Terror Infinity

Chapter 3-3

Vol 12: Chapter 3-3.

The velociraptors were considered one of the smartest dinosaurs. They hesitated for a moment when they saw a group of four but as soon as Xuan ran toward them alone, they immediately surrounded him.

To everyone’s surprise, Xuan hit every shot with his eyes closed. The gauss pistols were almost silent yet insanely powerful. They could blow up a velociraptor’s head with just one shot or open a hole the size of plate in their bodies.

His shooting techniques were almost miraculous. Any velociraptor that jumped at him got killed the next moment. Yet Zheng could see this wasn’t due to premonitions. Xuan was shooting at various directions at a set pattern non stop, even where there were no velociraptors. So he got Kampa and WangXia to the ground. It would be pathetic if they got killed by a stray bullet.

After eight velociraptors died, Xuan opened his eyes and quickly finished off the rest. Then he began ruminating in place.

Zheng pulled the spear out from the triceratops then walked over to Xuan. “That’s your gun kata? It seems like shooting at a pattern but you didn’t have to close your eyes.”

Xuan replied calmly. “It’s not exactly gun kata. The ability is too expensive. However, I know the basic theory so I am testing if it is actually possible. It seems like the theory is real. There’s still a few places that need modifications.”

Kampa and WangXia sighed as they looked at the dinosaur corpses. Neither of them could use their weapons due to the noise they make. They envied Zheng and Xuan killing dinosaurs and obtaining points.

The group continued moving ahead. Xuan suddenly said. “I remember you mentioned about a watch that allows you to bring a movie character into God’s dimension. What about non human beings? Like a pterosaur or triceratops or T-Rex.”

Zheng paused for a bit then replied. “I am not sure. The description only mentions movie characters. We will check it again after returning. What do we need that for? It doesn’t seem too useful.”

Xuan shook his head. “Every movie may have a useful type of organism. Know the Starship Troopers? If we bring back one of the stronger insects and gain control of it, what do you think we can use it for? Bring them back is an issue but I also worry about whether bring it into another world. How are they going to get inside the beam with their giant sizes? If we can solve these two issues, there are a few good choices. Like the dragon from Lord of the Rings, the eagles, or the Mumakil. There are infinite possibilities hidden in God’s dimension waiting for you to discover.”

Zheng nodded and Xuan quickly added. “How long will it take your blood energy to recover if you deplete it completely?”

Zheng said. “About five to six hours. It’s very fast already. Why? Do I have to use Explosion?”

Xuan brought out a map and measured some places. “Summon the army of Anubis. Have them hunt the herbivore dinosaurs and smaller ones. It takes over four hours to reach the center of the island. Even if your blood energy isn’t completely recovered by then, you should be able to use Explosion. We don’t have to waste a useful resource and the points add up.”

That was a good idea. The soldiers couldn’t die unless their heads were destroyed. They were three meters tall, bigger than some of the smaller velociraptors.

Zheng sighed at this normal difficulty. Every other movie since he entered this world were at a team wipe difficulty. There was no searching for bonus missions for farming points when surviving was at fate’s mercy. Walking in the Jurassic Park world safely and earning points without any risks felt so good.

He took out the Bracelet of Anubis. The bracelet came off after he killed the Scorpion King. He only had to put it on again to use it. His blood energy depleted and hundreds of soldiers rose from the ground. These were humanoid monsters with a dog’s head and carrying large swords.

Zheng ordered them to hunt dinosaurs and they split up into six groups of fifties. These groups charged at the herbivore type dinosaurs like armies. But Zheng was getting excited because one stegosaurus was down already. The dinosaurs were large but the army of Anubis had the number advantage. These herbivore type dinosaurs looked futile under their attacks and only smashed a few soldiers.

Zheng, Kampa, and WangXia was getting more excited as they moved on but Xuan frowned. An hour later, Zheng finally asked. “Isn’t this movie easy? Even though we haven’t met a T-Rex yet but there shouldn’t be any problem with the firepower we have. What are you worrying about?”

“I am afraid this difficulty is too easy.” Xuan said. “Perhaps the dinosaurs are dangerous to normal people or soldiers but they are too easy for us who are well equipped and have magic and the army of Anubis. Although this fits my deduction for a seven people normal difficulty, I am afraid the bonus mission isn’t going to be so easy.”

“If we choose to simply go back alive, or hunt a large number of dinosaurs, this movie will probably give each of us 3000 points for free. However, I feel the two bonus missions are going to be extremely difficult and might wipe us out. Judging from all the traces I have seen on the way, our first bonus missions is probably…”

“Ancient insects!”

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