Taming Master

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: (3). Hidden Class -2

“Anything you need. Just tell me.”

Hearing Ian’s confident answer, Kain was satisfied.

“A Blue-Eyed Wolf has appeared somewhere in the Plains of Ramud. My son has just become a

Summoner and he wants a Blue-Eyed Wolf as his pet. So, I want you to catch it and bring it to me…”

“What?” Ian asked back without noticing it.

The Blue-Eyed Wolf is a strong Rare Rank monster with a level higher than 40. Ian remembered this

because he had hunted it by taking a huge risk as a beginner before resetting his character.

‘Oh no. I don’t think this is a beginner level monster!’

Why is such a powerful monster being mentioned as a job quest for a Lv.10 beginner? And he wasn’t

even a Summoner yet. He had no skill to tame the monster.

Kain ignored Ian and continued to talk, “I have to stay here, so I cannot go. Unfortunately, my son is

not good enough to face it.”

Kain then took out a scroll and handed it to Ian.

“Here are five Scrolls of Binding. Try to make the wolf tired as much as you can, then bind it using the

scroll. The wolf at the Plains of Ramud is still young, so he isn’t that strong.”

With that, a system message came up.


Capture the Blue-Eyed Wolf at the Plains of Ramud!

The young son of Kain, guild master of the Summoners, wants a Blue-Eyed Wolf. A young Blue-Eyed

Wolf has appeared at the Plains of Ramud, bind it and bring it to Kain.

Difficulty level of the quest: E

Reward: Summoner (Monster Tamer) class

– Would you like to accept the quest?

Ian’s eyes sparkled.

It was an insanely hard quest, however, that wasn’t the reason. Ian saw the words ‘Monster Tamer’.

‘A hidden class!’

Ian didn’t think twice before taking the scrolls and answering, “Yes, I will capture it for you.”

Kain looked satisfied, “Thank you. Then I will wait for good news. To use a Scroll of Binding, think

about the target and say the word ‘Bind’.”


Watching Ian, as he left the building, Kain added.

“Ah, and if things don’t go well, come and find me again. I will help you one more time.”

Ian was a slightly relieved to hear this.

‘At least failing once didn’t mean that the quest will disappear.’

However, Ian was going to succeed at his first try: he didn’t have the time to fail.

Ian left the Summoner Guild and headed to the Plains of Ramud right away.

He was a little bewildered to hear about the Blue-Eyes Wolf, however, he was certain he would


‘The average level of the monsters in the Plains of Ramud was about 10. It is a Blue-Eyed wolf, but

he said it was a young one. And he is at the Plains of Ramud… so, he shouldn’t be that strong.

Ian had raised his stats by training for two days without sleeping and his abilities were better than

those of an ordinary Lv.30 users. He had every reason to be confident.

‘Now, let’s find him!’

Ian arrived at the Plains of Ramud in no time and started to search for the monster.

It was called the Plains of Ramud, however, the place wasn’t that big. Besides, Ramud had very few

monsters. Hence, it wasn’t even a good hunting ground. So, Ian wasn’t disturbed by other users.

After combing the area for about an hour, he found the Blue-Eyed Wolf, he was then shocked by it.

‘Its level is 20!’

Ian had great stats, however, if he had been an ordinary user, he would have to fight it at Lv.10.

Ian was dumbfounded.

‘Are all the hidden class quests this hard?’

He doubted that a little, however, he prepared to hunt it. So, he aimed his bow at the wolf.

‘I guess it’s a good thing that I won’t kill it in one blow…’

With Ian’s current attack power, Lv.10 monsters would be killed by just one arrow. Ian had to capture

the wolf instead of killing it, so, it was a good thing for him.


Ian’s arrow pierced the air and flew toward the wolf and it perfectly hit its body. Ian didn’t dare to use

the Aiming Weak Spot skill, fearing that he might kill it.


The wolf found Ian and fiercely lunged at him.

It was a young Blue-Eyed Wolf, hence, it was only half as big as a full-grown Blue-Eyed Wolf. Still, it

was a lot bigger than ordinary wolves.

