Taming Master

Chapter 594 - The Last Battle 1

Chapter 594: The Last Battle 1

A total of 48 rankers had entered the battle.

And they were all the best rankers of all the servers from the world.

But that, however, didn’t mean that the rankers there were ranked 1st to 48th in the global scale, respectively.

They just fulfilled the conditions for entering the canyon, beginning with passing the Brave Path and the special hidden pieces.

Because of the many variables which were present, the Brave Canyon’s contributions weren’t necessarily ranked in the best order.

There were rankers who had been pushed ahead for unknown reasons like Ian, and there were users who were able to enter the top 48 because luck was on their side like Wang Choi.

And that meant that the title of High General was not necessarily the best user in the field.

The difference between the Devil camp’s current High General ‘Kai’ and the Celestial camp’s High General ‘Fredric’ could be seen very clearly.

Since Fredric was a Warrior class like Kai, it was easy to compare them, so Ian began comparing them.

In Ian’s eyes, Kai had skills that he had never seen in any of the rankers he met so far, but Fredrick was a bit vague.

‘Fredrick’s skills don’t seem that eye-catching like uncle Shakran or Yu Shin.’

And for that reason, Ian left Fredrick out of his strategy.

If Fredrick made even a single mistake by using an attack, he would lose the game.

Kai’s skills, on the other hand, were good enough to make Ian nervous.

‘Kai… is maybe better than uncle Shakran…’

That was the reason why Ian knew that the battle was going to be difficult.

One mistake could lead to defeat.


As soon as the sound of the battle rang throughout the battlefield, all the summons began to be summoned.



“Demonic Illusions, rise up!”


As the summons were all being summoned, the battlefield became crowded.

Ian’s familiars were large, but the place that Hoonie and Ryu Chen took was larger.

Ryu Chen’s summons particularly took up a large space. His summons—the Demons—reminded everyone of the Dimensional Wave.

‘Ryu Chen… will surely be a great support to Kai.’

There was just one thing that was on the positive side of the Celestial army.

The number of pieces, who were involved in the battle, didn’t include the ‘High General’.

And though it might sound lame, it was true.

The High General was a powerful weapon, but it was a piece that was also a huge weak point.

Ryu Chen and Mokuba would obviously move a lot around Kai.

The two’s top priority was to protect and aid the High General.

‘Then… should we try faking it a bit?’


Ian jumped forward and stepped onto the giant shell of Bbookbbook.


And soon, Pin flew and went toward Ian so he could sit on his shoulders.

At the very same time, Ian’s flame bow began to draw out fire.


Ian made a stunt that could only be seen in the movies.


Along with the blazing fire, the arrows began to move toward Kai.

Ian’s arrows were shot consecutively and formed a straight line.

It was a scene that would go well with the word ‘rapid-fire’.


However, Ryu Chen’s reaction rate was surprisingly fast.

All of a sudden, magic began to be cast from Ryu Chen’s staff.

“Protective Shield!”

A short spell came out of Ryu Chen’s mouth.

A translucent red film formed in front of Kai

The shield had a very brilliant pattern engraved on it, and it was a shield-based magic.

Subsequently, five arrows were held off in succession.


The timing of Ryu Chen’s response was perfect.

Not even one arrow passed through the protection.

Despite shielding the attacks perfectly, cold sweat still flowed down on Ryu Chen’s back.

‘Well, this kind of damage…!’

Ryu Chen was still surprised even after holding back five arrows.

However, it didn’t end there.


A griffin, who was carrying Ian, began to rush toward the shield.

‘What? Are you trying to break the shield by ramming your summon’s body on it?’

Ryu Chen was trying to think about what Ian was doing.

Suddenly… Ryu Chen became even more surprised.

The bow that was in Ian’s hand changed to a long spear.

In a short amount of time, he was able to swap his weapons.

‘Where did he…!?’

Ryu Chen began to think faster.

It was clear that the shield would break because of Pin’s acceleration and the spear’s strong attack.

And once the barrier was broken, it was going to be Kai’s turn.

Kai wasn’t going to be hit that easily, but Ian wasn’t going to stay still either.

Trying to arrange his thoughts, Ryu Chen signaled Kai by raising his hand and by casting magic.

Ryu Chen and Kai had already worked together in the ‘Dimensional Mirror’ battle.

Therefore, a small eye contact was enough to relay their intention through the other.

“Marion Enchantment!”


Ryu Chen cast another spell, and a red film was summoned before Kai.

