Taming Master

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: (3). Hidden Class -3

“Oh, Ian, you came back!”

Kain greeted Ian warmly.

“It’s not easy, right? Haha…”

Kain wasn’t even considering that Ian could succeed on the quest. In fact, failing on capturing the wolf

and returning to the guild was part of the quest.

However, Ian wasn’t an ordinary player.

“Yes, it wasn’t easy… the wolf was so stubborn…”

Ian truly meant it. He had spent more than an hour on beating up the wolf.

“But I have captured it.”

Ian took out the Scroll of Binding with the Blue-Eyed Wolf sealed in it and gave it to Kain.

“What? You captured it?”

“Yes. Is there a problem?”

Kain hurried to check the scroll. The Blue-Eyed Wolf was indeed sealed within.

Kain’s eyes brightened.

“Aren’t you a beginner?”

“I am.”

Ian could vaguely understand the reason for Kain’s strange reaction.

‘It would have been a hard quest for any ordinary Lv.10 user.’

However, he mainly thought that Kain was more surprised because he had completed it so quickly. He

didn’t know that he had ‘destroyed’ the original course of the quest.

“You are truly remarkable!”

Kain’s eyes showed some admiration.

However, Ian was only interested in the hidden job.

“Then, can I become a Monster Tamer now?”

To his surprise, Kain shook his head.

“No, Monster Tamer isn’t a suitable class for you.”

“Excuse me?”

Kain, ignoring Ian’s confusion, continued to speak, “Don’t you want to walk the path of the master?”

With that, a new system message came up.


[The path of the master]

Kain, guild master of the Summoner Guild, was impressed by your talents. He wants you to walk the

path of the master. Accept his offer and you can become a Taming Master.

Difficulty: —

Reward: Become a Summoner (Taming Master)

– Would you like to accept the reward?

Ian was thrilled to check the message.

‘This is-! I’ve never heard of a class quest that took this kind of course…’

Taming Master must be of a higher class than Monster Tamer.

He had no reason to hesitate.

“Yes, I want to be a master.”

Kain was more than happy to hear this.

“Oh, as expected! I knew you would accept my offer.”

With that, a white light engulfed Ian’s whole body and another system message came up.

– You have become a [Summoner (Taming Master)]

– New statistic [Friendship] has been created.

– New statistic [Taming Technique] has been created.

– New statistic [Leadership] has been created.

– Skill window [Basic Summoning Technique] Lv. 1 (Proficiency 0%) has been created.

– You learned the basic active skill [Summoning (Dismiss)].

– You learned the active skill [Capture].

– You learned the active skill [Blessing of the Wind].

– You learned the active skill [Basic Training].

– You became the first [Taming Master]. You gained 500 reputation.

– You found the hidden class [Taming Master]. Your Friendship, Taming Technique and Leadership are

increased by 30.

The light disappeared while Ian was feeling thrilled. He had finally taken the first step of his new path.

“The path to becoming a Taming Master is very difficult. However, I believe in you. Please bring back

our legend to life!”

“Of course.”

Ian then checked his statistics.


Lv.10: 0/3200(0%)

Race: Human

Class: Summoner (Taming Master)

Title: Master of Hunting

Reputation: 500 (If Reputation drops below 0, it becomes Evil Reputation.)

Strength: 45(+0)

Speed: 77(+0)

Intelligence: 30(+0)

Stamina: 35(+0)

Health: 750(+0)

Magic: 350(+0)

Ian was eager to start hunting monsters.

However, before that, he needed to get as much information as possible from Kain.

“Should I use the Capture skill to get monsters?”

Kain answered kindly, “Yes. You were able to capture the Blue-Eyed Wolf without having any

Friendship, so you must have a gift for capturing monsters. Nevertheless, I will teach you some tips.”

“Thank you.”

Kain continued to speak: “The less strength a monster has, the higher is the probability of a

successful capture. You must be aware of this?”


“But there’s something even more important than draining a monster of its strength.”

Ian listened without saying anything.

“That is Friendship.”

“Are you talking about the Friendship with the monster you are trying to capture?”

Kain nodded, “Yes.”

However, Ian still had some questions.

“Should I not start a fight with the monster and instead raise its Friendship?”

His question was only natural. By common sense, you could judge that attacking a monster would

have a bad influence on your Friendship with it.

“Good question.”

Kain took a moment and spoke again.

“The best strategy to capture a monster depends on what kind of monster it is. However, the standard

way of capturing a monster is to make it acknowledge the Summoner’s power through a battle and

later befriend it by feeding it and taking care of it. Otherwise, it will be even harder to raise the

Friendship statistic if the monster doesn’t acknowledge you.”

It makes sense.

“Ah, but there’s one exception.”

“An exception?”

“In case of young monsters, it is quite easy to befriend it without a battle. Of course, it always

depends on the monster.”

Ian concentrated hard on memorizing everything Kain said.

The class Summoner was literally an unexplored path. Currently, the man who had the most

information about it was probably Kain.

“And naturally, the higher your Friendship with the monster you want to bind, the easier it is to capture


“So, it is very important to raise your Friendship statistic.”


Ian had another question, “Are there any limits to taming monsters?”

“Another good question.” Kain continued to explain, “You can capture monsters as much as you want.

However, you can take only a certain number of monsters with you.”

Ian couldn’t understand and stared at Kain blankly, who smiled and spoke: “When a Summoner

captures a monster, he gets a little tattoo on his arm. The monster is sealed within the tattoo and the

Summoner can always summon or dismiss any monsters he has captured.”

Ian quietly complained at this.

‘A Summoner has a lot to learn from the beginning.’

There were so many things to know, they were beyond compare to when he had become an archer.

Maybe it was because this was a hidden class.

However, Ian was only complaining with his words as the truth was that he was very satisfied. The

Summoner class was very complicated and had a lot of thinking to do. This was perfect for Ian’s

gaming style.

After all, if something was complex, then it meant that there was a lot to study.

“But if your Leadership isn’t enough, you wouldn’t be able to capture additional monsters. The Scrolls

of Binding is for that occasion.”

Ian was an expert on games, so, he understood right away.

“So, the higher my Leadership is, the more monsters I can capture and handle.”

“That’s correct.”

“And I need to carry Scrolls of Binding in case a good monster shows up and I have reached the limit

of my Leadership.”

Kain couldn’t help but clap, “That’s it. You are clearly meant to be a Summoner.”

Ian asked a few more things that he wanted to clarify.

‘I still have many questions, but it’s time for me to find the answers myself.’

Ian then got out of the Summoner Guild while his lips curled up.

“Now, let’s go get my first pet!”

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