Terror Infinity

Chapter 25-6

Chapter 25-6: Primordial Dusk and Chaos... The End and The Beginning(VI)

At the same time, Zheng was clashing with his clone’s Primordial Dusk, Universe Armageddon. Strangely, despite being able to tear through space, the black hole was as easily manipulated by clone Zheng as the black flames were. As Zheng charged at him with Chaos’s power and speed, countless specks of dust-sized black holes appeared around him. Tiger’s Soul was continuously robbed of its power and speed as it struck them. However, the black hole specks were unchanging whether in shape or size. Zheng didn't dare to continue using his body to attack seeing this, instead opting to use Tiger’s Soul to hack at the ground in between the two!

(I don’t believe these black hole specks can even defend the area below you! Even if it responds to my intent and can automatically defend, the defense still has its own movement speed, right? My Chaos… Eh?)

Just as Zheng’s slash landed on the ground and split open the ground, he was just about to jump in when clone Zheng, who was previously unable to even respond to his speed in Destruction, actually viciously buried his fist in Zheng’s stomach with a power and speed equal to that of Chaos, Genesis Splitter. No matter how tough his Dragon Transformation was, the impact of this fist still left a slight depression in his stomach, while also sending him flying over a thousand meters away, causing him to dig out a deep trench in the ground far away.

“That’s my… power… How could you have the power of Chaos, Genesis Splitter? Wait, black hole, absorption… Can your black holes absorb power and convert it into your own?” Zheng felt a sweetness in his throat, and forcefully swallowed back the blood before looking at clone Zheng and asking in surprise.

“Although it’s a miniature black hole, it’s still not that power that’s the most violent and absolute in the universe. Otherwise, in the instant the black hole formed, we would all have been instantly sucked inside and churned into the most basic atoms and quarks. Do you actually want to see that power?” Clone Zheng himself seemed to be surprised as he looked at his hands. Even if it was only a little bit, the power absorbed from Zheng was still that of Chaos, Genesis Splitter’s power and speed. This level made even clone Zheng shocked.

As his words fell, clone Zheng’s foot stepped downwards, creating the same ridiculous scene Zheng would make every time he moved. The ground cracked apart, while the person himself had already crossed over a thousand meters to approach Zheng. However, Zheng dodged to the side. Although Zheng had exceptional reaction speed and speed, he could no longer attack without the opponent responding like before.

Clone Zheng gave a slight wave of his hand, and countless small black hole specks had already shrouded the two within. Zheng was surrounded in all directions by them, and could no longer dodge even if he wanted to.

“Watch closely. This is Primordial Dusk’s true appearance after having absorbed power.” Clone Zheng waved his hand again, and the floating black hole specks congregated around the largest speck, the suction force of which began to climb. Within a breath of time, Zheng could feel him slowly being pulled into the air, where a basketball sized lump of distorted space was forming above his head.

The lump of distorted space was different from the black holes before. Looking inside, Zheng could see space crumbling and reforming constantly. If before, the black holes could be likened to being idle, the black hole now would be described as being active. The difference in their suction power was such that they couldn't be spoken of in the sentence.

Zheng gave his dragon wings a flap, forcibly stabilising himself. But as the pull gradually increased, he felt some resistance even with Chaos, Genesis Splitter. It had to be known that this class of power was that of Chaos, Genesis Splitter, far beyond that of Destruction. To feel resistance even with this power showed how enormous the pull of that distorted space was...

(But… this could be my chance as well…)

Zheng’s heart leapt as he noticed the number of black hole specks had decreased as they combined to form distorted spaces. A pathway to clone Zheng had slowly formed. Although there were two distorted spaces defending him, it wasn’t a path of despair to Zheng.

With no time to think carefully, Zheng began to gather the power in his body. He had already used Chaos, Genesis Splitter for over a minute at this point, and was near reaching the limits of his body. Even with the skill he had just learnt in Lord of the Rings, he couldn't perpetually maintain this state. Thus, this one chance could very well be his last chance...

In a short zero point something seconds, Zheng flew up from his original position, the enormous force easily letting him bypass the black hole specks and distorted spaces.

However, at the final two distorted spaces guarding the pathway, he used his wings to shield himself from them. A horrifying tearing force was emanated from those distorted spaces in an instant, seemingly even more enormous than what Chaos, Genesis Splitter’s burden caused. The two dragon wings were abruptly ripped off from his back, while Zheng used Soru to escape the tug of the distorted spaces. Even Tiger’s Soul was dropped onto the ground in this period of time, but, Zheng had finally charged to his clone.

“Caught you… I know what you're bearing, but I can’t not tell you that the path you’re taking is wrong! I can’t tell you what’s right, but I shall defeat you, I shall surpass you! That’s because what I bear is so much more important than all that hatred, insanity and negative emotions you bear! I can definitely surpass you!”

Zheng grabbed onto clone Zheng. Disregarding whether his body could still use the power of Chaos, Genesis Splitter, he simply frenziedly landed punches on his face. With one hand grabbing onto clone Zheng, he wasn't even given the chance to get sent flying. Again and again, blows rained on the important organs of clone Zheng’s body. His stomach was destroyed first, followed by his heart and chest, then his arms. Just as Zheng was about to demolish his brain, he suddenly saw a cold sneer on his clone’s face.

“Surpass me? With what exactly? Your power? Your narrow-mindedness? Your conviction?” Clone Zheng lifted his head and roared with laughter, as his leg kicked out, unleashing a kick on Zheng’s stomach that rivalled his Chaos in power. At the same time, countless enormous forces pulled at Zheng from behind, dragging him towards the distorted spaces inch by inch. It was many times larger than before, and even his Chaos-tier power was unable to forcibly escape it.

“Watch clearly. This is the gap between our capacities.” Black flames ignited on clone Zheng’s body, and he slowly began to recover to his original state. He silently extended a hand, and Zheng finally saw clearly what was on the surface when he moved his body. A very thin layer of black membrane was sticking to his skin. Every attack before had actually been powering up his Primordial Dusk, Universe Armageddon, to the point where now the distorted spaces were unstoppable.

(I lost? I’m going to lose? Despite bearing my comrades’ faith and sacrifice, the conviction they’ve given me? Am I still going to lose after that?)

Zheng’s body began to struggle madly, as he intended to break free of the distorted space’s pull. Even though it wasn’t a true black hole, his Chaos, Genesis Splitter, especially when he was gradually unable to use it, was unable to overcome it...

“Zheng… I don't have much time left. The consumption will get especially huge after my Light of the Soul fuses with your body. Defeat your enemy in one strike… Also, leader, thanks for all the care you’ve shown all this time. Fighting with everyone has been the happiest days of all my memories. Everyone, thank you…” Just as Zheng’s heart was filled with despair, a clear female sounded next to his ear...

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