Terror Infinity

Chapter 25-5

“Equal again, as expected…” Clone Xuan’s expression flickered, before he said to Xuan a few seconds later.

“No, it’s not equal again. It’ll definitely be equal. Fighting like this is the only way to be a true final battle, and the only way to conform to its objective.” Xuan suddenly looked at the sky as he said.

The two were floating in the air as before, with a woman, Zhang Xiaoxue who was carrying the Godseal Board, besides clone Xuan. Half an hour had passed since the start of their battle. It was obvious how exhausted they were from the Xuan’s hair that was half white as well as the new wrinkles on his face, and Zhang Xiaoxue’s pale expression.

Clone Xuan gave his original a deep look, before saying, “The only way to conform? The Godseal Board told me that you have Cultivation technologies, so knowing this isn’t surprising… By the way, how much life force do you have to squander? How old is your body? Forties? Fifties? Or sixties?”

“How about you? How many causality points do you have? How strong is the world's rejection that you’re suffering? If normal disasters can’t offset it, will an asteroid fall on you? Or will you be directly driven out from this plane by an infinitely huge rejection force? I wonder what your choice is?” Xuan didn't hesitate to immediately ask.

“All possible. But what makes me curious is, you’ve been making the Bell of the East Emperor absorb the energy freely flowing in the air this whole time. Apart from a portion you’re using to replenish life force, the majority of it is being saved. What do you plan to do? Let me guess, you intend to interfere with the final battle’s outcome?” Clone Xuan opened his mouth.

“That’s what I’m curious about too. I can't know about how many causality points you have left, but why is the woman behind you starting to save energy in her body? What are you trying to do?” Xuan asked immediately.

“Oh, is that so?” Clone Xuan actually looked to be even more surprised, and he gave Zhang Xiaoxue a silent look as he maintained his composure. He continued, “I don’t need to do much anymore now. Clone Zheng can definitely beat the original Zheng comfortably with his power. So, I don’t mind dragging this on. I’ll suffer rejection worst come to worst, and I just need to leave this plane. But you? You’ll die without a place where you can get buried if you lose. You’re at a completely situational disadvantage.”

“I said this long ago. You were certain to lose when you treated your team members as chess pieces. How many times stronger are your members than team China’s? Aren’t both sides suffering grievous losses in the end? Didn’t you want to know what the so-called feelings are? The conclusion of the final battle that’s about to come will be your best answer… I’m about to attack!”

The two Xuans looked silent at the other, their expressions eternally so cold and severe. Only the expression of Zhang Xiaoxue was somewhat panicked. She wasn’t one of the two concerned parties, nor was she the unfeeling Xuan. In this peak-level battle, and as the most important ‘weapon’, her emotions would definitely be worried and anxious. A trace of ill premonition existed as well...

(Could it be that I’ll have to use that last bit of causality points in reserve? But, it’ll be difficult to predict whether he and I will end up dying or living…)

The two Xuans had finally unleashed their full power. One rang the Bell of the East Emperor, the fluctuations spreading for kilometers around, with space and time freezing in this area. The only one unaffected was Zhang Xiaoxue with her Godseal Board. The Godseal Board trembled as multiple streaks of Xuan’s power of faith were fired. Causality was reversed, and not a single landed on clone Xuan, all hurtling into the distant ground. Clone Xuan finally escaped the Bell of the East Emperor’s imprisonment with the Godseal Board’s operation, before firing back multiple streaks of power of faith, though they were immediately extinguished by the Bell of the East Emperor’s fluctuations. The two began their intense shootout once again, however, whether by intention or accident, the two slowly approached the two Zhengs’ battlefield...

(What a boring fight. Both sides know each other inside out, and the gap in strength isn’t too large, and both are exact copies. Deciding victory in a short time will be hard… Zheng, persevere! The last part of this scheme is about to arrive!)

Xuan looked silently at far away, before redirecting all his attention on clone Xuan. The two fought as they flew, having already covered several kilometers and gotten even close to the Zhengs...

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