Taming Master

Chapter 593 - The Great Counter 3

Chapter 593: The Great Counter 3

At first glance, Ian’s actions looked like ‘Suicide’.

Right behind the High General Kai was the last Aide of the Devil camp and a Defensive Captain.

If the battle started, then it was going to be Ian.

No matter how great Ian had performed until now, it was a battle where he had no chance of winning.

Also, the remaining Devils were the best ones amongst them.

It was a ridiculous number to even go against.

“This is more than just self-confidence…”

At the quiet battlefield, the mumbling of someone could be heard.

The users who heard that person’s mumbling nodded in agreement.

‘Right. Even if it is Ian, it is going to be tough.’

‘Why would he even do such a thing? I don’t understand.’

All that commotion didn’t last for long.

Ian, who was standing in front of the High General Kai, took a step forward, and the users who understood the significance of that were shocked.

“Uh uh…?”

“Is this what he was aiming for?”


What kind of move did Ian do that the others started to get shocked…

[The Assault Captain ‘Ian’ of the Celestial army attacked the High General ‘Kai’ of the Devil army.]

[The battle between ‘Ian’ and ‘Kai’ will start.]

Ian’s location was just in front of Kai.

A few steps forward and Ian would be entering the Devil army’s side.

However, Ian didn’t care that he was about to enter enemy territory and took a step forward.

Ian moved one space forward and attacked Kai from a diagonal position.

The Aide was in between Ian and Kai.

What did that mean?

[The Defense Captain of the Devil camp, user ‘Ryu Chen’s’ special ability, ‘Combat Support’ has been triggered.]

[The combat ability of ‘Ryu Chen’ has been reduced by 40%.]

[User ‘Ryu Chen’ joins the battle.]

[The Medical Aide ‘Makuba’ will join in as an ‘Assist’ in the battle.]

[User ‘Makuba’ joins the battle.]

Seeing the messages come up in succession, the users nodded in understanding.

It was a natural situation and everyone had been expecting things to turn out like that.

However, when they checked the additional messages, they were all surprised.

[The Defense Captain of the Celestial camp ‘KanjiHonnie’s’, special ability ‘Combat Support’ has been triggered.]

[The combat ability of ‘KanjiHoonie’ has been reduced by 40%]

[User ‘KanjiHoonie’ joins the battle.]

As soon as the message had come up, the people jumped off of their seats.

They were beginning to understand the situation that he created.

“Wah, this is crazy! He’s back!”

“There was such a way? How did he even come up with this?”

“Kue, I almost lost my balance!”

There were quite a few who couldn’t understand how Hoonie had managed to join the battle.

“What? How did that even happen! Someone explain it to me!”

“Doesn’t the defensive have just three spaces?”

The distance between Ian and Hoonie was four spaces.

That wasn’t a space that a Defensive Captain could move to.

Then how did that happen?

First of all, ‘Combat Support’ was a special ability that only Defensive Captains had.

*Defensive Captains were located on both sides of the camp at the center. They were the users responsible for giving support in battle.

Their stats would increase by 15% when the enemy attacks, and their defense increased by 15% when Defensive Mode was triggered.

*Combat support was the Defensive Captains’ ability that allowed them to support their allies participating in battles that occur within their range. (The combat abilities will be reduced by 40%.)

The Defensive Captains had the special ability to support their allies who were within their range.

Interestingly, however, their movable range was based on the tiles in which the battle would take place.

Hoonie was 4 spaces away from Ian.

However, the distance that he had with the Devil camp users, who were going to be in battle, were 3 spaces.

The tile in which the Medical Aide stood was the 3rd space, and that made it possible for him to enter the battle.

Would Ian battle the High General in front of him without moving to the left?

Then the Aide, who was two spaces away, would move one space closer to Ian, and Hoonie wouldn’t be able to participate.

Ian was 5 spaces away from the Aide, and the distance an Aide could move was 4 spaces.

It was the result of Ian and Hoonie’s scheming together for three or four turns.

“Hya, it is still a disadvantageous fight. Even then, it was a worthy try for Ian.”

“Right. 3:1 and 2:1, the feel is different.”

“If Ian picks Kai off, then I’ll be an Ian God fan forever.”

“What? I’m already a fan.”

The crowd, who realized Ian’s plans, was getting noisy.

In particular, the audience of the Celestial camp was very excited.

It was natural for that to have happened.

They were eager to see how Ian was going to turn the situation in their favor.

Even without participating in the war, if the celestial camp won, then they would get contribution bonuses and a hero score.

“This was so much fun.”

