Terror Infinity

Chapter 1-2

Vol 2: Chapter 1-2.

Xuan’s words were shocking to the others. Humans that can alter their speciality at will and be able to survive through any situation were pushing the limit of the potential of our species.

“Just think about it. Apes reached this limit and became human, then what will humans become when we reach it?”

Zheng felt a thought came up, but when he calmed down to think about it, the thought disappeared.

Zero, who was quiet this whole time, asked. “How do you unlock the genetic constraint? With drugs or something else?”

Xuan waved his hand. “Needs a substance similar to the epinephrine hormone that can only be produced by the human body. The crucial point is… it’s a poison. You probably heard of stories like a mother lifting a car to save her son. This actually happened but this woman died soon afterward. Scientists found a micro amount of this substance in her blood.”

“Therefore it’s impossible to unlock the genetic constraint with outside help, at least we can’t do it with our current technology. You can only work towards it yourself. Of course we don’t even have a direction right now. Anyway, I suspect that this dimension is related to genetic constraints. It might even be the creation of the first group of humans that unlocked their genetic constraints.”

Jie laughed. “You think ancient apes predicted the horror movies we will watch? And all those sci fi weapons that you can exchange, you think they can predict everything?”

Xuan smiled indifferently. “Apes perhaps can’t but what if the thing they created has created artificial intelligence? Computers won’t die, they can record our horror movies then make us experience them, until we die or break the limit to unlock the genetic constraint. Then we will be able to earn enough points to leave. What do you think of this hypothesis?”

Zero suddenly said in a low voice. “Perhaps you’re right but please be aware of our situation. There’s a scent of blood from the left turn thirty meters ahead of us. Who will go take a look?”

Zheng gritted his teeth. “My stats are the highest, so I will go.”

The other people cleared a path without a word. Jie took out his gun then gave everyone a grenade.

Zheng took a deep breath, suppressing the terror he’s feeling. He walked lightly toward the turn. Due to the anxiety he’s feeling, for a while he could hear his heartbeats, then gradually, it seemed like he could felt the little movements in his blood vessels. This was a wonderful feeling, unexplainable but Zheng was enlightened a bit, as though he’s one step away from unlocking the genetic constraint.

Unfortunately this condition didn’t last long. When he looked to the left carefully, he was appalled and the condition disappeared. All that’s left in his mind was terror.

To the left of the hall was filled with pieces of flesh. Bones, organs, flesh were piled up, he couldn’t even make out the form of a human. Aside from the ripped clothes on the ground, no one would had believe.

Zheng held onto the wall and started to vomit. The others saw that there was no danger and ran over to him. Lan, Xiaoyi, and Shuai started to vomit along. Even Jie’s lips twitched as he saw it. Zero, Kampa and Xuan crouched beside the flesh and studied them silently.

Kampa picked up a few pieces of clothes, looked at Zero and said. “It’s those three hooligans. The flesh of two bodies are gone.”

Zheng just stopped vomiting but when he heard this, he started at it again.

“No, I don’t think so.” Xuan looked at the flesh carefully. “I have done some dissection experiments, most of these flesh are crushed bones, and the dirty parts of organs. Look at this, a fragment of the shoulder blade, I’ve found three different ones already. So I think the Alien took away all the edible flesh.”

There’s nothing left for Zheng and the others to vomit anymore. They could only feel their stomach twitching non stop. At last, Zheng had a better physical body, he could still move afterward, but the other four could barely stand while holding onto the wall.

Xuan, Kampa, and Zero finished their discussion and walked back to the others. He frowned as he looked at them. “We will leave this place first, the situation is worse than we expected. There’s already a third stage Alien, and… it may be nearby.”

As he finished talking, Zero and Kampa suddenly got on the ground. There was a hint of fear in their eyes, especially Zero. He said in a quick and low voice. “Something’s not right, there’s danger.”

People that lived on the edge of death tend to have a sixth sense for danger. When Zero and Kampa got on the ground, Zheng felt his heart tightened. He couldn’t explain this feeling. He looked behind instinctively and there was a huge shadow.

Xiaoyi was standing at the outer most of the group, he could barely stand after the vomiting. When Zheng looked behind him with a terrified expression, he forced himself to turn his head around, then he froze.

This was a matured Alien, almost three meters tall, and over three meters in length with it’s tail. It was covered in shiny black exoskeleton, a huge and long head that extended to its back, a mouth full of sharp teeth, even the tongue was filled with little teeth.

Xiaoyi looked at its mouth as saliva dripped off it, before he could do anything, the Alien’s huge tongue penetrated his shoulder. That tongue moved so fast that even Zheng could only see a shadow. Then the Alien dragged Xiaoyi to the corner.

“Ah! No! Jie, Zheng, save me! I don’t want to die!”

Xiaoyi screamed like a mad man, but his strength was so insignificant compared to the Alien. He struggled like a baby. His hand gripped on the corner of the wall as the Alien dragged him. He didn’t loosen his grip even as his nails flipped. Finally the Alien got him through the corner and left five trails of blood on the wall. Then the hall was filled with painful and miserable screams, along with the sound of crushing and ripping of bones and flesh.

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