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Chapter 596 - The Last Battle 3

Chapter 596: The Last Battle 3

The ancient hero who had founded the Luspel Empire, Muran’s ‘Summoner Knight’.

The legacy of him was certainly great, but Ian always had a question about it.

It was about the utility of the Vitality Weapon, one of the unique abilities of it.

Ian had increased the skill of the vitality weapon till then, but he had never used it in an important field.

It was all because the ‘efficiency’ of it wasn’t good.

‘Surely it is a good skill, but something just seems to be very ambiguous.’

Not long ago, the specs of the vitality weapon of Ian’s were:

– Vitality Weapon

Classification: Active Skills

Skill Level: Lv. 21

Skill proficiency: 57 percent

Cooldown: None

Duration: 15 minutes

Summoner Knight, only the weapons with Ego can be given life.

Each weapon which has gained the vitality would be provided with an AI and can be used in the combat even when not equipped.

As the level of the skill increases, the AI of the weapon improves and the maximum weapons who can be provided with vitality will be increased.

* Each time the skill level of the Vitality Weapon increases by 10, the number of the weapons that can be given will be likely to be increased by 1.

Current number of the weapons available: 3

* The more familiar the weapon is with ego, the more power the weapon will be able to unlock.

* ??? (Sealed): by successfully unlocking the full potential of the weapon will unlock the hidden abilities.

The ‘Vitality Weapon’, it literally injected vitality into the equipment.

And as it could create a numerous amount of variables, it fits well with the battle style of Ian.

Then Ian, why did he feel that such a nice skill was ‘ambiguous’?

The reason was the ‘AI’ of the vitality weapon.

‘The AI is surely comfortable in a few ways, but it is frustrating if it is completely out of my control.’

As the level of the skill increases, the level of AI improves, but it was never as satisfactory as the direct control.

Currently, the control of the weapons of Ian was giving orders directly.

And as his concentration is in various places, the control wasn’t as sharp as he always did, and he never used it for practice.

But the moment the seal had been released.

The scene had completely changed.

[Extreme fencing has been successfully done.]

[The Unique ability of Summoner Knight, ‘Vitality Weapon’ will be unsealed.]

[Summoner Knight’s new unique ability has been opened.]

[Ability ‘Illimitable Sword’ acquired.]

– Illimitable Sword

Duration: 120 seconds

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Summoner knight is the master of fencing.

Being aware of the extremes of a sword, the Summoner Knight can temporarily infuse a single sword with powerful vitality (Can be used on a sword with no self, can’t be used on weapons other than swords).

The vitality gained sword will be given additional attack (+42 percent), creating multiple illusions at the same time.

But the number of illusions will be lacking a self.

(The number of illusions summoned is proportional to the number of swords that can be given vitality.)

(The summoner illusion power is proportional to, skill level x2.)

(Other weapons can’t be given a vitality while triggering the Illimitable sword. If there already is a weapon with vitality, that weapon will be taken down.)

*Summoned illusion will be reduced with 5 seconds of cooldown when an enemy is killed.

In a nutshell, the illimitable sword could be considered as an ‘evolutionary’ form of the vitality weapon.

Unlike the existing abilities that allowed the vitality only into the ego weapons, this new one could be activated on the normal weapons too, and the illusions had granted much more attack power.

However, there was a disadvantage that can’t be activated for any weapon other than swords’ and ‘There is no AI, as there is no self’.

But the two weren’t a major disadvantage for Ian.

Normally Ian had a liking for a weapon which he could move.

And the absence of AI was a huge help for Ian.

“Let’s turn this around!”

Along with the increase of the morale of Ian, three summoned swords scattered in every direction.

And with a strong wind, the beasts surrounding Ian were being pushed out.


And Ian couldn’t miss that gap.

Ian’s form flashed away before anymore magical beasts were awakened.

“Space Distortion!”

Ian had appeared right in front of Mokuba!


[The Devil Camp aide ‘Mokuba’, has been inflicted with fatal damage!]

[The vitality of user ‘Mokuba’ has exhausted.]

[The user ‘Mokuba’ will be summoned outside the battlefield.]

And with that, the first button for victory had been sewn.

[The assault captain of celestial camp, Ian earned a kill point.]

* * *

Why has the vitality weapon unsealed at that critical moment?

Was it just the luck of Ian?

Surely Ian had a stroke of good luck and that was an undeniable fact, but it wasn’t just the luck.

The extreme control with the ‘sword’ was successful, and that was why the seal had been raised.