Kai looked at all the system messages and smiled at Ian.

Ian smiled at him as well and said, “Still have the confidence?”

“Obviously. You are who you are. You need to have confidence in what you believe in, right?”


“1:3 and 2:3… you think you still have a chance?”

Once again, Kai was admiring the play that Ian had shown.

That was one of the best chances that the Celestial camp had in the current situation.

And it was the best possible outcome.

Ian didn’t want to think that the ‘best outcome’ was going to bring victory for the camp.

Kai saw this as a last hit before the opponent camp went down.

Although the number of the pieces were the same, the pieces of the Devil camp were filled with power and vitality compared to the Celestial camp’s side.

Following a brief exchange between Ian and Kai, the battlefield with five users was created.


At the same time, all of the users’ eyes were focused on the battlefield.

* * *

The battlefield in God’s Word Board was a large situational board that could be identified by the crowd.

It was because the content was made to be broadcasted in their minds since the initial stages of planning.

A battlefield where the kill points and the scores of both sides, as well as the details of the battle, could be seen.

There was a lot of information on the board that was displayed on the God’s Word Board.

* Buff Status

– Devil Camp

* High General Kai

-Base Buff: High General (+100% combat ability/+100% career ability)

-Additional Buff: None

-Final Buff: Combat ability: +100%/+100% career ability

* Defensive Captain Ryu Chen

Base Buff: General’s Valor (+70% combat ability/+50% career ability)

– Additional Buff: Combat Support penalty (Combat ability: 40%)

Final Buff: Combat ability +30%/Career ability +30%

* Medical Aide Mokuba

– Base Buff: Officer (+35% combat ability/+25% career ability)

– Additional Buff: None

– Final Buff: Combat ability +35%/+25% Career ability

– Celestial Camp

* Assault Captain Ian

– Base Buff: General’s Valor (+70% combat ability/+50% career ability)

– Bonus Buff: Attack Buff (Combat ability +15%)

– Final Buff: +85% combat ability/+50% Career ability

* Defensive Captain KanjiHoonie

– Basic Buff: General’s Valor (+70% combat ability/+50% career ability)

– Additional Buff: Combat Support penalty (Combat ability 40%)

– Final Buff: Combat ability +30%/ +50% Career ability

On the battlefield, detailed buffs of every situation were displayed.

The buffs were created with a variety of variables.

The complex information on the board was already arranged in Ian’s head.

‘The Defensive Captains would receive a lot of debuffs because of the combat penalty, but the weakest is still the Aides.’

Due to the debuffs, Defensive Captains’ combat was similar to Aides, but their career buff was twice more powerful than the Aides.

In addition, Mokuba, who was a Knight class rather than the Warlock Ryu Chen, was a huge deal for Ian.

In a straight voice, Ian ordered Hoonie who was next to him.

“Hoon-ah, use your magic once the debuffs are on. I’ll take care of the deals.”

Ian’s orders were a bit dissatisfying for Hoonie.

“Ugh, are you planning on doing all the cool things again?”

But Ian had no such views.

“You’re so noisy, idiot. You have a 40% debuff. How could you even place a deal?”

“I can do it!”

“Stop overestimating yourself and just do as I say. That is the best way we can deal with this.”


Hoonie tried to sway Ian and piss him off, but he intended to follow Ian all the way.

It was thanks to the performance and strategy of Ian that he was able to come to that place.

But the reason why he was a bit restless was because he had something in his mind.

This time he was planning on being the hero of the battlefield, but that was just making him look like a firefly who was dancing close to the sun.

He couldn’t help but feel bad as his hopes were put down.

‘Is this hyung… is he just thinking about me as a specification?’

Hoonie sighed.

But then Ian talked once again.

And it was a sweet temptation for him.

“Your role is the most important thing in this battle, Hoonie.”

“That… that so…?”

“You see that guy over there?”

“The Defensive Captain?”

“Right. That one is the best Warlock in the Chinese server.”


Hoonie’s eyes shone brightly as he heard that.

Ian continued, “Can you win, Hoonie?”

“Su… sure…!”

“If he is the best in China, you are the best in the universe.”

After listening to Ian, Hoonie became really motivated.

Hoonie’s head was filled with the words ‘the best in universe.’


At that very moment…

[The battle will start in 5 seconds.]

[The battle… 4…]

The system message came announcing the start of the battle.

[The battle will begin.]

[If a camp defeated the High General user of their enemy camp, the battle will be over.]

A familiar tone of messages rang all over the battlefield.

The final battle that would determine the victors and the vanquished had begun.

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