Terror Infinity

Chapter 2-3

Vol 12: Chapter 2-3.

This was a deal on verbal agreement. Zheng had no reason to refuse it. He began to explain qi circulation while pointing at his own body. Afterward, he channeled a little qi into the blonde man. This qi wasn’t offensive when he wasn’t doing any attacks. Blonde man said it was a like warm current moving inside his body.

That wasn’t so easy as Zheng returned to the sofa with sweat on his forehead. The blonde man continued sitting in a cultivation pose with his eyes closed. The only thing that differentiated him from Chinese martial artists were his hair and nose.

Kampa and Gando were still laughing. Xuan said calmly. “We will get prepared to board the ship tomorrow. There are two points I have to remind you.”

“First. Our main objective is finding the mad scientist and not killing dinosaurs. They give too little points unless you kill them by the thousands. But that might attract the Navy’s attention and put us in risk.”

“Second. If we are forced into a fight, don’t hold back no matter who your enemies are, not even innocent Navy soldiers. If the Navy become our enemies then sink at least one of their destroyers to cause chaos. This will attract their carrier fleet so we can slip into Isla Nublar with the Sky Stick.”

“So remember if a fight starts, cause as much destruction as possible. The more people we kill the higher the chance we can attract the carrier fleet over.”

Zheng, Kampa, and Gando gulped and didn’t said a word. That was simply crazy!

“Crazy? No. This is the result with the highest success rate from calculations. We can cause huge destructions if we ambush them during the night. With the Sky Stick and gravity mine on hand, it is possible to sink their carrier with sneak attacks.” His smile seemed scornful and excited.

(This is no doubt the Xuan I remembered. Crazy and logical.)

Zheng said. “We are doing it! F*ck everything. There’s no turning back when we decided to complete the bonus missions. Find the mad scientist or the secret in Isla Sorna then give the American Navy an ambush!”

Kampa took a deep breath. “The Americans again. I wonder is the EMP rifle effective against Navy ships. Haha.”

Gando turned to the blonde man and muttered. “Are you planning to kill him by talking in front of him?”

Kampa laughed then lightly pushed the blonde man. He fell to the floor seeming unconscious. Zheng scratched his head and said. “When did you notice I knocked him out?”

Xuan said. “When you touched his carotid before walking away. This should last half an hour so we still have a little more time to discuss the details. Then we will wait for him to wake up.”

Zheng smiled. “It’s decided. Complete the bonus mission first, then ambush the Navy, then slip into Isla Nublar using the Sky Stick. We still have to discuss what to do with the three newbies and each of our roles during the ambush. Attacking the Navy sounds a little excessive but it makes me feel bold just imagining it. We are going to put our lives on the line.”

Xuan nodded. “The thing is I believe sinking a Navy ship is also a bonus mission. Though I am unsure of how many points that is worth. If we attack the correct location with the gravity mine, it can easily sink a ship. Then we will fly near the ocean surface to avoid getting detected by radar. The Sky Stick has anti detection built in so we don’t have to worry much at night.”

The blonde man yawned. As soon as he woke up, he saluted in traditional Chinese style then said. “Haha, that was amazing, Shishou. I fell asleep while training. It’s just like qi in the stories.”

Zheng and the others looked at him weird. Xuan smiled and said. “Now that you have learned qi and become his disciple, do you know how a disciple pays respect to his Shishou?”

Blonde man nodded. “Of course. If you want me to kill anyone…”

Xuan interrupted him. “Not that kind of things. We need you to help us find a place to rest. There are three more members in our team. And finish the task from before. We have to board tomorrow’s ship.”

Blonde man nodded again in agreement. He ran out of the room then came back after a few minutes. “Shishou, I arranged several suites for you. Twenty seventh floor in this building. These are the keys. You can pick any rooms from that floor. I know it’s difficult to learn qi and I won’t see much result in the first few years. But I will persist and won’t make you lose face. Haha.”

That saved Zheng some excuses. His mouth twitched as he realized this guy was a real fanatic. He held his laughter and contacted WangXia through the communication device and had the blonde man’s subordinates drove them over.

After dinner, blonde man gave them each a permit from the museum. Then he asked Zheng to show him qi again. Zheng had no choice but to knock him out again afterward. He woke up admiring the miraculous effects of qi while the others almost fainted from laughter.

The next afternoon, Zheng departed for the harbor. The three newbies were left in the building. Zheng gave Gando a communication device and promised to pick them up once they obtained the T-Rex eggs.

The transportation ship sailed out at two in the afternoon. Isla Sorna wasn’t too far away. They reached the island by 8pm. The island inhabited with dinosaurs, ancient plant species, and ancient insect species.

As soon as they sailed near the island, they could hear the loud howls of beasts. Zheng also saw the naval fleet surrounding the island. It consisted of several cruisers, destroyers, and some smaller destroyers. Some ships were sailing in and out of the island. It looked like groups of scientists and soldiers together.

“Are you all prepared? Let’s enter the dinosaur island!”

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