Terror Infinity

Chapter 4-1

Vol 12: Chapter 4-1.

One species countered another. Humans with heavy firearms could take on dinosaurs just like the movie showed. If those people were trained, even the T-Rex wouldn’t be able to come close to them. The giant insects were just normal size to dinosaurs, but to humans, they were way more catastrophic than dinosaurs. There was no efficient way to kill a large quantity of insects with firearms despite them getting bigger in size.

“If a large number of insects are still alive in the center, that will be our biggest danger. Remember about danger and reward? Do you wish for the points to revive team members or go back safely?” Xuan said.

Zheng replied without hesitation. “We have gone so far already. There is no safe place in the movie worlds to begin with. I’d rather complete bonus missions to the best of my ability and grow strong enough to disregard anything God throws at me than betting I will survive the next movie. I think this is the path my clone chose.”

Xuan nodded. “Understood. Then let’s go see what the scientist had done.”

They saw dinosaur corpses frequently on the way. That was the result of the army of Anubis. There were no more notifications for simple killings so Zheng couldn’t know how many points he had gotten. Though judging from the corpses he had seen, it should be at least a thousand.

Suddenly, they heard a roar coming from afar and the ground began to tremble. Image of the T-Rex immediately popped into their heads.

A ten meter tall T-Rex appeared in a cloud of dust near a group of soldiers that were attacking a triceratops. It crushed any soldiers on its path by simply stepping on them. Each time it lowered its head for a bite, it would take two to three soldiers along. The T-Rex crushed everything on its path like a tank, killing half the group of soldiers in no time. When it saw Zheng’s group of four, it charged at their direction.

Zheng stopped Kampa from shooting and readied the Spear of Osiris. The spear glowed as qi and blood energy filled it. At the same time, the T-Rex was less than a hundred meter from them. Zheng threw the spear straight into its head. A burst of light exploded on contact and the T-Rex’s head vanished. The huge body fell to the ground.

The Spear of Osiris was as powerful as mini missiles. The only issue was that it consumed both qi and blood energy and could only attack once. It would be near impossible to retrieve it during a fight.

Zheng ran a few hundred meters away to pick up the spear. Then the ground was trembling again as several T-Rexes were running at their direction. Xuan stopped Kampa and WangXia and said. “It’s not the time yet. Zheng, use the Sky Stick. The difficulty increased so we should be close to the bonus mission. Let us see the research facility first, then we don’t have to worry about being discovered by the navy.”

Zheng brought out the Sky Stick as he ran back to them. The ropes were still attached on it. After everyone secured themselves, Zheng piloted the Sky Stick away.

The Sky Stick was such a convenience despite only having one. The mobility it gave was good enough for a group of four. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have considered heading to Isla Nublar afterward.

As they flew closer to the center, the number of carnivore dinosaurs increased. Aside from the T-Rex, there were other giant size dinosaurs and finally they saw the first pterosaur.

The pterosaur looked like a giant bat. It was twelve meters wide when the wings expanded. The sharp teeth indicated their choice of meals. When the pterosaur noticed Zheng’s group, it screeched and flew at them. Xuan immediately fired his pistols. The gauss pistols were silent but the bullet hits returned audible sounds. The pterosaur didn’t even reach within a hundred meter of them when a dozen bullet holes opened up on its body, especially several on its head. It then fell toward the ground.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief at the sight. Xuan took out the map and compared it with the terrain beneath them. Just then, they heard several screeches similar to before and ten large figures were flying toward them from afar.

Xuan said without taking his eyes off the map. “Kampa, WangXia, attack at will! We will arrive soon. There’s nothing to worry anymore at this location!”

Kampa howled in excitement when he finally heard this line. He aimed the EMP rifle at the pterosaurs that were at least seven thousand meters away. A distance that Zheng’s Gatling canon couldn’t reach. The EMP rifle released air then fired a series of bullets. The pterosaur flying ahead was tore into pieces. The pterosaur next to it also had its wings shattered. These bullets were still piercing at such a distance and caused large wounds at hit.

WangXia aimed his submachine gun at the ground. It had no problem killing velociraptors so he sprayed as they flew past. The noise coming from the EMP rifle was extraordinarily loud. This noise quickly spread outward from the island center in this quiet night. Even the marines on the ships could hear a hint of it.

Another several minutes of flying passed. They were seeing less and less dinosaurs on the ground and instead there were dinosaur skeletons. The ground was turning muddy. The grass was replaced by shrubs and fungus. Large insects began to appear in increasing numbers.

A shadow covered their excitement from killing dinosaurs. The giant insects confirmed Xuan’s deduction. These insects weren’t so easy to kill and neither was the bonus mission.

“We arrived. That’s the research facility.”

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