Terror Infinity

Chapter 2-2

Vol 12: Chapter 2-2.

Zheng said bitterly. “Increased difficulty again? Xuan, didn’t you say God spared us?”

Xuan adjusted his glasses then asked the blonde man. “Do you have a computer? Let me use it.”

The blonde man was confused at their reactions. He subconsciously pointed at the desk behind him. Xuan walked over to it and turned on the computer.

Blonde man halted bald guy’s attempt to stop Xuan and frowned. “Can you tell me what happened? My family only has influence in this city but it should still be of some help to you.”

Zheng shook his head. He didn’t know how to explain this. Even though a change of plot happened in almost every movie he had been to, but this time he was especially disappointed. He thought he could farm a lot of points for once and had high hopes, then go back and revive a few members.

Bang! Zheng punched the table and bended it to an acute angle. The three gold bars were forced into the floor. He forgot to control his strength during this disappointment.

Bald guy panicked and reached his hand into his pocket. Several men also charged in from the door. Blonde man yelled. “What are you doing? Out! All of you get out! You too!” He pointed at bald guy.

Bald guy immediately said. “But your father said…”

Blonde man replied. “I don’t care. This place belong to me! Out! Don’t make me repeat. Do you think a gun can defend against martial art like this? In the novels, Chinese kungfu could kill people with a finger or hit a target miles away with a dagger.”

Bald guy glared at Zheng then walked out the door. Blonde man immediately kneeled down and said. “Shishou please take me in as a disciple. I can endure any hardships. I will do anything even if you want me to kill people or break apart families.”

Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or not. Though Kampa and Gando watched with their eyes wide open then laughed out. Kampa almost choked himself from laughter. The blonde man was still on the floor and didn’t seem angry at all. Zheng didn’t know how to take care of it.

“Don’t you know the circulation path of your qi? Teach it to him.” Xuan suddenly said.

Zheng knew Xuan wouldn’t do anything pointless. He helped the blonde man up. But the man ran to the door and shouted for tea. He came back and said to Zheng. “I know disciples need to pay respect with a cup of tea before learning kungfu. So I stocked up high quality tea year round. Haha.”

Kampa and Gando laughed out again. Zheng almost found it difficult to hold the laughter to himself. He couldn’t even show a bitter smile as he looked at the blonde man’s fanaticism.

Xuan came back from the computer and adjusted his glasses. “The difficulty didn’t increase. In fact, we are not at the Lost World time. This should be after the movie happened. The existence of dinosaurs became widespread. There are numerous news about dinosaurs on the net. A while ago, a mad scientist entered Isla Sorna and done some unknown experiments. The number of dinosaurs increased drastically shortly after. Plants and insects are evolving toward their primitive species. The navy was forced to intervene. Zheng, do you still remember? The rewards we get is equivalent to the dangers we face. Currently, I am certain finding the mad scientist or the secret to the sudden increase in dinosaurs is a bonus mission.”

Zheng let out a sigh of relief but still looked worried. “It’s true that the rewards is equivalent to the dangers but… forget it. It’s decided. We are not giving up on any possible bonus missions. Are there any others?”

Xuan said. “Another possible bonus mission is return to the Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar. I could not find any news from that island but it is surrounded by a naval fleet. The government is also gathering scientists in secret. There might be something more dangerous than an increase in dinosaur numbers, or something more important. This bonus mission should have a considerable amount of rewards!”

Zheng took a deep breath then said. “F*ck it! We are doing this. If we are doing one bonus mission we might as well do the other one. But didn’t you say this movie is easy?”

Xuan nodded. “Yes, quite easy. From the information I gathered about the navy, they found three T-Rex eggs in Isla Sorna and will give them to a ship to transport them back to a museum in this city. The transportation ship will depart this city tomorrow.”

“There should be an easy solution to the main missions as long as you can find them. However, these solutions elude the average mortals. But as I said, your rewards are equivalent to the dangers you face. If you want to revive your team members then enter Isla Sorna and find out its secret. The best outcome is finding the mad scientist or his dead body. If you want even more then go back to the first Jurassic Park island and find out what happened.”

Zheng clenched his teeth and pondered. He looked at Kampa then at Xuan and finally nodded. “We have done so much preparations and exchanged the weapons. We will become weaklings if we run at the sight of danger. Let’s go to Isla Sorna and complete the bonus mission there. Find the scientist or its secret.”

Xuan nodded. Kampa also laughed. “Right, I want to see how dinosaurs fare against my EMP rifle. Haha.”

Xuan then turned to the blonde man. “I can have Zheng teach you kungfu but we need you to do one thing.”

Blonde man was listening to their conversation and knew what was coming. “Just let me know what you need in this city. My father has quite some influence here. Do you want me to help you enter the transportation ship?”

Xuan snapped his fingers. “Correct. I have searched your family’s history. There’s also a senator named Anthony. So I think it should be simple for you. Just inform them that we are specimen experts and want to gather samples from the island. You can’t influence the navy but a little museum shouldn’t be difficult.”

Blonde man took out a phone and dialed it. He seemed like he was rejected then after begging, a smile came back to his face. He hung up and laughed. “No problem. My father said he will call the curator. Then shishou, can you teach me kungfu now?”

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