Terror Infinity

Chapter 2-1

Vol 12: Chapter 2-1.

Bald man turned cautious and asked. “Dude, what are you trying to do? I am from the Anthony gang. Don’t try anything weird. Get it?”

Kampa laughed out. He waved his hand on the back slightly, seemingly asking Zheng for something. Zheng immediately took out a gold bar and broke off a little piece, then handed it to Kampa.

Kampa acted like taking something out from his pocket then threw the piece of gold to the bald man. The man was surprised then checked the gold and them over and over.

Kampa moved closer to him and saw in a low voice. “Bro, we international mercenaries. Don’t worry. We are here on vacation but we lost our luggage. So all we have left is the gold on our pockets. I am looking for a capable gang that can exchange these gold for cash. We will sell fifteen gold bars at 70% market price. Is your gang interested?”

Thirty percent of fifteen gold bars were quite a lot of money, especially for the smaller gangs. The bald man was shocked as he stared at Kampa and the people behind. Ignoring Gando and moved on to Zheng and Xuan, they both gave off the qualities of a leader. Zheng had been in this position for some time and Xuan could be seen as confident and calm. After a while, he picked up the phone and started talking.

A few minutes later, bald man said to Kampa. “My boss wants to see you in the east district. You can choose to go or not.”

Kampa chuckled. “Go, why not? We are really looking to sell the gold. Go start the engine.” He went into the passenger seat.

Zheng and Xuan then seated themselves in the back. However, Gando hesitated for a bit before going in. He immediately asked Xuan. “Aren’t you guys scared? Those are mafias. If you have gold bars on you, they might not play with the rules. And we are going to their headquarter where they can kill us easily.”

Xuan said calmly. “Kampa and I still can’t defend against firearms but Zheng had survived numerous life threatening battles. He has become strong during those fights. You can confirm it with your own eyes in a bit.”

(Confirm it with my own eyes? That means we are really going to fight?) Gando suddenly felt the seats were stiff and uncomfortable. He moved his body and his eyes glanced at the bald man, then moving onto Kampa, Xuan, and finally Zheng who was smiling. The three of them didn’t look the least bit worried. However, he still couldn’t keep his body steady.

The car drove onto the bridge. The other side of it was a big city. The river led to a sea and this city had a port by the sea. Cargo ships sailed in and out of the port. That was probably where they will have to sail out also.

The bald man conversed with Kampa on the way. It could be inferred that he was probably in the army and he knew a bit about mercenaries. Since Kampa was actually a mercenary, he could answer all the questions readily. Twenty minutes later, they reached a tall building. However, the four of them knew that the bald man was driving in circles the whole time. The questions about mercenaries were just probes.

Bald man got off the car and said apologetically. “Sorry. My boss wanted me to confirm if you guys are real. We are negotiating with another gang at the moment so we can’t afford any surprises. Now please put your hands up.”

A few men had surrounded the car. Their pistols were pointing through the windows at Zheng’s group.

Zheng put three gold bars in his shirt before putting up his hands. So when he moved his hands away, the gold bars dropped to the ground. The men’s eyes twitched a bit at the sight. After the four of them got out of the car, bald man picked up the gold bars with a smile. But his smile froze as soon as he turned back around. The men were lying on the ground and Zheng’s group was standing their without a dent.

Bald man forced a smile and said. “Hey, bro. We are just following the rules. My boss said we have to check that you don’t have any weapons. Aren’t you making it difficult for me? This is the Anthony gang’s headquarter. It will be difficult for you to leave even if you are strong.”

Zheng put his hands up and said with a smile. “Don’t worry. We don’t have any weapons. You can get people to check again, but don’t point any guns at us. It makes us nervous. We are mercenaries, so we don’t know what happens when we get nervous.”

Bald man’s lips twitched. A few more man ran out from the building. As their hands were reaching inside their jackets, bald man stopped them. “I will have some ladies search you guys. We will go see my boss if there are no weapons.” He held up the gold bar that had two fingerprints on it, and a piece of it was tore off. Then he walked into the building by himself.

Since all their weapons were in the Na ring, everything went smoothly. They wouldn’t have been able to walk the streets normally if Kampa had his EMP rifle out anyway. As a few sexy girls searched their bodies, Gando’s face turned red. The other three people had no reactions. The girls made some gestures at the wall then they heard a voice through the speakers. “Our three guests please follow them. I will be waiting at the reception room.”

The voice was young. They had no choice but to follow the girls into a luxurious room. A blonde young man was sitting on the sofa. The bald man was standing behind him. The three gold bars were placed on a table in front of him.

Gando looked reserved but Zheng and the other two were rather relaxed. After they sat down opposite to the blonde young man, he said with a smile. “My friend please take a seat. Don’t feel so tense. We can have a delightful exchange this afternoon.”

Zheng nodded at Kampa then Kampa said. “These are three of the gold bars. We hid the rest in another place. Get to the point and give a price.”

Blonde man said. “The purity is over 99%. But as you see, our gang don’t need this money. Aron mentioned you are mercenaries on vacation and we have a little problem currently. So I wanted to ask for a little help. Then I saw this…” He pointed at the fingerprints on the gold.

Blond man turned excited. “This is amazing! I have always believed there’s Chinese Kungfu unlike those fake MMA. This is the real deal. Which one of you knows kungfu. Can you teach me for 5 million dollars? How about 10 million?”

Zheng smiled bitterly. He intended to surprise them with the gold not wasting his time on movie characters. Xuan suddenly said. “Do you know about Isla Sorna? Anything happened there recently? I can faintly make out a few small destroyers on the port.”

Blonde man paused for a moment then said. “Of course. The navy has blocked off the island. I heard that aside from dinosaurs, the plants were also mutating toward their ancient species. The insects were huge. Uh? What’s with it?”

Big problem. They thought as they looked at each other.

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