Terror Infinity

Chapter 2-1

Vol 2: Chapter 2-1.

Aside from the lack of heavy firearms, they also didn’t have any food or water. Without these two things, if they were locked in anywhere, they were very likely to die from starvation or dehydration.

“We’re still newbs. We thought we are veterans from surviving a movie, yet there are still so many things we didn’t prepare. Then we just came in here as if this is a field trip.”

Zheng sighed. Lan nodded, she was looking for something on the wall.

Zheng asked in curiosity. “What are you looking for?”

She replied without turning her head. “This is a modernized spacecraft, there’s probably some high tech communication tools. Otherwise the characters would have to speak to each other face to face all the time.”

As she spoke, she found device with buttons hanging on the wall. When she pressed it, a sound came from above, just like when a call was connected but no one was on the other side.

Lan touched her forehead. “There are over forty buttons, assuming each one connects to a room, then we are in the center of the spacecraft, and we shouldn’t be far away from the control room.”

Zheng walked over. The device had 46 buttons. The number 21 was indicated on the device, and the button 27 was painted red.

He tried to follow Lan’s thoughts. If the spacecraft was divided into 46 areas, 1 and 46 were on the edge of the spacecraft. The room they were in, 21, was close to the center, then the special red 27 was probably the control room.

Zheng hesistated. “What if the numbers have nothing to do with the position of the rooms? Like the rooms were numbered randomly. And if that red 27 is not the control room, but instead it’s the security room or something else? It’s too arbitrary to just assume our position like this.”

“Humph, it is arbitrary, yet it’s still better than waiting here for the Aliens to find us. Or do you want to experience the same thing as when the hunter from Resident Evil was charging at the door? Just stared as the door was broken in and we couldn’t do anything? Even if room 27 is the security room instead, it will probably have some weapons.”

Zheng felt a headache, it’s not wise to get in an argument with women. They would start a lecture when they feel objected. He immediately nodded his head. “Yes. Good. No problem. I also think we should go out to search. Anything is better than staying here. I agree with your decision.”

Lan started to smile. “Yes, I knew you are a nice guy. You can accept a lady’s opinion. Hehe. Then I will count on you, please protect me.”

Zheng carried tied three steel bars to his back, then held onto the thickest and longest one. He didn’t say anything and watched as Lan turned the light of the door from red to green. He took a deep breath and sprint out.

“Yes. My deduction is correct. Every important room has a communication device and a number. We just passed by room 25. In other words, the control room is near.”

Xuan walked out from a room and said to the other four people. The other four looked around nervously. Jie suddenly asked. “What can we do if we find the control room? I say we should go look for Zheng and Lan, he’s the strongest one among us.”

Xuan said without emotions. “Regardless whether they’re alive or dead, in order to find them we have to first get to the control room. We are not familiar with the locations of this spacecraft, we don’t even know where the Aliens are, where the weapons are, where the food and water are, and… do you know where the toilets are? So we have to find the control room and learn the map and locations of the spacecraft, then we will have the ability to fight.”

Jie was about to say something, but at last he remained silent. Zero said coldly. “Hurry up. I keep feeling there’s something following behind us. Even though it’s still far away, but this sense of danger is very obvious.”

Kampa also nodded and said in choppy Chinese. “Yes. Very dangerous. I am certain it’s an Alien.”

Xuan frowned. “Ok, we will choose to go through the left hall. Everyone start to run, we have to find the control room no matter what. If my deduction is correct… finding the control room will increase our chance of survival.”

At the same time, Zheng was at a place not far from Xuan. The two cautiously advanced towards room 27. After a while, Lan yelled. “Stop. I’ll go check out that room, if something happens… judge the situation yourself.” Then she went into the room alone.

Zheng muttered with a bitter smile. “Easier said than done, judge the situation myself. No matter how I judge it’s still death…”

Even though he complained, he concentrated his attention on the surroundings. His muscles were all tensed up, his hand holding onto the steel bar. Yet without any reason, he felt very uncomfortable, as if something dangerous was approaching him. This made his him more nervous.

About a minute later, Lan came out happily. She smiled. “Great, my deduction is correct. This is room 23, room 22 is definitely in one of the halls we passed by. If we just follow this path, then we will get to the control room. Hmm? Your face looks pale, are you too scared?”

Zheng forced a smile. “I don’t know why. I am feeling a bit worried. Perhaps we should find somewhere to hide for a while.”

Lan shook her head, and said in a serious tone. “We can’t. It’s already dangerous being separated from the group, especially since we are so close to the control room. We have to get there first… I know maybe you are not feeling well? But can you hold on for a little longer?”

Zheng smiled bitterly. “Then let’s go. My body is in good condition. It’s just feeling a little worried… Ayyy. I’ve never seen a woman like you, being so tough. Normal women would be too scared to move in this situation.”

Lan laughed. “Hehe. I’ve been tough since I was a little girl. My parents died on my twelfth birthday. They got in a car accident when they went out to buy a birthday cake. If I’m not tough enough, I won’t live till now. So, for such a good girl like me, you have to do your best to protect me…”


As Lan made a turn on the corner, she was still talking to Zheng with laughter. Suddenly a tongue full of teeth shot out from the side and penetrated her shoulder. Blood splattered and painted Zheng’s eyes red. He felt as if he was still hearing that laughter by his ears, and that line. “You have to do your best to protect me…”


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