Terror Infinity

Chapter 2-1

Vol 13: Chapter 2-1.

Xuan, Kampa, and WangXia returned to the city they started in. The newbies were getting inpatient. Gando and the blonde man both had an interest in cars, so it wasn’t so bored for him. Though it was different for the two girls. Aiai only knew very basic english whereas the babysitter didn’t know any at all. They had money but were only allowed to go out with several mafias accompanying them. Blonde man said he had to be responsible for their safety.

The days were quite comfortable despite the girls’ dissatisfaction. They had a near unlimited amount of money, free labors to carry their shopping, and in a populated urban city. They seemed to have taken shopping as their job here.

The blonde man returned to the headquarter from the race tracks when he learned Xuan and the others were back. However, upon hearing Zheng’s death, he cried with sincerity for quite a while. He said that he had also taken on the the way of a wuxia when he began practicing kungfu. Filial piety was an important aspect of it. This shocked everyone else for some time.

The same evening, all six players gathered to discuss their current state. Xuan didn’t tell the newbies that they were going to get erased. He only mentioned this city wouldn’t be dangerous in a short period of time. The insects from Isla Sorna escaped to all directions, so even if some happened to end up here, they could easily take care of them.

“You can continue to stay here. The three of us have some things to do. We will return to God’s dimension in about three days. In the meantime, you can do anything at will.” Xuan adjusted his glasses and smiled at the newbies.

Gando said with excitement. “Can I buy a car and bring it back? That car is gorgeous. Didn’t you say gold is inexpensive from God? Please let me buy a car. It will be a waste of the money if we don’t buy it!”

Xuan nodded. “You can buy it if you want to. There should be enough gold for you to spend. Now, can you please go out? We still have some things to discuss. When the time comes to return, we will come take you.”

Gando cheered and rushed out of the meeting room. He was still just a seventeen year old boy.

The two girls also left while chatting happily. The three newbies were no different from normal people. Kampa laughed. “Such a naive bunch, enjoying their time like this in a movie world. If the plot wasn’t changed, they would have been able to receive their rewards so easily. Though I wonder how would they look in the next movie.”

Xuan looked at the document on hand and said. “It might be difficult to hand this document to the government. We also have to steal the T-Rex eggs from the museum to prepare out leave. There are three things we must do now. One, find a capable computer. I have to hack into the military’s network. Two, one of you scout the T-Rex eggs’ location. Steal the eggs if they haven’t been made into specimen. But inform me before acting. Three, one of us needs to be monitoring this city for insects at any given time. Any mistake can cause our lives. We can’t have any casualty.”

Kampa and WangXia nodded. They acted more like soldiers when they were with Xuan alone. All three of them came from the army and Xuan’s arrangements had the same military style. Everything was arranged for you. When Zheng was here, he was the only one that could reject Xuan’s plans.

WangXia was responsible for obtaining the T-Rex eggs. A museum of normal people shouldn’t be any issue for an agent from the special forces. Kampa patrolled the shore on the Sky Stick for any insects. Xuan had the blonde man get him a computer. He spent a whole day to write a program then hacked into the military’s network.

The three of them began their tasks. They all felt something missing from the team with Zheng gone. Their conversations had reduced to giving and taking orders. This was Xuan’s personality to begin with. He had only changed a bit after working with Zheng. Though now, it was like a superior and his subordinates.

Afternoon the next day, Xuan finally broke into a part of the national security. He learned that the insects had spread in large numbers. Their reproductive capacity was immense. Four queens had been born and each led their swarm flying toward places near the shore. Casualties were in the hundreds. The military currently blocked this information from reaching the public.

The government seemed to have an understanding of the crisis. Some people even suggested wiping any area with insect swarms with nuclear bombs or fuel air explosives. However, this group of people were labeled maniacs. Most people weren’t aware of the urgency and thought of it as a natural disaster.

“Fools.” was how Xuan described them. From his analysis, this was the best time to use strategic weapons, which would kill off a large portion of the insects and maybe even wipe them out. Or else, the situation would be drastically different in a few days.

“It will only take a few days for more places to become infested. The insects haven’t taken any cities yet but once they obtain their first one, a chain reaction will occur. Humans will become their source of food and buildings will become hives. The number of insects will grow exponentially. In a month, the government will have to bomb over half the land of the U.S. with nuclear bombs. They either make up their mind now or they are never going to.”

This was what Xuan told the other five people. However, no one seemed interested in the topic. The girls were more interested in their shopping, clothes, and jewelries.

Dinner time was the only time of the day they gathered to discuss. Kampa chewed a steak and said. “Only this? Didn’t you say you will get in contact with the government officials?”

Xuan was eating bright green vegetables. “Eventually, but do you think they will pay any importance to this document if we go to them now? No. Only after the insects become near unstoppable. So we have to wait here for a few more days. Judging by the spread of the insects, we should be safe for a week. However, I found something awesome from their network.”

The other five looked at each other. For the word awesome to come out of Xuan, it had to be really awesome. They paid close attention to him.

“They found a dying person from the flesh of the dinosaur’s head. The body’s lower half was destroyed in the explosion but he’s alive and is regenerating quickly. What do you think?”

Xuan smiled. Then suddenly, the world went black and he fainted.

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