Terror Infinity

Chapter 4-2

Vol 12: Chapter 4-2.

Xuan pointed at a black building. Zheng flew the Sky Stick over. They could hear a buzzing sound coming from the inside as they got near, like numerous bugs flapping their wings.

This gave goose bumps to three of them. When they got closer, they made out that the building was covered in a layer of soil. The whole building seemed like a hive as insects the size of a hand moved in and out of it.

“The Lost World: Jurassic Park bonus mission. Find the research notebook from the research facility within one hour and kill the queen bee. Rewards each person 4000 points and 2 rank C rewards. Failure to obtain the research notebook deducts 4000 points. Failure to kill the queen bee deducts 2 rank C rewards.”

This was indeed the bonus mission of this movie. Which meant their theory was correct. There were many possible bonus missions like this. The T virus from Resident Evil was probably one of the higher difficulty mission.

Zheng knew he made the right bet. Just like Xuan said, the amount of danger equal to the amount of rewards. Team devil was searching for these bonus missions at the same time. Team China had to keep completing these missions to just keep up with them, to revive the team members, and to grow strong enough to rival his other self!

Zheng looked at the facility and said. “God wouldn’t give a time limit without reason. One hour is probably the limit of how long it will take us with our abilities. It will be pressing but we should be able to finish the mission. Xuan, analyze the current situation.”

Xuan looked around for a minute then said. “These insect belong to an ancient bee species. Firearms are not suited for this task due to there number and size. I don’t think we can leave this place intact. If it’s an hour, I have a plan.”

This was how a team should be. Everyone had their role. This team China could take on team Devil.

“The smoke from burning fungus and shrubs will make ancient bees leave their hive temporarily. People still use the same method on bees nowadays. However, with a hive this big, we need someone to enter the facility. He will have to hold his breath for three minutes to enter.”

Xuan pointed out several place to start the fires. Zheng let out a sigh of relief and laughed. “That’s not a problem. Qi also allows me to hold a breath longer. I never tried it but I can probably hold it for five minutes.”

Xuan said mockingly. “I only said you have to hold the breath for three minutes enter this building. The issue is do you know which notebook we are looking for? No, you don’t have the knowledge to distinguish the one we need in a short time. Three minutes is just enough for you to run away. You need my help unless you bring out every notebook from the facility, which isn’t possible. Another method is bring me inside. I will find the notebook within two minutes. However, I can only hold my breath for three minutes. At the two minute thirty second mark, my thinking will begin to degrade. Which means you have to bring me in within one minute. I will find the notebook within two minutes. Then you have to bring me out before I die. However, this is only the beginning.”

Zheng put a hand over his forehead and thought for a bit. “Wait. Let me repeat what you meant. I have to run a three minute distance within a minute. Do you want me to use Explosion? If so, I won’t be able to fight once inside. How are we going to kill the queen bee?”

Xuan smiled. “That’s basically it. But you don’t need to use Explosion for the running. The movement technique along with the unlocked mode should reduce your running time by two to three times. Then you have to kill the queen bee while I search the notebooks. As I said, it’s only the beginning once we leave the facility with the notebook.”

Zheng, Kampa, and WangXia looked confused. What else was there after they finished the mission?

“Attacks from the insects!?” The three of them said simultaneously.

Xuan nodded. “Correct. The bees that fly away doesn’t die off. The issue isn’t coming out alive but what we are going to face after we killed their queen.”

“Haha. We will be flying away on the Sky Stick while being chased by huge bees. And we have to attack the navy on the way and enter Isla Nublar. I am in! This is so exciting!” Kampa raised his rifle up and laughed out.

WangXia also laughed. “Since we have already been given a time limit, there’s no other choice but to do it. Ha. Sink the American ships. We can’t do it in the real world so let’s do it here!”

“Okay! We are doing it!” Zheng nodded. He howled while holding the Gatling cannon and spear.

After the first few minutes of discussion, they gathered enough fungus and shrubs. Zheng dried them out with his red flame then processed them like how you create stink bombs. Once everything was ready, they only had ten minutes left. That was the result of them working as fast as they could.

“The smoke will obstruct vision so we have to enter the unlocked mode to see. However, my unlocked stage isn’t as high as yours. Even though I can’t feel pain, but I won’t be able to move after a few minutes. So when we are coming out, you have to tie me to a rope.” Xuan said.

Kampa was standing on the Sky Stick. WangXia was planting the stink bombs at various spots and set them to explode simultaneously with timed bombs. Zheng was holding two on his hand. He had to throw these inside the facility.

The group was a thousand meters away from the facility. The bees didn’t seem to mind them. Bee type insects usually wouldn’t attack until you reach within fifty meters of their hive. So they were able to plant the bombs easily. Even though they seemed so excited, they knew any mistake would result in death. They had seen they bees carried a four meter stegosaurus to the facility. Then tens of thousands of bees disintegrated the stegosaurus and smeared the mixture of meat and soil on the facility walls.

This black outer shell of the facility was actually made up of dinosaur flesh. The dinosaurs were futile in front of such a large number of bees at this size. Even humans were helpless until they could research an insecticide to kill them.

Goose bumps filled their bodies as they watched numerous bees flying around. Zheng carried Xuan on his back and took a deep breath. “Let’s begin!” He ran toward the gate and shattered the black shell with his Gatling cannon. Then he ignited the stink bomb and threw it inside.

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