Ian avoided the attack lightly. He rolled on the ground and kicked the wolf’s belly.


With a thick sound, the wolf fell to the ground and rolled over.


The wolf was a lot less fierce now, sensing that his opponent was stronger than itself.

‘It’s a lot weaker than I thought… is it really at Lv.20?’

Ian put his bow on his back. A few more arrows would kill the wolf and that would complicate things.

‘He said exhaust it as much as possible before using the Scrolls of Binding.’

It probably meant to drain its strength to the extent that it didn’t die and then use the scroll.

Ian slowly approached the wolf.


The wolf lunged at him first, as if it still had some strength left.

He moved very fast and nimbly.

However, Ian wasn’t an ordinary ‘beginner’.

He lightly evaded its attack and hit its forehead with his fist.


The wolf and Ian continued to fight.

Ian had much better stats, however, his goal was to capture it, so, he had to fight it with bare hands.

Hence, it took quite a long time.

The wolf was repeatedly beaten up by Ian until it finally sprawled out on the ground.


But Ian wasn’t feeling any better.

“Huu, hu.”

He breathed heavily as he approached the wolf. He then opened his inventory and took out a scroll.


The scroll in his hand suddenly turned into a white light and engulfed the wolf.


Ian watched with excitement.

‘Oho, is this how you capture a monster?’

He was thinking it was all over. Then, the white light around the wolf dissolved into thin air and a

system message came up.

– Binding failed.

Ian was confused.

“What, what? Do I need to hit it more?”

With that, Ian lifted his fist. The wolf flinched.

Then Ian lowered his hand again.

“I think one more blow would kill it… what is the problem?”

But Ian could not think of another answer other than violence. After thinking about it for a while, he

came up with a ‘great’ idea.

‘I can give it some health and hit it again.’

If the wolf could read his mind, it would have trembled in fear. Ian felt proud of himself as he took out

some meat from his inventory.

It was the meat of the Red Fox he had hunted.

Ian offered it to the wolf. The wolf was afraid of him, however, it soon started to eat the meat. Once

the wolf was full, it got up and started wagging its tail. It had shown some friendship toward Ian.

Unfortunately, Ian didn’t realize its change of attitude and he started to hit it again.

Pak-. Papak-!

The wolf had already lost his will to fight, so it was beaten up.

It soon fell to the ground again and Ian offered more meat to it.

Beginner users who happened to see him got pale and hurried to get out of there.

‘He must be a psychopath! I must get out of here quickly!’

‘I’ve never felt sorry for a monster. How can he do that without blinking an eye?

Of course, the wolf growled and refused the eat the meat.

However, Ian wasn’t giving up.

‘You have to eat unless you want to die.’

No matter what others thought, Ian waited until the wolf gave in to his hunger to eat and then hit it


And when it fell down again…


He used another Scroll of Binding, however, he failed again.

Actually, he probably would have succeeded if he had tried right after feeding the meat. However, the

wolf’s hatred toward Ian had reached its peak after the repeated blows.

Ian wasn’t aware of that, therefore he got angry.

“Let’s see who wins!”

Ian didn’t have a moment to spare and he couldn’t forgive the wolf making him waste precious time.

Ian started to use violence again and people gathered around him one by one to watch. They saw Ian

using the Scroll of Binding and got curious.

“Look at him, he looks like a Summoner!”

“Has someone become a Summoner already?”

They started to mutter among themselves.

“But is a Summoner supposed to be a violent class?”

A beginner player was disappointed.

“I wanted to become a Summoner, but maybe I should choose another class.”

Ian finally succeeded in capturing the wolf after an hour of violence and using all the Scrolls of

Bindings he had. Friendship or not, it couldn’t endure violence.


The wolf looked so pathetic as it was sucked into the Scroll of Binding with the white light.

– You have succeeded in binding the [Blue-Eyed Wolf].

Ian moved fast with the scroll.

‘I have wasted too much time. Many users must have become Summoners by now.’

He didn’t care about people staring at him. He was only interested in the hidden class.

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