Terror Infinity

Chapter 1-3

Vol 2: Chapter 1-3.

Zheng, Zero, and Kampa were the first ones to woke up from the shock. Zero and Kampa both did the same thing, they held onto the grenades with a finger through the ring. As soon as the Alien appears, they would throw the grenades at it. He remembered that he said never give up on any comrades. He definitely heard Xiaoyi’s cry for help.

Around the corner, three Aliens were ripping on Xiaoyi. He was still not dead. His whole body was twitching. The Aliens’ strength were so powerful, their tongues touched him lightly and his body was ripped apart like paper. Zheng could only take a last look of those despair eyes before Xiaoyi’s head was crushed.

Another Alien turned around to look at Zheng. It extended it’s tongue out, saliva dripping on the ground. Then it screamed at Zheng. The scream woke him up from the shock. He looked at Xiaoyi again, no, the pieces of his body, before he turned around and ran back.

“Run! Shit! There are three Aliens!” He yelled as he ran.

Zero and Kampa threw their grenades then ran back. Jie, Xuan, and Shuai followed behind.

Lan was running on the back near Zheng, but her speed just isn’t fast enough, the explosion was likely to affect her. Zheng picked her up when he ran by. When the explosion wave came, they both got knocked to the ground.

Zheng forcibly turned his body around right before he reached the ground, taking the impact while Lan landed on him. She looked at him in surprise then smiled. “You’re a nice guy.”

Zheng’s mind went blank for a moment then yelled. “What’re you talking about, hurry and run!” Then he was going to push Lan off him to get up.

Lan gripped on his shirt’s collars tightly. “My enhancements are low, my running speed definitely can’t keep up. Carry me.”

By this time, Jie and the other four were out of sight already. Zheng didn’t have time to say anything else. The explosion could only delay the Aliens for so long. If they don’t start to run, they will just die here. He gritted his teeth, picked Lan up and started sprinting.

Zheng’s physical body was strong, he could barely feel the weight of a person. After running through a few halls, he realized that he got lost. He was just running as fast as he could without any time to think, but having gone so far without encountering Jie and the others, Zheng got separated from the group.

He gritted his teeth and continued on. Another hundred meter went by until he saw a steel door on the side. He carried Lan inside.

All the doors on this spacecraft had automatic sensors and will open when a person gets near. They easily got into the room. Then Lan jumped out from his arms. She pressed some buttons next to the door then it closed. The light on top of the door turned red.

Lan exhaled, then patted her chest. “That was scary, I couldn’t even move my hands and feet. The Aliens were more disgusting and scary than in the movie.”

Zheng was staring at her, her breasts were actually big. He couldn’t feel it when he was running, but now that he thought about carrying her, and her breasts were pressed onto his chest. He immediately looked away.

Lan sensed what happened then blushed. “I knew it this door could be closed. Otherwise if anyone can enter your bedroom, then there would be no privacy.”

Zheng coughed to calm himself down. Then he thought about Xiaoyi’s face. Even though Xiaoyi looked common, and a little weak, he was a kind hearted kid. He laughed a lot during training, and said his biggest dream was to get enough power through enhancements, then go back to school and teach those bullies a lesson, but now he’s…

“F*ck! I said I won’t give up on any comrades! Yet I got scared and ran!”

Zheng got more and more angry. He kept punching on things. Bang! A steel bar the thickness of an arm got bent. He and Lan looked at it with their eyes wide open.

Lan ran over immediately. This room wasn’t big, other than bed made of steel, there were some simple furnitures and a TV. That steel bar was from the bed.

“Wah. When did you get so strong?”

Lan touched the bar then at his fist. It was even scratched. She said with surprise. “Is your fist made of steel? That was powerful.”

Zheng was surprised also. He then tried and punched at another steel bar with full strength this time. The whole bar broke in half and the bed knocked to the ground. He looked at his fist in disbelieve.

“That’s not possible, I never won against Jie in close combat unless I used Qi. If I have this kind of strength I could had knocked him out in one punch.”

Lan touched her forehead. “Perhaps you held back, not consciously, but because you obtained such strength you subconsciously held back. And it’s not only strength, there isn’t even a scratch. Your skin is more tough than steel.”

Zheng tighten his fist, then a thought came to mind. “Say how destructive would it be if I throw this steel bar with all my strength and while using Qi?”

Lan looked at the bar that was broken in half and smiled. “Why don’t you try it now? If the results are good… hehe, if you do then I won’t tell Lori you peeked at my chest.”

Zheng kept his mouth shut. He was too familiar with Lan’s expression and tone. During his past ten years, he saw a few women gave him that expression. He knew the best choice was to stay silent.

He turned around and grabbed the broken bar. Sure enough, his strength had gotten to this level. He never had the chance to test it in God’s room. He broke the bar off the bed with just a hand. That screeching sound of bending the metal was so harsh yet at the same time gave them a sense of safety.

Zheng took a deep breath, directed his Qi all over the body, then he gave a loud shout and threw the bar. With a shattering sound, the bar penetrated the steel wall. This bar was over half a meter long, only a few centimeters of it was left outside the wall, the rest was inserted into the wall. The power of this throw was enormous.

Zheng and Lan were shocked at the result. They stared at each other for quite a while, then turned turned around simultaneously… to the rest of the bars on the bed.

“Since we had forgotten to exchange for heavy firearms, then we will use this primitive weapon to crush them!” Zheng muttered. Lan was laughing by the side, her breasts jiggled as she laughed. Zheng couldn’t help but peek at it. She seemed to have noticed and blushed a bit.

Perhaps this is the only thing enjoyable now, Zheng thought as he peeked. Yet when he remembered those three huge monsters of a nightmare, he felt a sense of despair, and a bit of stubbornness of refusing to accept fate.

Live, no matter how hopeless the situation is… I must live!

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