Taming Master

Chapter 595 - The Last Battle 2

Chapter 595: The Last Battle 2

A red wave was falling, and in between it, wild shadows were jumping.


Countless red beasts roaring everywhere.

And in the middle, surrounded by them was Ian wielding his sword insanely.

‘Dammit, what is the volume of these?’


Ian who bounced off from the attacking beasts took a breath and quickly looked around.

Who he was looking for was the aide, Mokuba.

Killing of Mokuba who had just a little vitality left was the most urgent task in hand.

Mokuba, who was almost in the stage of getting killed wasn’t a problem for Ian and Hoonie, but the passive skills which he had were the most intimidating thing for the team play.

The aura of the knight class increases the combat abilities of the many magical beasts by nearly 20 percent.


Ian who found the shadow of Mokuba quickly jumped in that direction.

Ian moved towards Mokuba.

The vitality of Mokuba was still the same small amount, with just one or two strikes he could be killed.

However, the attempt of Ian was once again blocked by Ryu Chen’s enchantment.


[Blocked by an unknown power.]

Bounced off by the barrier, Ian quickly balanced and bit his lower lip.

‘I need to take him down and help Hoonie…’

Hoonie was in a serious fight against the High General Kai.

No, rather than fighting, it was Kai who was just ‘bursting’ through the undead summons.

Surely he was good at the buffs, but he wasn’t able to face Kai.

‘5 minutes. Just 5 minutes more. I need to defeat Mokuba in that duration.’

Before Hoonie could be killed by Kai, Ian had to defeat Mokuba, and need to balance off the battle.

But the control of Ryu Chen and Mokuba was pretty big.

And among those two, the skills of Ryu Chen were extremely quick.

The movements of Ian and his summons were being blocked, so Ian wasn’t even able to approach Mokuba.

‘The only way is space distortion…’

The fastest and easy way to take down Mokuba was the space distortion.

However, there were two conditions for the warping to happen.

First, a summon needs to be close to Mokuba.

Secondly, there was a 0.5 to 1-second cast for the warp to happen.

‘Only Halli can be trusted, I guess?’

After planning, Ian started to guess the angle with his keen eyes.

However, Ryu Chen who had already grasped Ian’s space distortion didn’t make that gap near Mokuba.

On the contrary, he was very bent on trying to cut off Ian’s familiars, and it was hard to stop him from attacking.

And if Halli approached Mokuba, there wasn’t a chance that Halli could fend for himself with the incoming monsters.

‘I need to create an opportunity with Elcarix and Nick’s unique ability.’

With a calm look, Ian focused his mind on trying to create a single opportunity.

He no longer had the time to hesitate.

“Nick, Wings of Flame!”


The spheres of magic that the monsters had fired were in the sky.


The flames from Nick’s wing covered them all.

But the fire had covered the magic didn’t disappear, and the vitality of Nick began to decrease rapidly.

[Summon ‘Nick’ has been hit with deadly damage!]

[Summon ‘Nick’ has been hit with deadly damage!]

And after checking the vitality of Nick, Ian and Halli began to move towards Mokuba.

‘A little more…!’

But they hadn’t expected so much damage would be taken by Nick.

It was just a temporary plan to hide their plan from Ryu Chen and Mokuba!

And as the fire began to spread, Ian got on Pin.


And with ‘Smash’ of Pin added with the flames of Nick, the sky of the battlefield was completely covered in flames.

‘What? Was it an attempt to wipe out all the monsters?’

Ryu Chen who misunderstood the intention of Ian was smiling to himself.

‘Huhu, stupid guy.’

The reason why sweeping them off with a flame was bad because they could handle it.

Most of the beasts of Ryu Chen were mostly flame attribute.

If only they were ‘real’ monsters, then they wouldn’t be able to multiply again.

But exactly 3 seconds later.

With a smile on the lips of Ryu Chen.

“Crazy, stop them! Start with the Phoenix!”

And from the flame, the other summons of Ian had come out.

Narrowing the distance between Mokuba.

The Phoenix which was just at the forefront was very close too.


Ryu Chen was shooting magic to prevent Pin from approaching.

But even before the ability of Ryu Chen and Mokuba could react, the next talent of Nick was getting triggered.

