Terror Infinity

Chapter 2-2

Vol 13: Chapter 2-2.

“Correct, experiments have shown that these dragon cells are ten to twenty times tougher than human cells. If a human body absorbs these cells, his body will become two to three times stronger than a normal person.” An old researcher said.

A middled aged major general interrupted him. “Wait a second. Didn’t you say the dragon cells are ten to twenty times tougher? Why is the overall increase so little in comparison?”

“So little?” The old researcher yelled back. “Do you realize our body is the result of millions of years of evolution? This enhancement increases all areas of our body including strength, speed, immunization strength without breaking any balance. How can you say that’s little. General Louis, your college professor will spit your face with blood if he hears this!”

General Louis wasn’t angered by the reply. He smiled and said. “If a dead person can spit blood, I think he probably will.”

The old researcher glanced at him. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the discovery of the century. If we can find a method to fuse these cells, every human will become a superman. We will have a life span of three hundred years and higher. We will be able to survive under the harshest conditions. We won’t be afraid of most life threatening diseases anymore. This is such a splendid evolution. Humans as a whole will take a big step forward! So what are you waiting for? Have the Congress grant the funds to us. Your names and our names will be remembered by generations afterward. We will be written into history!”

This occurred inside a confidential meeting room in the carrier. The officials had reported the attack to the military and was supposed to return to the harbor for repair. However, the harbor was occupied by insects yesterday. Troops garrisoned in the harbor was forced to evacuate after a thousand fell victim to the insects. This carrier had no choice but to continue sailing on the ocean and also monitor the insects.

The higher ups in the military instantly recognized the influence these dragon cells would bring after receiving reports from the scientists on the ship. A person that could recovery from critical injuries automatically, had a body two to three times stronger than a normal person, and immune to most life threatening diseases. Wasn’t this the perfect soldier in their minds?

So a group of higher ups flew to the carrier on planes and witnessed the experiments with their eyes. Then they finally got the interest to listen to the researchers.

A military official said. “Isn’t there a major side effect with these cells? I heard that they will invade human cells and become a condition worse than cancer.”

The researcher nodded seriously. “Yes. We have tested it with the cells from a hundred navy soldiers up to this day by migrating some cells to vials. All the experiments resulted in the human cells being invaded. We also experimented on various large sized organisms including a whale. Yet, the whale only lasted several days with even the most minute amount of these cells. Just an hour ago, it had fainted. Based on previous results, it will die in 1.5 times the time it takes to faint after inject the cells. Which means this whale should die in three days.”

Another older official asked. “You mentioned a human successfully fused with these cells in the reports. Can you show us?”

The researcher immediately nodded. He gestured to the guard by the side. The guard left the meeting room and came back in a few minutes with a bunch of scientists and a large container. The container was covered with a piece of rug. The old researcher walked over and pulled off the rug.

Inside the large glass container was a man submerged in liquid with oxygen tubes plugged into his nose. Black hair and yellow skin denoting his Asian ethnicity. All his limbs were in place, totally different from the destroyed lower body as the report mentioned. The man seemed to be unconscious with his eyes closed.

The researcher said. “Please pay close attention to his limbs. Do you see the skin here looks whiter than the skin on his upper body? Yes, that’s the new body that regenerated on its own, including the bones, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and skin. Perhaps you don’t fully understand it. To use an analogy, if you cut a starfish in half, it will grow into two. We don’t know if this man can still live if you cut his head off but his can regenerate his lower body.”

The military officials looked at each other in complete shock. They had seen photos of this man when he was just discovered. His lower body was gone and the rest of his body was connected with a piece of dragon flesh. Yet, he was here in whole without any noticeable injury. This was almost appalling.

The old researcher smiled. “Those dragon flesh connected to him were providing nutrients for his recovery. The dragon flesh dried up and died shortly after his limbs grew back and his wounds healed. That’s why he looks completely healthy right now.”

A military official said. “Then why is he still unconscious? His body should be completely fine now.”

The researcher scratched his head. “Yes. We scanned him and checked for every possible condition. We even tried to stimulate him but he wouldn’t wake. So we can only conclude he is brain dead. The fusion may have turned him into a vegetable.”

The officials were thinking. The researcher immediately said. “Don’t worry. Our experiments showed that these cells don’t do any harm to the brain. In fact, it increases the subject’s concentration capacity. This man is obviously the one that defeated the dragon in a close combat. We suspect that the fight was what caused the brain damage.”

Just then, the researcher noticed everyone looked terrified as they stared beyond him. He turned around and saw the man in the container slowly opening his eyes.

Zheng was rather confused when he opened his eyes because he saw a group of soldiers screaming in a panic. He instantly woke up and found himself submerged in a glass container. He punched the glass without thinking. This punch moved so fast even in liquid that it shattered the glass and the force shot a stream of liquid at the wall. The stream pressed a dent into the wall.

Zheng stepped out of the container and looked at his fist in confusion. The he heard the soldiers yelled. Three armed guards ran toward him along with numerous footsteps coming through the door. It was obviously a group of soldiers approaching the room.

Zheng ran to the three guards at unbelievable speed. He almost couldn’t react to his own speed in time and stopped just behind the three guards. He finally realized that his strength had increased so he lowered his force. He lightly patted the guards at the back of their heads but it still slapped them to the floor and knocked them out.

Due to the sudden increase in strength, Zheng didn’t bother stopping the soldiers that were charging into the room. He took a deep breath and punched the floor. This was a metallic floor since it was in a carrier. Everyone felt the floor trembled slightly. When Zheng stood up, they saw the fist sized hole on the floor that was almost twenty centimeters deep.

The soldiers that just entered the room stared with their mouths wide open at the naked asian that they even forgot to take out their guns.

Zheng checked his body and legs then he laughed creepily at everyone in the room. The next moment, he jumped at the soldiers by the door.

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