Terror Infinity

Chapter 3-1

Vol 13: Chapter 3-1.

After the two parties came to an agreement, Zheng boarded a military helicopter. To his surprise, the old general was coming along with a group of marines. He said he had to see the marines dig up that mine with his own eyes.

Zheng didn’t cared much about this. He had no plans of doing the digging himself. There was simply no point to take this risk. He counted and found himself with a rank A reward, two rank Cs, and a rank D. His points also added up to 7000 and there was going to be another 1000 from finishing the movie. He was now someone with a worth. He wouldn’t want to take the risk for just a mine that was worth a rank D reward before he used up all the points he had.

Aside from the rewards, he was quite curious about the change on his body. His overall power had received a drastic improvement. His qi and blood energy more than doubled. His strength also doubled. He didn’t get to check the other physical properties yet but there should also be a huge increase. The property he looked forward to the most was his recovery rate.

After hearing about the recovery rate of the dragon’s cells and seeing it for himself, he cut a bit of the tip his finger off. The bleeding stopped in just a few seconds and formed a layer of scabs. He felt itchy along with the pain. Then he peeled the scabs to reveal a slightly bloody but new layer of skin. The total time only took three to four minutes.

Zheng gripped his fingers. He was pondering about the influence this enhancement might bring. First off, normal humans basically no longer post any threat to him even when he was not in the unlocked mode. Though his reaction speed wasn’t up to par with his strength and speed when not unlocked. The increases in qi and blood energy made him even more excited because his abilities had gotten stronger. The movement technique would be faster and the Army of Anubis he could summon was doubled to 600, a whole battalion. Furthermore, Explosion and Destruction would last longer, which he also had a stronger body to sustain these two skills. Explosion might be up to 30 seconds while Destruction 10 seconds.

Zheng was confident he could kill a dragon in the ten seconds of Destruction.

Unfortunately, there was no opportunity to test them now that he was in a helicopter. He also wouldn’t want to take the risk with the American military around him.

Anyway, both parties were silent on during the trip. The helicopters soon arrived at Isla Nublar. A company of marines quickly gathered. Then they entered the island in groups of tens.

“Uh. Right here. In the center of the canyon. The mine looks pretty obvious. We thought the dragon wouldn’t be able to tell but who would have expected that he noticed something wrong. Don’t worry. We set the trigger weight very high so humans can step on it without any problems. However, I can’t promise anything when you are taking it out.” Zheng pointed at a map and said to a military official. Then he took an interphone and entered the forest.

The official asked. “Where are you going? There are dinosaurs roaming in the island.”

Zheng laughed. “Dinosaurs are not scary to me.” He jumped up to a tree using the movement technique. A few jumps on the branches and he reached the treetop then jumped off from tree to tree. The official was shocked as he muttered Chinese kungfu.

Even though he didn’t have the Sky Stick, he remembered the terrain of this island and headed toward where the Spear of Osiris flew to. It was his most powerful weapon, on par with the EMP rifle and even more powerful in some cases. So he had to retrieve it first.

The movement technique was only 20 percent faster after his qi doubled. Though his speed was still extremely fast since he was running on treetops. There were no obstacles in the air. The interphone that he took allowed him to stay connected with the marines so he could get to the T-Rex lair when they find it. He also wanted to test Explosion if the distance was too far away.

Soon, Zheng saw a black scorched trail and he knew he was back at where the fight broke off. He could still feel the pressure when he thought about the fight. It was walking by the edge of hell. A dragon that size could wipe them if its breathed landed on them. And he somehow got the courage to charge into its mouth.

Back then he was prepared to die together with the dragon. That would at least save his comrades. He placed all his hopes on them so that he had a chance to revive. Never had he imagined he miraculously lived and grew stronger than before. This realization made him feel surreal.

Zheng didn’t slow down as he thought these. He ran toward where the spear could be. They were quite far away from the sea at the time so it couldn’t have gone into the sea.

Several more minutes later, he saw a reflection on a tree from afar. He quickly jumped over and there it was. The spear was stuck on the trunk. It probably lost all energy after flying over here and only pierced halfway in the tree.

Zheng pulled the spear out. Sunlight reflected on it made it seem like a legendary weapon. As long as he could use the spear efficiently, he would stand a fight with the dragon.

“Found a T-Rex lair. Two T-Rexes are inside. Our location is at…”

A voice came through the interphone. Zheng quickly paid attention to the words, especially the location. The military map that he saw split this island into thirty regions. He had memorized these regions. He put the spear into the ring and began jumping forward. However, after a few minutes he suddenly changed direction to where the dragon napped. There was a pile of branches and leaves.

Legendary dragons liked treasures and lived in caves or dungeons. Though this one was different in that it liked to roll on sand and dirt and slept on branches and leaves. Not living up to the image of a dragon.

Zheng sped up his running and soon saw the branches and leaves lair. At the same time, he heard a dog’s barking.

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