Terror Infinity

Chapter 3-1

Vol 12: Chapter 3-1.

After the transportation ship arrived at the island, two smaller destroyers sailed to the ship. Then a few marines came over to Zheng and tell them the motorboat was ready to take them to the island.

One of the marines was a lieutenant. He said as they were walking over to the ship. “You people are specimen experts right? Remember not to cross the warning lines we set up. There are more than just dinosaurs. Several insect species are just as dangerous as T-Rex. We put a lot of insect repellents on the warning lines.”

As Zheng was about to reply, Xuan pulled his shirt and said instead. “Are you afraid of their numbers or size? As far as I know, ancient insects should be huge.”

The lieutenant nodded. “Right. These insects were normal until a few months ago. They started to grow big and their numbers multiplied rapidly. A mosquito grew to the size of an arm just last month. However, these insects started dying in large groups this month. Is this the reason they told you to come gather insect bodies?”

Xuan was thinking so Zheng took over and replied. “Yes. It is. But we are ordered to also gather plant and feces specimens.”

The lieutenant said. “I don’t know much about it. Anyway, we marines don’t want to step into the island again. When we took over the shore, we had to bomb it with fleet cannons until the whole ground was wasted. Yet dozens still died after boarding.”

They came to the edge of the transportation ship then boarded a motorboat. The island was picturesque when they looked at it from afar. Reddish light shone on the island from the sun setting gave it a fairytale atmosphere.

The lieutenant muttered. “Beautiful right? This island was mostly a barren before everything happened. Yet along with dinosaurs and insects, the trees grew to hundreds of feet tall. These trees were just ferns before. Those scientists even wanted to bring edible plants out to solve world hunger.”

A five meter long fish with armor like exoskeleton leaped over the sea surface. Fortunately, it didn’t hit the motorboat.

“So that’s the reason.” Xuan said to himself. Zheng asked in a low voice. “What did you find out?”

Xuan nodded. “Although there are not enough evidence, the speculated reason that ancient species grew so large was due to a higher oxygen content in the air. Insects are more fragile than reptiles in this respect. With the current oxygen content of Earth, the reptiles would feel like they suddenly climbed up to Tibet Plateau as their sizes grew. They need a long time to adapt. However, insects would not be able to survive when they reach a certain size.”

“I can guess the mad scientist probably created a substance to degenerate species. The fish we just saw before was also an ancient species. Perhaps there other changes but ultimately, we are lucky.”

Zheng asked. “Lucky? How so?”

Xuan said. “Do you know that compared to killing dinosaurs with guns, the insects would have been the real threat. These insects may not be able to harm large size dinosaurs but they could devour us easily if they swarm us with their numbers. That will be a different level of difficulty.”

Zheng nodded. They had reached the shore. The lieutenant jumped off the boat at once and wiped off sweat on his forehead. “That was close. There are lots of strange organisms in the sea. Like human size sea snail that can suck you in if you fall off. We finally made it to the shore in safety. Why couldn’t they just wipe out this island with missiles so we don’t have to guard this damn place.”

Two soldiers ran out from a bunker and pulled the boat up. The lieutenant said. “Come with me. We prepared rooms at the hill.”

The distance from the shore to the inner island was about 1 kilometer. The shore led up to a hill and on the other side of it was a barbed wire. Some rotted flesh and insect parts hung on the wire. The scene was rather disgusting to look at.

Zheng’s group nodded to each other quietly then followed the lieutenant. On top of the hill was a newly constructed building. Not the best looking but the inside was spacious and had furniture. There were even electrical appliances and computers.

After checking the documents and informing them several rules such as no one was allowed to go out alone, the navy brought them a decent meal. If it wasn’t for the environment outside, the living condition here was as good as some holiday inns.

The four of them quickly ate their dinner. After all the lights went out at 10pm, Zheng took out their weapons and items from the ring.

Zheng carried the Gatling cannon with one hand and the Spear of Osiris with the other. He might look weird but these two weapons were destructive in his hands. The Spear of Osiris should easily kill one to two T-Rex in a hit.

WangXia took a regular rifle to fend off velociraptors. His role was to plant mines and timed bombs. The large dinosaurs were left for other members.

Kampa looked the most stylish with his EMP rifle. Everyone else took a few more glances at him which made him feel satisfied.

Xuan had no weapons in sight. His pistols were hidden inside his sleeves and could attack at any moment.

Once the preparations were finished, Zheng brought out the Sky Stick. A few ropes were attached to the Sky Stick. Then they moved toward the exit.

Kampa and WangXia sneaked toward the two soldiers by the door then quickly hit their neck. The two soldiers fell unconscious. They gestured for Zheng and Xuan to come out.

“Let’s go. The battle begins!”

Zheng stepped onto the Sky Stick and hauled the other three that were on the ropes. They flew deep into the forest in no time. The security lights did not turn on when they passed through.

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