Taming Master

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: (3). Hidden Class -4

Lim Eunyeong had been very busy. She was a reporter of YTBC, a broadcasting station specialized in

contents for virtual reality games.

Her main work involved searching contents for YTBC like finding a player who was on an interesting

quest or visiting fields where a big battle was taking place.

Just yesterday, Kailan, the game that was taking over the virtual reality gaming market, had a grand

update. Therefore, it was natural for her to be very busy.

“Ah, I have to get my boss something so that I can relax and play for the rest of the week…”

Eunyeong, who was also a fan and a player in Kailan, had a character named Lucia.

“Has anyone played one of the new classes yet?”, Eunyeong wondered.

She was a priest at Lv.65. She was not a high-level player who belonged to the high ranks. That being

said, her level was still quite high.

However, opposite to her level, she was standing at the Kairon Basin: a hunting ground with Lv.10~15


Lucia eagerly watched beginner users hunting Wolves.

“There has to be a player who has succeeded in getting one of those new classes in here. I must find


The grand update of Kailan brought a lot of new contents, however, part of what the players were

really interested in included the new classes.

Eunyeong wanted to collect information about the new classes faster than anyone else, send it to her

boss and finally, play the game at ease for about a week.

“But why are there so many people standing there?”

Lucia spotted a place where a decent number of beginners had gathered. She moved toward it right


A few users were wrestling with a Red Wolf while the other players were watching them.

Lucia approached one of the bystanders.

“Um, excuse me, but what are they doing?”

“Oh, one of them is a Summoner. They have been doing that for a while, probably trying to capture

that Red Wolf, so I got curious.”

Just as he said, the party wasn’t boldly attacking the Red Wolf. They were draining its health little by


Lucia’s eyes sparkled. She joined the bystanders and started to watch the user capturing the Red


‘I should go and interview him after he succeeds.’

Ian was among those spectators as well.

He had also come to capture a Red Wolf as soon as he got the class because it was on the trailer

video of the Summoner.

The Red Wolf was the weakest of the Unique Rank monsters, so Ian chose it as his first target.

‘There’s someone who got here first.’

Ian had been delayed by the hidden class quest, therefore, he felt bad that someone had succeeded

in getting the new class faster than himself.

‘Let’s see how you catch it.’

The party drained the Red Wolf’s health quite quickly. Then, a man who appeared to be a Summoner

tried to capture it.

‘It is a low-level monster… but it is also a Unique Rank monster. How can it be captured so easily?’

Ian watched with curiosity as the white light shrouded the Red Wolf.

‘I thought so.’ Just as he expected, it was not captured.

But then, the Red Wolf suddenly jumped up.



“Don’t lose it! Quick, catch it!”

The party’s members panicked at the unexpected situation. The Red Wolf ran for its life and they soon

lost sight of him.

Ian shook his head.

‘Uh, Red Wolves are very hard to find again once they are gone…”

Ian also wanted to capture a high-rank monster as his first, however, he then thought that it would be

a better choice to capture any monster first and later spend time to capture a rare high-rank monster.

‘There are tons of Wolves around here. Should I capture some?’

Ian’s research instinct soon kicked in.

‘How many Wolves can I capture with my Leadership?’

He could release the monsters he had captured, therefore, he could do whatever he wanted.

Ian then spotted a Wolf right in front of him. With the intention to capture him, he aimed the bow at the



With a fierce sound, the arrow hit the Wolf who died instantly.

– You have killed a [Wolf]. You gained 45 EP.


Ian tried again. He aimed at a Wolf’s leg this time. However, the result was the same.

– You have killed a [Wolf]. You gained 45 EP.

Ian sighed as the Wolf dissolved into a gray light.

“I cannot use my bow here.”

Ian put down his bow on his back and rolled up his sleeves. He then lunged at the Wolves roaming


– You have succeeded in capturing a [Wolf]

Wolf was a Regular Rank monster, so it was easily captured. Ian used the Capture Skill with some

violence and he succeeded right away.

“One done.”

Ian checked the Wolf’s statistics.


Lv: 12

Type: wild beast

Rank: Regular

Character: timid

– Evolution impossible

Attack Force: 23

Defense Force: 12


Intelligence: 8

Health: 75/75

A normal Wolf that lives on grassland. It has quick feet and sharp teeth.

“Haha” Ian laughed, “Timid? Even monsters have characters…”

He then continued to capture Wolves around him.

– You have succeeded in capturing a [Wolf].

– You have succeeded in capturing a [Wolf].

And as he tried to capture his ninth Wolf, a new message came up.

– Your Leadership is not enough to capture another Wolf.

Ian then killed the Wolf without hesitation.

“I have captured eight of them in total. My leadership is at 40… does this mean that each Wolf needs

about 5 points of Leadership?”

Actually, if it had not been for the additional 30 in Leadership that he had gotten by finding the hidden

class, he would have been able to capture only two.

Ian got the information he wanted and started to release the Wolves he had captured.

“After all, I do not need eight Wolves. I should keep one or two and let the rest go.”

Ian had checked that his Leadership was enough, therefore, he was thinking of having the Asiatic

Black Bear as his first pet.

The average level of an Asiatic Black Bears was about 35. He concluded that he could capture at

least one with his Leadership.

However, after releasing three wolves, Ian found something strange.

‘Huh? This one is at the same level as the one I just released, but its stats are much higher!’

Ian then stopped and took a look at its statistics window.

[Nimble Wolf]

Lv: 12

Type: wild beast

Rank: Regular

Character: cunning

Evolution impossible

Attack Force: 25

Defense Force: 13

Speed: 24

Intelligence: 10

Health: 75/75

A normal Wolf that lives on grassland. It has quick feet and sharp teeth.

“‘Nimble Wolf?’ Its name is also a little different!”

Ian compared the stats of the remaining Wolves and grinned.

‘Oho, same monsters of same levels have different stats!’

It was an interesting discovery.

‘Like all users have different stats, all monsters in Kailan should have different stats as well.

Additionally, there must be some that have stats much greater than others’

The Nimble Wolf was an example of this.

‘Let’s find the best Wolf in Kairon Basin!’

Ian wondered to what extent the stats of the same monsters could be different. His research instinct

started to kick in again.

“I should keep capturing Wolves and releasing them until I find the strongest.”

Ian then started to move on his way. “I should try capturing only Wolves for a day.”

From this, Ian’s great ‘research’ began.

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