Terror Infinity

Chapter 3-2

Vol 12: Chapter 3-2.

“This is the bolbitis heudelotii species as expected.” Xuan touched the trunk of a huge tree.

They were one kilometers into the forest and had decided to start running in order to save the Sky Stick’s energy and kill some dinosaurs on the way. Plus, it wasn’t a smooth ride flying in such a lush forest. So running wasn’t that much slower.

“Aside from these two reasons, I am afraid of pterosaurs. Although we have the equipment to take care of them, it will expose us to the navy. We might not be able to avoid detection from their air forces or dodge the ballistic missiles. It is best to not get into a fight with the navy until we find the scientist and complete the bonus mission.” Xuan said.

Of all their weapons, only the Spear of Osiris and the gauss pistols could attack silently. No one had actually seen him use the pistols but they shouldn’t be too bad since the technology was there.

Xuan downloaded a map of the island. It had the shape of a bowl. The terrain were progressively lower toward the center. At the center was an abandoned research facility, which was also their target. This was their best option aside from searching aimlessly in the forest. Furthermore, the mad scientist came to this island by himself so he had a high chance of using the facility.

“We have to get pass three types of terrains. The outer island is a lush forest, past it is a prairie, then a swamp near the facility. If everything goes well, we should arrive by sunrise.” Xuan said while looking at the map.

Kampa kept looking around and asked. “Why haven’t we seen any dinosaurs yet? Didn’t they say this place is filled with dinosaurs?”

Xuan replied without raising his head. “Most dinosaurs that reside in the forest are herbivores. They don’t come out at night. The carnivores usually reside in the prairies. That’s where you go if you want to find large numbers of them. Unfortunately, your rifle is too powerful and loud. So unless it is an emergency, you shouldn’t use the EMP rifle. Our goal is to complete the bonus mission quietly then ambush the navy.”

Kampa scratched his head. “Then head to Isla Nublar right? I know, haha. I will only attack when you need the firepower.” He threw the rifle on his shoulder and laughed.

Zheng was listening to the conversation then he suddenly said in a low voice. “Shh. Do you hear anything?”

The other three searched around cautiously. It was pitch black and silent. When they turned to Zheng with a questioned look, he suddenly ran toward a tree and stabbed the spear beside it. After Zheng ran back, they saw a arm size cockroach hanging on the spear.

“Gigantic insects.” Zheng frowned. A putrid odor came from the spear. The cockroach was still alive and wriggling its body.

Xuan didn’t mind the smell and put his near to take a closer look. “A cockroach. This is probably one of the few insect species that can survive under low oxygen content. Furthermore, these cockroaches will eat anything. They can even survive by eating wood. I am a little worried about our way.”

Zheng activated his red flame and let it burn all the way to the tip of the spear. The cockroach was instantly vaporized. “I know you are referring to attacks from insects. But I don’t think it’s worth worrying. These cockroaches shouldn’t be able to damage us. There are also no points rewarded from killing them. We should just hurry to the prairie and hunt dinosaurs.”

Xuan stood up and said. “Let’s move on. We don’t have enough information to deduce a correct answer. We are following our original plan.”

The other three people nodded. The time was past 10pm. The place was pitch black and there was no noise from insects where you would have expected from the wilderness. Occasionally, they could hear the howls of dinosaurs coming from afar. However, it was silent the rest of the time, so silent that made the three of them anxious.

The group exited the forest and into a prairie and finally saw dinosaurs. Several stegosaurus were sleeping by the border of the forest. They were about seven meters big and had their signature spikes on their backs. The stegosaurus were sleeping calmly, not noticing Zheng’s arrival.

Zheng, Kampa, and WangXia were excited to see live dinosaurs for the first time and the possible points. Zheng was about to head over with his spear when Xuan blocked him off. “Wait. Finish the bonus mission before hunting these dinosaurs. So even if the navy’s air forces finds us, they won’t be able to deal with us when we are on the Sky Stick. Herbivore types worth too little points anyway. Go further in and attack when we meet the carnivore types.”

Zheng shrugged. “Well, we can start to attack. The velociraptors are carnivores right?”

Zheng had the best physical stats among them and could see the furthest in this darkness. About ten velociraptors were running in their direction. These dinosaurs were two meters big, running on two legs, and looked like mini size T-Rexes. There were some colorful feathers stuck to their bodies. They were chasing after a triceratops.

Zheng might not be as good as Xuan in analyzing and planning but he was lived up to being the leader when it came to combat. He briefly analyzed the situation and said. “Xuan, take care of the velociraptors. I will get the triceratops.” He channeled qi and blood energy into the spear until it glowed with a golden light. Then he threw the spear at the triceratops that was still a hundred meters away.

The triceratops was seven meters big and weighted at least four tons. It ran like a tank. Rhinos seemed like toys in comparison. After Zheng threw the spear, Xuan ran toward the dinosaurs and entered the unlocked mode at the same time.

The spear pierced into the triceratops’s head followed by a golden flash. The triceratops didn’t even get to scream before it fell over. Its body slid for some distance due to momentum before slowing down and left a two meter deep trail.

Xuan ran up to the velociraptors. His two gauss pistols slid out from his sleeves. Then he closed his eyes. The pistols began firing at various directions. His movements looked like a form of martial art.

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