The whole battlefield was dyed in golden flames, and the projectiles which were in the air began to get absorbed.

[Summon ‘Nick’, unique ability, ‘Guardian of Sun’ has been triggered.]

[Summon ‘Nick’ has become ‘Invincible’.]

[Vitality of ‘Nick’ has been restored.]

[All the attacks within the range of the ‘Guardian of Sun’ have been invalidated.]


Ryu Chen who saw the unique ability of Nick unfold was confused for a second and lost the casting.

The golden effect had been mistaken for a wide-area attack.

And as he missed the gap, Halli’s wind began to get fast.

[Summon ‘Halli’, ‘Guardian of Wind’ skill has been triggered.]

[The agility of ‘Halli’ has been increased in proportion with remaining combat stats.]


The form of Halli with extreme agility began to move on the battlefield at a crazy pace.

After discovering it, Ryu Chen calmly cast a summon spell again.

“Fire Replicas!”

And the replicas of magical beasts filled the battlefield once again.

The same bunch which was surrounding Ian, in the beginning, were currently guarding Ryu Chen and Mokuba.

And the long-range attackable beasts began to attack Halli.

And with the buff of Mokuba, the monsters couldn’t just be ignored.


The vitality of Halli had fallen to half in an instant.


Halli, however, didn’t care and just moved forward through the beasts.

By using extreme agility, he tried to avoid as many attacks as he could.

And the next movement, the last plan Ian had planned for was invoked.

“El, Barrier!”

“Okay, dad!”

The last card Ian had prepared, the Dragonic Barrier of Elcarix.


On the battlefield, there was no one other than the Medical aide who could use the vitality recovering magic.

However, the shield magic could be used without any limitations, and the barrier of Elcarix was the best support for Ian.


The Dragonic Barrier of El absorbed the attacks from the magical beasts and completely protected Halli.

Ian shook off the beasts and kept a close eye on what was happening.

‘Just a little more, Halli…!’

Perhaps he heard the wish of Ian, Halli moved very quickly as he approached Mokuba.

Halli was getting into a close range of Mokuba.

And Mokuba, who confirmed it, stopped raising the shield for others and began to place a shield for himself.

Mokuba was a knight class, with the sluggish maneuverability of knight class, he couldn’t avoid Halli any longer.

And Ryu Chen who saw that thought the image was distorted.

‘Dammit, for this to happen…’

Once again Ryu Chen’s head began to work.

‘There is no way but to stop the casting.’

The moment that Halli went close to Mokuba, Ian was going to use Space Distortion.

The last way to stop Ian was to not to give him the time to cast the space distortion.

Ryu Chen decided to gamble.

“Power of Marion…!”


From both hands of Ryu Chen, red energy began to come out.

All the magical beasts got sucked into it.

The very next moment.


All the magical beasts were once again surrounding Ian.


Ian who understood the intention of Ryu Chen was busy wielding his sword.

‘Dammit, for this to have happened…’

The technique of space distortion required very little casting time.

But even in a situation where he was surrounded by the magical beasts, the situation couldn’t be ignored and used.

If he was attacked during the moment of the skill’s activation, the casting would get canceled.

‘I need to make a time gap somehow…!’

With the monsters coming at Ian and his summons by his side, Nick and Halli made their way forward, and they managed to reach close to Mokuba.

Mokuba, however, as if to prove that he was a ranker was fighting with two summons holding onto his last bit of vitality.

On the contrary, Mokuba had an advantage over Halli.

In other words, if it was possible to make a small gap, then the persistent life of Mokuba could be taken down.

‘Dammit! I need to do it!’

Ian clenched his teeth and swung his sword to prevent the beasts from attacking him.

Apart from blocking all the attacks, it would be impossible to even withdraw for a second, but it could be possible to trigger the space distortion.


Ian who placed his strength into his body, made the sword explode.

The very moment.


And the unexpected messages came in front.

[Extreme fencing has succeeded!]

[Summoner Knight’s unique ability ‘Vitality Weapon’, will be unsealed.]

Subsequently, the sword in the hand of Ian was stained with white light.

At the very same time


Three white swords rose around Ian.

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