Taming Master

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: (4). Monster Researcher -1

Ian kept capturing one Wolf after another. However, to his surprise, a monster better than the Nimble

Wolf, one of the eight Wolves he had captured at first, was very hard to find.

– Friendship stat has been increased by 1 after repeatedly capturing successfully.

He worked so much that even the Friendship stat rose.

After about five hours of capturing Wolves, a new message came up as if the system acknowledged

Ian’s endeavor.

– You have obtained the [Wolf Expert] title by capturing many wolves.

– With the [Wolf Expert] title, from now on, it will be easier to gain Friendship when capturing Wolves.

– With the [Wolf Expert] title, from now on, you can recognize good Wolves without capturing them


Ian’s face brightened considering that the ability to recognize good Wolves without capturing them

would help him greatly now.

‘Why doesn’t it work on all monsters?’ Ian silently complained, however, he knew that he was

demanding for too much.

“Let’s try to make use of the title…”

Ian then stared at the Wolves roaming around the field. Soon, he spotted one of them whose name

was faintly glowing in gold.

‘This one!’

He didn’t hesitate to go near it. He was able to capture it easily just as he had been doing for the past

few hours. Next, he checked its statistics window.

[Tough Wolf]

Lv: 13

Type: wild beast

Rank: Regular

Character: brave

Evolution impossible

Attack Force: 30

Defense Force: 12

Speed: 20

Intelligence: 10

Health: 82/82

A normal Wolf that lives on the grassland. It has quick feet and sharp teeth.

Just as Ian had expected, it was a good Wolf with a modified name.

Ian grinned widely.

“A wolf that has an Attack Force of 30!”

Compared to inferior ones with bad adjectives like ‘weak’ or ‘feeble’, it was almost 1.5 times stronger.

However, he had already caught some wolves with similar skills previously, therefore, he was not

going to stop before capturing one that had far greater abilities.

Then, Ian spotted a Wolf whose name glowed brightly in gold.

“Ohhh!” Ian gave an exclamation.

He quickly run toward it for fear that someone else would kill it before Ian could catch it.


Seeing Ian coming, the Wolf growled.

“Ha, you’re just going to stare at me?”

Ian sneered at it. The Wolf didn’t like his attitude and lunged at him right away. Ian could feel that it

was different from other Wolves. It was a lot faster and stronger.

Pak-! Papak-!

Nevertheless, the Wolf had to quickly surrender to Ian’s magnificent stats.


– You have succeeded in capturing a [Wolf].

Ian held his breath as he opened the Wolf’s statistics window.

It was as thrilling as getting a rare item.


Lv: 11

Type: wild beast

Rank: Regular

Character: brave

Evolution possible

Attack Force: 37

Defense Force: 15

Speed: 31

Intelligence: 19

A normal Wolf that lives on the grassland. It has quick feet and sharp teeth.

Ian’s eyes widened as he checked the statistics window.

The Wolf’s stats were amazing enough, however, that was not what surprised Ian.

‘Evolution possible? Evolution possible!?’

Ian couldn’t believe it, he had to check again and again. However, the words ‘Evolution possible’ were

clearly written there.

“This is great!”

There was something weird as well.

‘Why does he not have an adjective in front of its name? Is it because his stats are all equally good?’

Ian stopped hunting right away and released all the other Wolves. Of course, there might be a better

Wolf out there, however, the one he had just captured seemed good enough to be raised.

Ian was excited, “Good. Now, let’s go hunting!”

Ian was originally going to capture all kinds of monsters till he reached his Leadership’s limit and then

start hunting, however, he changed his mind. This is because Kain had told him that the EP earned by

hunting was also distributed to the monsters that took part in the hunting. It was similar to party


Ian wanted to make the Wolf grow up fast. Therefore, he moved to hunt right away.

He went to the Hill of Kalimpus, the ‘Fox Cave’, where he had hunted a little while ago. He wanted to

go to a higher-level hunting ground, however, the Wolf’s level was too low. Therefore, he decided on

grinding at the Hill of Kalimpus.

Ian then left the Kairon Basin with light feet.

After reaching the Hill of Kalimpus, Ian didn’t summon his Wolf right away. Currently, there were very

few Summoners. It would be troublesome if others found out that there was a Summoner that could

already hunt at a Lv.25 hunting ground like the Fox Cave.

Therefore, on the outside, Ian looked more like an Archer.

As he was about to enter the hunting ground, a man spoke to him, “Hi, would you like to hunt with us?

We need a long-range attacker.”

However, Ian didn’t want to do any party hunting, therefore, he politely refused, “No, sorry. I must

complete the quest on my own.”

“Oh, I see.”

Ian then quickly moved went in deep into the hunting ground where he immediately summoned the



Followed by a white light, the Wolf appeared in front of him.

– You summoned the [Wolf] for the first time. You can give it a name.

‘A name? Should I just call it Wolf?’

Ian thought about it for a while and decided on using ‘Ly’. The name didn’t have any big meanings

behind it, in fact, it just represented the first two letters of Lycanthrope, another word for werewolf.

“Ly, your name will be Ly.”

The wolf liked that name. In fact, he started to sweetly growl and rub his head against Ian’s legs.

– Ly is pleased with the name received.

– Friendship with Ly has risen. Ly’s Loyalty goes up by 5.

Ian got confused at reading this.

‘There’s a stat called Loyalty?’

He then checked the Wolf’s statistics window and nodded.

‘It is on the detailed statistics window.’

In a character’s statistics window, there was also a ‘detailed statistics window’. It showed about a

dozen statistics like specific Attack Power, Defense Power, Fatal Blow Probability and the Resistance

to all kinds of elements. A pet had a similar statistics window as well.

‘The current Loyalty is at 70%. I guess 100% is the max…’

Ian then used the only battle active skill he had for hunting.

“Blessing of the Wind!”

– You used [Blessing of the Wind]. Speed has risen by 37%. Ly’s speed has risen by 37%.

Ly’s speed rose along with Jinsung’s.

‘It’s a nice skill.’

Ian then lifted his bow and aimed at a Red Fox right in front of him.

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