Taming Master

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: (3). Hidden Class -1

It took about an hour for Jinsung to reach Lv.10. Not because it took longer to hunt, but because there

were so many users and there were not enough foxes that it took a long time to find them.

The fact that everything was going so well was also a problem.

However, Jinsung was not going to waste the time he had.

“Should I raise the proficiency of my skills?”

While hunting the ten foxes, he had re-learned a few of the passive skills he used to have before

resetting his character.

Now there were three skills on Ian’s skill list.

Aiming Weak Spot, Fatal Blow Reinforcement and Fast Firing.

‘It would be useful to raise my proficiency… however, it’s not like I will become an archer again…’

It wasn’t a bad choice, however, there had to be a way to spend time more efficiently.

Then, Ian came up with a good idea.

‘Trumbon also has a training canter!’

A training center would have martial art trainers so that users could train their battle skills. After

training there for a certain amount of time, you could get some bonus stats, according to the time and

the way you trained.

However, getting stats by training needed a tremendous amount of time and effort, so, mostly high-

level players trained there because it was hard for them to raise their levels.

It was good for Ian to hunt monsters whose levels were higher of at least one level, hence, each stat

was precious to him.

Ian made up his mind and moved fast.

‘Time is gold.’

Ian left the Hill of Kalimpus and quickly reached Trumbon. He easily found the training center as he

already knew its location since he had visited it for dozens of times before the resetting his character.

“I would like to train at the training center.”

Hearing this, the NPC of the training center looked at him up and down.

“It looks like you’re a beginner.”

“I am.”

“Your passion for training is very good, however, it is better for a beginner to choose a job and go on

adventures to become strong faster.”

The NPC kindly gave Ian an advice on his ‘career’. However, that advice was only useful for ordinary


“I want to prepare more before going out into the world.”

Ian found the conversation with the NPC bothersome, but he still answered with a smile.

‘It’s none of your business, just let me enter….’

If he spoke out loud what he was thinking, the friendship with the NPC would be thrown down the hill

and that would be disadvantageous in Kailan.

“Hmm, that makes sense. Okay, you can enter. Beginners can use the training center for free.”

“Thank you.”

Ian entered the training center and grabbed a wooden sword.

‘I don’t know yet what is the most important stat in playing the Summoner… so, I’ll just have to train


It literally was a stupid way to train yourself, however, that was also the best form of training currently

available to him.

Ian started to repeat the moves he had learned before resetting his character. This was the beginning

of endless training.

– Your physical strength has been increased through repeated training. Strength statistic goes up by 1.

– Your flexibility has been increased through repeated training. Speed statistic goes up by 1.

‘After endlessly swinging my sword, I was able to raise my Strength and speed…’

– You have endured damage close to your limits. Stamina statistic goes up by 1.

– You gained wisdom through a long meditation session. Intelligence statistic goes up by 1.

Ian raised his strength by getting beaten up by trainers of the center and raised his intelligence

statistic through meditation.

Ian kept doing stupid training that he would never do unless he had plenty of time.

The NPCs who watched him were marveled by him.

“He is an adventurer who wants to gain true strength!”

“I have never seen such a determined trainee!”

Ian’s was truly obsessed. With each stat he got, he felt even more power surging from the depth of his


Ian continued to train like that to meet the requirements he had set.

And finally, the day of the grand update arrived.

While Ian was in deep meditation at the center, he heard a system message and soon opened his


-You gained wisdom through a long meditation session. Intelligence statistic goes up by 1.

He checked the time.

‘Four hours till the server maintenance.’

Ian stood up. Four hours wasn’t enough time to raise his stat by 1 through training. The more he

trained, the longer time needed to raise each stat.

‘The update would take 6 hours, so, I have 10 hours until server opens again after the update.’

Ian started to plan.

‘I should log out and do some grocery shopping. I should also drop by the bank and pay the bills.

Then I must call my parents… finally, I’ll be able to sleep well for about 8 hours.’

Distributing energy and time was necessary to play for long and efficiently.

Ian got out of the training center and logged out.

His eyes were sunken and his skin appeared dull because he had trained without sleeping. However,

there was a content smile on his lips.

At last, the moment had arrived.

-Iris scanning complete. Ian, welcome to the world of Kailan.

Ian logged in as soon as the server opened.

‘I am in excellent condition!’

The white light disappeared and Ian was finally able to see the sign of the Sorcerer Guild. Ian didn’t

want to waste even a second, so, he had come to the place where class guilds were situated before

logging out.

Ian looked around and soon he found the building he was looking for.

‘The Summoner Guild! That’s it!’

Ian didn’t hesitate before entering the building.

Of course, there wasn’t a single user inside. In fact, Ian was the first.

He found the class changer NPC. All the class guild’s buildings had a similar structure, so, it wasn’t

hard to find him.

Ian spoke to him right away and learned that his name was Kain.

“I want to be a Summoner.”

Kain looked at Ian up and down and answered.

“Hmm, the path of the Summoner isn’t easy. Not anyone can tame fierce monsters.”

“I’m aware of that. But I think it is a cool class as much as its difficulties.”

Kain smiled and nodded at Ian’s flattering.

“Of course, of course.”

He looked into Ian’s eyes and spoke again.

“Okay, you seem to possess the right qualities! I am asking you for the last time. Do you really want to

be a Summoner?”

Ian nodded.

“Yes, of course.”

‘It looks like this is the moment to give it to him.’

As he spoke, he took out the Crystal of Muran out of his inventory.

“What… this is!”

“You know this crystal?”

Ian’s lips curled up a little. His heart was beating fast, to think that he was about to receive a hidden


“This is the crystal left by Muran, hero of the continent!”

Ian nodded.


“You are a man far greater than I thought!”

Ian waited for his next words.

‘Now, give me the hidden class!’

“Then can you do me a favor?”

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