Terror Infinity

Vol 23 Chapter 25-7: Primordial Dusk and Chaos... The End and The Beginning(VII)

The voice sounded like Zhao Yingkong’s. Yet, why was she making an appearance here? Also, no human could survive in the area for kilometers around due to the pull of the distorted space. How did she sneak up on him? Before Zheng could come up with an answer, he felt something cool and refreshing enter his body. It was a feeling difficult to describe. It felt like a mere instant had passed, and yet an eternity at the same time. A turbulent airflow burst out of his body that stoppered the pull from the distorted spaces, allowing him to move hundreds of meters away with a light tap of his feet. After which, Zheng stood there in shock.

“Is this your level, my clone? I can feel every atom, the energy circulating in my body and the trajectory of everything in the universe… This is the level you’re at? The late fourth stage which approaches the fifth stage?” Zheng looked at his hands, before gazing at clone Zheng and asking.

Clone Zheng didn't seem to be surprised that Zheng broke free, and fused together all the distorted spaces into one with a wave of his hand, positioning it in front of him. “You broke through? In this juncture between life and death, you managed to breakthrough to a level above humanity? No, your body has someone else's Light of the Soul. Also, only an incomplete Light of the Soul could fuse so quickly with someone else’s in such a short time. Right, ‘he’ set it up so. Otherwise, how could you survive that attack just now with your power?”

‘He’? Right, the late fourth stage lets me feel psyche fluctuations only psyche force users should be able to. My comrades…” Zheng looked silently at the numerous ropes on his wrist. Apart from Xuan, Liu Yu and Juntian’s which had yet to fly over, the rest of the team had all passed away. There was also a message left in Lan’s rope, but Zheng didn't have the mood to take a careful look at it, with all his attention currently being directed on his one true enemy.

“I now have the qualifications to fight you, my clone. For me who’s bearing so much, I can’t lose to you again! I will surpass you this time!” Zheng grit his teeth, and Tiger’s Soul flew into his hand when he beckoned to it. To someone of the late fourth stage who had taken a peep at the domain of energy, such parlour tricks were practically instinctive. Also, with the control of infinitesimal control now reaching the level of atoms and energy, the power of his techniques had been boosted far beyond imagination.

Zheng’s leg made a slight movement, and the result was no longer as crazy as before. Now the soil didn't even rise the slightest bit, but Zheng’s speed was still as fast as before. The current Zheng was still maintaining Chaos, Genesis Splitter! One of greatest changes of the late fourth stage was the infinitesimal control over energy granted. It allowed mastery over all things. If there was energy, the collisions of two types of energy could be maintained perpetually as long as the body’s limit wasn't exceeded. That means that the current Zheng no longer had a time limit for Chaos, Genesis Splitter!

But so what? Clone Zheng’s Primordial Dusk, Universe Armageddon had infinite might and was perfect in defence and offence. It would even absorb an attacker’s power, turning the distorted space even more powerful. This was more or less a skill and technique only Saints would have, and it was unexpected he could create it at the late fourth stage. It was no wonder that he was crowned the strongest!

Zheng’s leg burst into action as he charged at clone Zheng. He reached the distorted space with shocking pulling force first, which clone Zheng split into dozens in response. Apart from some revolving around him, the remainder flew at Zheng. Zheng didn't dare allow his body to come into contact, instead using Tiger’s Soul to welcome one of them. There was a boom as the distorted space was actually cleaved into nothingness without the slightest trace left! Zheng didn't pause as he erased a few more. It seemed if this carried on, he would obtain victory as long as he depleted all of clone Zheng’s distorted spaces.

“Ah yes, the late fourth stage stage. Your attacks can now penetrate into atoms and energy, reducing it to nothing in one blow. If that sabre hits me, even Sinflames can no longer heal me. What a pity, what a pity. Do you still feel you have a chance when you’ve only reached it now and with someone’s aid at that? Don’t tell me that after I lured you into hitting a few times, you’re overestimating yourself?” Clone Zheng sneered coldly in response as the distorted spaces fused back together, creating a two meter wide distorted space that shrouded him within. Zheng no longer had any distorted spaces around him.

“Using black flames to simulate a black hole, then transform it into distorted space after enough power is absorbed. If more power is infused, the distorted space will become a true black hole… If you had this strength at the beginning when black flames were still in the process of simulating a black hole, I may really have lost to you. But now, this battle shall finally end…” Clone Zheng shook his head as the loneliness in his eyes intensified.

“Idiot. Believe in your so-called conviction. Believe in the hopes those weaklings entrusted to you. Believe in what is obviously the weak mind of hypocrites. You simply haven't matured to the level I hoped for… Forget it, what’s the point of keeping you around?”

It wasn't clear if Zheng had heard these words. He grit his teeth as he slashed at the distorted space outside clone Zheng. However, this strike didn't break through technique with force like before, vanquishing all it touched. Instead, like a clay bull falling into the sea, all of that enormous force continued to deplete while the distorted space swelled up. Zheng only withdrew his blade and retreated when the distorted space was about to touch him, but it was already too late...

The distorted space abruptly shrank inwards, converging into a needlepoint-sized pitch-black point two meters in front of clone Zheng’s chest. Then, an indescribable pull burst out!

The ground was rend apart and the soil rose up!

The clouds in the sky were pulled to the ground!

Although Zheng, who was closest to it, could resist it with great difficulty, the power in his body gradually vanished. In at most a few more seconds, he would be swallowed up by this tiny black hole, by this power called Primordial Dusk, Universe Armageddon...

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