It was a second barrier made as an addition to the first one.

As the shield was made in the exact location that Ryu Chen had intended, his mouth curled into a smile.

At first glance, it would be hard to see if there were two shields in that place.

‘This can’t be avoided.’

And at that very moment, Kai, who had been standing still all this time, moved.


He pulled his sword that was diagonally placed on his back and raised it.

The tip of Kai’s sword started to suck in a brilliant light.


With a magnificent color, golden and red strikes combined into the air.

One of the spectators that noticed it said, “Lightning Storm!”

Kai’s strongest unique ability was the ‘Lightning Storm’.

It was a very popular technique that all of the users in the US server knew about.

When the rankers in the US were being defeated by Chalion, Lightning Storm was the ability that made Chalion bounce back.

However, it was a skill that rarely appeared in PVP.

Boasting with a tremendous attack coefficient, it required a long charging time of 2 seconds.

Moreover, by activating the skill, it put its caster into a defenseless state for 0.5 seconds.

And if the right skills that could match him were used, he was at risk of being attacked.

That was why as the barrier got activated, Kai was confident that he could take Ian on.

And the next moment…

“Get lost…!”


The sky turned red, and a tremendous roar came out of the sky.

* * *

The second spell that Ryu Chen used, ‘Marion Enchantment’, wasn’t actually a shield.

It wasn’t the kind of magic that was needed to be used for stopping something.

Its role was to twist the space.

If the caster took another coordinate immediately after summoning the enchantment, the object that passes through it would warp the location.

And because of that, Ryu Chen used that spell often.

Of course, this time it was going to be a good counter-attack.

‘With the sudden difference in time, no matter how great your reflexes are, there is no way you could avoid this.’

Ryu Chen and Kai were planning to use that enchantment for an attack.

Ian was surely in a rush to break through the barrier, and he was going to be warped in front of Kai.

Ryu Chen placed the coordinates right in front of Kai.

At the right time, the storm from Kai would fall.

And Ian’s ashes would scatter on the battlefield.

No matter how great Ian’s reflexes were, there was no way he could avoid a Lightning Strike once he was warped in front of it.

But the very next moment…


In the place where the lightning fell, Ian’s shadow couldn’t be seen.


Instead, there was a tortoise with a grim look.

“Where is this bbook?”

Flustered by the unexpected situation, Ryu Chen tried to find Ian.

And the place where Ian was found was…


Right behind the Aide, Mokuba.

“That is Ian! A stab right on the back!”

“Wah, a simple interjection. He is almost dead. Mokuba is almost dead with just one hit. Hines, isn’t Mokuba a Knight class?”

“Mokuba is a Knight class and has a high defense, too.”

“Then how could such a massive amount of damage be dealt to him?”

“Pin’s acceleration hadn’t decreased yet, and its inertia gave Ian’s spear more power.”

“Ah, I see. Even though Ian wasn’t able to kill Mokuba, it still was a powerful luck.”

“Right. If Mokuba responded a little late with hesitation, then he might have surely died.”

Hines and Lucia were relaying the battle happening on the battlefield.

The control that Ian had displayed was just great, but the situation was very intriguing.

The battlefield that was called the ‘God’s Word Battle’, where only the best rankers in the world could join.

Two Korean users were leading the final battle.

And if one was a fan of the Korean server, they wouldn’t be able to help but feel excited.

“By the way, the users of the Devil camp are amazing.”

“Right. Mokuba’s response was surely amazing, but Ryu Chen and Kai are incredible as well with that support and attack strategy.”

“Really, it would be hard for normal users to play like that. They are like the stars of war.”

“Stars of war… that is a really good expression.”

“I hope the stars that will survive in the end are Ian God and Hoonie.”

“It may be that way. No, it will be that.”

Lucia and Hines were speaking with excited voices.

There were numerous broadcasts in Kailan, but there was never a situation where both of them were so excited.

“Ah, Kai is so persistent! He is trying to get Hoonie out by all means.”

“Just hold on a little longer! Just a little more Hoonie, Ian God will surely bring down Mokuba!”

The pace of the battle went very high and intense.

The commentators were being a bit different as well, but they managed to catch the flow.

The attacks from both sides were so fierce that the commentators had no time to relay what was even happening.

However, from the stands around the battlefield, a great sound erupted.

“Oh oh, Oh oh oh!”

“Crazy, what is that?”

Three swords started to rise around Ian at the same time.

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