Actually, diamond is better. A few hundred soccer ball sized diamonds. I will go buy an island, build a city, and a castle. I will enjoy the rest of my life as the king of the island.”

Zheng smiled. “So you’re one that wants to be a king. Not a bad dream to enjoy the rest of your life. What about you, WangXia?”

He paused for a moment before replying. “Exchange information to bring back. I also saw a tier BB pill used for cultivation. It can quickly help a person establish the foundation stage for cultivation. A normal person that takes it can live up to three hundred years and become immune to most diseases. I want to bring my mother one of these pills. She raised me up by herself after my father died. I want to give her a few more years of happiness. Xuan said we have a longer lifespan than normal people already. When a person’s physical stats, especially cell vitality and immunization increase, the person’s lifespan increases.”

Xuan nodded. “Correct. We can at least live up to 150 years old. Zheng’s lifespan is more difficult to estimate but should be above 300.”

Zheng laughed. “It will be amazing if we can leave this world. What’s the point of staying here longer? What about you, Xuan?”

The question seemingly stumped him. He tilted his head for a while before answering. “I haven’t thought of anything yet. I will return to this question after reaching the fourth stage.”

Zheng patted his shoulder. “After I go back, if I can go back alive, I want to live the rest of my life peacefully. I can also be a hero when I get bored enough. Let us leave this world alive and face the real world together!”

The four people gathered on the platform early the next day. They held their hands and connected to God. After the other three people unlocked The Mummy world, they exchanged ten days of time for 500 points each person. The next moment, they were outside the inn.

This was the first time Kampa and WangXia enter this world. The world was at a time period after World War 1 and before World War 2. The two looked around with curiosity while Zheng brought out the Sky Stick and the ropes. By the time they finished looking around, Zheng was already on the Sky Stick.

Kampa and WangXia’s faces reddened a bit. Their reaction was like a farmer entering the city for the first time. They wouldn’t have this reaction if this was a normal movie but they let their guards down since they knew there were no threats. The two stepped onto the ropes after Xuan. Zheng laughed out loud then took off.

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