Then did Ian lack the control for the seal to open?

Of course, that wasn’t it either.

Ian couldn’t use it till then as Ian hadn’t used the sword.

If Ian would have put much more attention on the skill, then maybe he would have been able to unseal it already.

In the past, the Hero Muran had used the very skill, and if Ian could recall it a bit more, then it could be helpful.

And with the launch of the ‘Illimitable sword’, the edge on the cliff situation for Ian and Hoonie was changed.

“Really, this is so crazy! Keu, even in the most extreme situations, Ian God never misses our expectations!”

“It is really amazing! It is a very constantly creepy battle, Hines!”

“That’s right. In this tremendous battle, the performance of our Korean server users will be watched by all the users of the Kailan all over the world!”

Although not overseas domination, YTBC was still a very well known channel.

Which was why Hines didn’t use the expression of ‘Ian God’ in the broadcast.

But as of that day, neither of the casters could ‘control’ themselves.

It was because they were already drunk with the performance of Ian, who showed his performance in succession and was shaking the hell out of the battlefield.

“Now, it’s really a 2:2 situation guys!”

“Lucia has said it! This is really, the situation where I want to say the word ‘Victory’.”

Ian, who eventually defeated Mokuba with his amazing skills, eventually succeeded in saving Hoonie who was in the risk.

Hoonie was almost going to die by the attack of Kai, but he succeeded in creating another variable at the right moment.

And with that, the situation began to change little by little.

The devil camp still had a lot of power, but the force of the celestial camp was higher.

Ian who was driven by the momentum began to push on Kai with the help of Hoonie.

“Summon Incarnation!”

Another unique ability of Summoner Knight.

The form of Ian had divided into three when moving towards Kai.

Kai was swinging his sword at Ian, who lost his calmness when he saw the targets get changed.

However, he tried to get himself to calm very quickly and activated his own abilities to prevent getiing hit by the sword of Ian.


“Ghost Step!”

Ghost steps were a series of skill often used by Kai.

It was the ability to move five steps at a time and use them as a means of ‘linking’ skills.

But Ian, who already knew about the existence of the ‘Ghost Steps’, immediately moved his summons to block Kai’s retreat.


Watching the sword(s) of Ian with swords around it, Kai couldn’t help but laugh inside.

‘This is a real surprise.’

Right then, Kai had to face nine swords.

Ian had created three swords with Illimitable sword and made his own alter ego, and each of them had three, so 9.

‘Nice, should I try it once?’

Seeing Ian’s insane scandal, Kai quickly crossed his hands.

However, he quickly corrected his posture and decided to try.

“Explosive Swords!”


Because of the explosion, the alter egos of Ian had been pushed back in steps.

As it was done without casting, the power of it wasn’t so strong, but the knockback effect was applied.

“Illusion Soldier!”

The next moment.

The voice of Ryu Chen was heard, and a red light formed around Kai.

And the body of Kai had divided into three, just like Ian’s summon incarnation.

* * *

Kai had no alter ego inherent abilities.

However, Ryu Chen, a warlock of illusion and magic, had a unique ability that would allow the duplication of an ally.

Interestingly the clones which would be created were in the control of the subject and not by Ryu Chen.

In short, Ian and Kai were at war with each other.


Series of hits and bangs were ringing in the ground, and the alter ego’s of Kai and Ian were entangled in the fights.

Not just them, Hoonie and Ryu Chen too were in a fight.

The battle between Ian and Kai was literally like ‘Dragon Vs Dragon’, so it all depended on how they were going to be supported.

“Honestly, this level of fight is because of the fusion class of Ian and Hoonie.”

Na Ji-chan who was watching the final battle on the screen, mumbled to himself.

In recent times, Na Ji-chan had never seen Ian fight so hard, which made him much more excited.

“The power surely is on the side of Kai and Ryu Chen. But the synergy of teamwork is much superior on Ian and Hoonie’s side.”

Na Ji-chan’s statement of ‘power’ wasn’t just about the skills of the users.

The users skills, the stats in the current game, and the careers.

Judging from all that, the devil camp was still in favor.

However, with the synergy of Ian and Hoonie, they were able to fill in the gap.

-Darkness Fall upon…

And one of Ian’s trademark-must-use skills, the voice of Kaka filled the battlefield.

Nodding his head Na Ji-chan smiled.

“So, both sides are going all out now… it is time for the conclusion.”

Like a smashing rally, nothing could be seen apart from the strikes of the weapons.

But in any kind of rally, there was always an ‘end’ that would be reached.

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