Terror Infinity

Chapter 2-3

Vol 13: Chapter 2-3.

Zheng looked at the soldiers then at his left hand. The Na ring was not on his finger and neither was the dimensional bag. His weapons were in these two items and also the communication device. He said to a shocked scientist. “You. Yes, you. Why am I here? What happened?”

The scientist shivered and immediately answered. “You… we… Right, we found you in the dragon’s head. Your lower body was gone at the time but you were fused with the dragon’s flesh. Then your lower body grew back. We kept you in a nutrient solution the whole time and injected you with glucose in order to study your regeneration. We don’t mean any harm to you.”

Zheng tried to recall his memory. After he activated Destruction, he shattered the dragon’s chin and carried the bomb in from the dragon’s mouth. The bomb exploded when he reached the dragon’s neck. Fortunately, he was still in the Destruction state at the time so his body was much tougher than normally. The blastwave didn’t turn him to dust and blew him up the trachea into the dragon’s head. His lower body was destroyed in the process.

It seemed like he was able to survive thanks to the dragon’s insane recovery. Through the scientist’s explanations, he learned that his body had fused with the dragon’s cells and his lower body was regenerated. This form of fusion had an extremely low success rate. Only a few large species that they tested on were still alive, but still, these species were nearing their death.

Zheng sighed. He finally remembered to put the clothes on after the scientists brought him clothes, his ring, and the dimensional bag. He put the ring on then heard a large number of footsteps approaching. Seemed like the soldiers on the carrier were gathering here since the officials in this room had uniforms full of insignias.

Though Zheng wouldn’t pay much attention to these normal soldiers even before the fusion. As long as he wasn’t surrounded in machine guns or RPGs, he could escape with Explosion at any time. Furthermore, he had so many hostages here. He took out the communication device from the ring, shocking the scientists again.

“Hey, haha. It’s me, Zheng.” Zheng laughed at the device. On the other side was Gando’s voice.

Gando was silent for a few seconds before he shouted. “My god! Ghost!” Then he heard something dropped to the ground.

It was loud on the other side along with shouting from Kampa. A minute later, he heard Kampa’s laugh through the device. “Haha. I knew you were alive. F*ck. How can my bro die alone.” His voice had a nasal tone and made Zheng’s nose itch.

Zheng quickly changed the topic. “I am currently in the carrier. I will tell you the details after I get back. Where are you?”

Another moment of silence on the other side before he heard Xuan’s voice. However, he sounded weak. “The three of us have a problem. From what we learned from the government, this is an after effect of soaking in the dragon’s blood. The cells are invading our body like cancer, except much worse. We had the doctors took samples of our cells. Kampa and I will die within twelve hours. WangXia’s body is tougher. He can last until tomorrow afternoon.”

Zheng was dazed then he shouted. “F*ck. How could you have gotten infected with the dragon’s cells? You didn’t get in close range with the dragon.”


Xuan shouted back. However, his coughing followed afterward. “There’s no point discussing anything else at the moment. If you don’t want us to die, you must give the document we obtained to the military before leaving the carrier and have them give us the three T-Rex eggs in exchange. The eggs in the museum were made into specimen already so we need three fresh T-Rex eggs to make sure.”

Zheng yelled. “Just tell me what to do!”

Xuan continued. “Form a deal with the military while in the carrier. Have them send a helicopter to take you to Isla Nublar and assist you in the search for T-Rex lairs in the island. You must keep in mind that you have to confirm the eggs belonged to T-Rex with your own eyes. Otherwise, we won’t have the time to go back. You can also take the chance to look for the Spear of Osiris. But don’t bother retrieving the gravity mind since it’s already set. You don’t have the expertise in this field.”

Zheng replied. “Understood. How are you going to send the documents over?”

Xuan said. “I will fax half of it to the Pentagon and fax the other half after you returned. This isn’t important. You can totally come back in five to six hours. What I want to say is go take a look at the dragon’s lair. If you see an egg, you have to bring it back. Remember to threaten them with the growth rate of the insects. In fact, these insects are already threatening most places near the shore. They should be aware of their dangers by now.”

Zheng paused then smiled bitterly. Xuan always considered the team’s interest at any given time. It seemed like the disease wasn’t of much importance at all.

Zheng immediately said to the military officials. “I heard the giant insects have threatened many places near the shore and they are still reproducing. Do you have any means of stopping them?”

Some officials were knocked out from trying to attack him but most of the older ones were sitting there quietly. An old general said calmly. “What do you have in mind?”

Zheng nodded. “I have the insects genetic structures and have means to kill them. I think we can form a deal.”

The general smiled coldly. “Deal? After sinking two of our ships, causing the death of thousands of marines, and luring the dragon to attack our fleet. The spread of these insects is also caused by you. Do you think we can still cooperate?”

Zheng wasn’t angry. He grabbed a chair and sat down. “Hehe. There are not absolute enemies in this world. Everything is based on interests. What if I can give you enough gains? Aside from the genetic document, I can throw in a little gift. A gravity mine that’s powerful enough to destroy a ship.”

The general’s expression changed a bit. He saw the video of the two ships being sunk. The special bomb that turned the ship into a giant ball of metal was extremely notable. If they had one of these bombs, the government might be able to replicate it and grasp the technology on gravity. Its value wasn’t just a bomb but a key to the future of humanity.

The general thought for a while then said. “What do you want? Let us hear it and we may have a chance.”

Zheng sneered. He couldn’t retrieve the mine in a short period of time anyway so there was no harm to using it as a bargaining chip. Even WangXia could not analyze the mine’s shell. It was a sci-fi weapon after all. The shell was made of a special steel alloy and once broken open, would release the destruction of the mine. He was not worried about the government obtaining the technology.

“Use a helicopter to take me to the island the dragon was from and send people to help me search for a T-Rex lair. I need to obtain three T-Rex eggs.”

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