Taming Master

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: (2). Character Reset -4

Ian was a little surprised when he arrived at the Hill of Kalimpus.

‘It has become a lot more crowded since the last time I hunted here!”

There were not as many people at the Hill when Ian used to hunt in the past. However, now there

were too many players and it was too crowded.

‘Kailan is getting more users.’

It was a good thing for Kailan to get more users, however, Ian didn’t like that the Hill was so crowded.

‘This place is as busy as a mall… huh.’

People shouted here and there to get a party or to trade items for hunting.

“Looking for an attacker of Lv.25 or higher capable of making great damage! Waiting for two Knights

and one Priest!”

“Looking for a Priest with more than two buffing skills! We’ll give you two portions of the Gold! We can

leave right away as soon as we get a Priest!”

“I’m buying every Red Fox Leather at the price of 2 Gold for each!”

All of this, however, had nothing to do with Ian.

He wasn’t thinking of joining a party. Since there wasn’t a single party which would accept a beginner

at Lv.1.

However, Ian kept walking confidently. Then, he heard someone whispering behind him.

“Who is that Lv.1 user? He is walking into the hunting ground alone!”

“What the-? What is he doing?”

“There are many ways to get yourself killed.”

Ian snickered and hid his level from the information window. He didn’t want to draw attention.

‘Let me see… It feels a little strange to come here after such a long time. I can’t even remember the


Ian went deep into the hunting ground and managed to find a desolate place for hunting. Finally, he

spotted a good prey. It was a Red Fox, the most common monster in the hunting ground.

Ian double-checked if there were any other monsters nearby. Then, he slowly drew his bow.

He was quite tense. Before resetting his character, he could have handled hundreds of these foxes

easily, however, now it was a target that he couldn’t hunt unless he did his best.

‘I must start by sending an arrow at the middle of his forehead!’

Ian aimed at the middle of the fox’s forehead.


The arrow left Ian’s hands. It flew fast and pierced through the fox’s forehead.


The fox flinched, as if it were hurt a lot, and looked toward the direction from where the arrow came


Next, an unexpected message came up in front of Ian’s eyes.

– You found the fox’s weak spot!

– You have obtained the passive skill [Aiming Weak Spot]

[Aiming Weak Spot]

Category: passive skill

Skill level: 0

Proficiency: 0%

Weak spot of the target is highlighted. Your accuracy rate is increased by 10% and the chances of

making a fatal blow increased by 15%. You make a 50% additional damage when attacking a weak


Apart from reaching a certain level, there were also other ways to gain some skills.

Jinsung naturally attacked the fox’s weak spot because he had hunted foxes countless times when he

was a low-level player before resetting his character; that directly resulted in getting the passive skill.

Ian was excited at the unexpected fortune. Normally, passive skills were not gained so easily.

‘Is this happening because I previously had the skill before resetting the character…’

It was an unexpected message, however, Ian didn’t have time to think about it. The fox spotted him

and lunged at him right away.

‘Uh, my body feels so heavy.’

His stats were too low to be compared to Ian’s previous stats. Ian was frustrated to find that his body

was not moving as he wanted. However, complaining about it wouldn’t help.

Piing-. Piiiiing-!

Ian quickly fired two more arrows and they both hit the fox.

The Red Fox’s name started to flicker slowly. It meant that its health had dropped below 50%.

It then attacked Ian. He rolled on the ground however, he was still hit.

-You have been attacked by the Red Fox. You have received 105 damage.

He hadn’t received the full power of the blow, however, he had already lost more than 30% of his


Ian became even tenser. The fox’s blow hurt even more than what he had expected, maybe because

he hadn’t spent much on defense gears.

Ping-. Piiing-!

Ian kept firing arrows at the fox as it jumped up. These attacks were quite weak as the range was very

close, however, Ian didn’t have a decent method for close-range attacks.


The fox clawed Ian’s back one more time.

-You have received 170 damage. Your health drops below 20%.

This time, the damage was bigger because he received a full blow.

However, Ian could feel that the fox had little health left as well.


Ian leaped toward the opposite direction of where the fox had landed. He concentrated hard to fire

another arrow. Finally, that arrow was deeply embedded in the Red Fox’s weak spot.

-You killed a Red Fox. You gained 320 Experience Points.

– You have leveled-up. You have reached Lv.2.

– You have leveled-up. You have reached Lv.7.

Ian had just hunted one Red Fox, however, he already reached Lv.7. While it felt good, it also made

him feel slightly empty.

“Ha… when I first started playing, I had to work so hard to raise my level…”

When he first created his character, he had to play hard all day to reach Lv.4~5. It had been quite

dangerous, however, now he had reached Lv.7 after just one battle. Of course, he was struck dumb.

Then, another message came up.

– You killed a monster 20 levels higher than yours. You have received the title [Master of Hunting].

“Huh… this is going too well!”

Ian had never seen the title Master of Hunting. However, he could guess what kind of title it was.

Before resetting, he had hunted a monster who was 10 levels higher than his own. He had received

the title Expert of Hunting. And its effects were quite useful, so he used to use it a lot.

Master of Hunting must be a higher-level title in the same category.

Ian then checked the title’s information.

[Master of Hunting]

Rank: Hero

– All stats will be increased by 5% when fighting an enemy with a level higher than yours.

– The Experience Point you receive increase proportional to the level gap when fighting an enemy

with a level higher than yours.

Jinsung’s eyes widened a little.

The Expert of Hunting title also had stats increase when facing an enemy with a level higher than

yours. However, he had never seen the Experience Point increase option.

‘It might be the best title for me now.’

Jinsung’s analyzing and studying instinct kicked in.

Jinsung loved to study and analyze every phenomenon within the game so much that Yuhyeon called

him ‘Game researcher’. So, it was only right for Jinsung to want to find out how much additional

Experience Points he would get right away.

‘I must hunt another one right away.’

He went into the woods a little deeper. Soon he found another Red Fox of the same level. Jinsung

found it a little easier to hunt compared to the last time thanks to his level.

– You killed a Red Fox. You gained 592 Experience Points.

-You have leveled-up. You have reached Lv.8.

His level went up once more, However, Jinsung was more concerned about something else.

‘The foxes levels were both 24. That’s 17 levels higher than mine…’

Jinsung started to calculate.

‘I gained 320 Experience Points first, and got 592 this time… so, I have received 185% of the original

Experience Points.’

Jinsung grinned widely.

‘Assuming that it is directly proportional to the level gap, I get about 5% additional Experience Points

for every single level higher.’

The was as good as a Legend Rank title for the current Jinsung!

‘Thanks to the bonus stats I got from the Potion of Reincarnation, I will be able to hunt monsters with

levels higher than mine for at least until I reach Lv. 20…’

It was as if Jinsung was part of the ‘Double Experience Points event’. He grinned even more widely.

He could have easily leveled-up by hunting monsters with a level higher than his own, now, he was

also getting some extra Experience Points… Jinsung was super excited.

‘Now, with this fortune, I must reach Lv.50 with the speed of light. Khhh.’

Monsters became a lot more powerful after reaching Lv.60~70. This meant that when Jinsung

reaches Lv.50, it would be impossible for him to hunt monsters whose levels were higher than his own

by more than 20 levels; even with his extra stats and expensive gears.

Anyway, he currently had a great advantage.


Jinsung checked the remaining Experience Points.

‘I need about 900 to become Lv.9, so my level would go up again after hunting 2 more times…’

He roughly calculated the Experience Points he needed to reach Lv.10: he had to catch about 8 more.

Jinsung recovered his health with the potion he had brought previously and started his hunt again.

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