Taming Master

Chapter 264 - The Master Slayer – 1 ( 12th start)

Chapter 264: The Master Slayer – 1 ( 12th start)

“Ahh! Stop them! Stop them! A little more pushed and the Surangka plain will lose!”

“Damn. Today I’ll give my all to Surangka, but I think it’s better to stop when needed. It will be more effective to do this at the Libelia plateau!”


“No! Not yet! If you give up now, I will give you duties for 2 more extended hours in Surangka compared to yesterday! If you’re going to be like this, I won’t be able to count on you even in Libelia!”

“Uh… Uh!”

The southern end of Surangka plain.

Users were struggling to defend the gorge pathway that somehow led to the Libelia plateau against the monsters.

At first glance, it seemed like a favorable situation because the number of users was much higher than the number of monsters, but the reality was not that at all.

Most of the users who have reached the level 100, were 50% of beginners and those who were above the level of 150 were 20% of the users, now these users can be considered as the real deal.

On the other hand, there was a handful of those who reached the level of mastery with level 180 or more.

Sometimes, when the war started to happen, without any need to say, all jump in to give a hand.

“All… Out of the way…!!!”

A gleaming shine on the rugged canyon.

A female wizard climbed on top of her sharp voice.

She was none other than the famous flame wizard who was in the top 10 mages, she was ‘SooHee.’

With just those words, all the users who were in the middle of the battle moved away, as if they were pushed aside.

“Flame Storm…!!!”

At the same time, ‘Flame Storm’—top level wide-area flame magic had been cast on the battleground.

A flame storm, spewed out towards the low-level marshes and powerful damage had been done.

Kwang- KwanggAngAng-!

Ten low-level monsters fell down in a single strike.!

The mid-level warriors who were in the middle were still alive, but the warriors and the assassins who were around were all immediately removed.


SooHee who had seen this scenario in front of her eyes smiled with satisfaction and wiped the sweat off her forehead.

[You have defeated a low-level battalions (damage contribution 76%)]

[You have earned as many as 157 Toboll points.]

[You have defeated low-level battalions (damage contribution 26%)]

[You have earned 55 Toboll points.]

‘Nice, the timing was fine this time…!’

Soohee quickly went through the system messages and scanned the battlefield.

‘I should stay here for at least three or four hours…!’

In order to defend the Shurangka plains, the battlefields that were prone to capture needed to be rescued and given support.

In this battlefield, there was no user with a firepower of more than the level of 190.


Soohee took a deep breath and moved away.

She wasn’t able to rest even for a second as she needed to prevent the invasion.

“Miss. Soohee! This way…!”

“Yes, will come…!”

Soohee, who heard a voice coming from the left side of the battlefield, immediately cast a spell.


Link is a form of secondary magic that allows one to move quickly at a short distance.

Link magic was a low skill, but still, it was one of those rare skills.

The skill books for Link were rarely dropped.


Soohee immediately moved to the short distance using the link and looked around the battlefield for a better understanding of the situation.

But then.

Something huge fell into her line of sight.

“What is…this?”

With a massive size, it was like a dinosaur-like appearance.

Soohee, who wanted to confirm the information of it, went into the wind without realizing it.

[Name: Sekaros Rank: Advanced Master LV: 265]

Only three days after a dimensional war had begun, and a strong presence of an ‘Advanced Master’ appeared on the field.

Soohee swallowed her saliva and began to cast magic.

‘I think it will be tough for me to take on an Advanced Master…’

In fact, if any user with the specs of Soohee belonged to the other class, then it would have been useful for that user to deal with an Advanced Master.

She was at a level of 190, but the opponent was incredibly high.

However, she was a wide-area flame master, who uses wide area flame, yet it would be difficult for her to take on a single powerful monster of level 250.

‘If I take care of the other things around it, then the users can probably catch it…!’

After judging the approximate situation, Soohee began to cast one of her most powerful wide-area spell.

But, after a while.

She was able to realize how wrong she had been.


A pounding footstep.

A Sekaros with the appearance of a dinosaur took a step forward and roared.


Sekaros who held a low posture till then lifted its head and started to spit out powerful attacks.

Kong- Kong- Kong-!

The users who were attacked on the battlefield started to burst out like fireworks.


“Help me! It hurts…!”

“Crazy! It is tough to even handle a basic class!”

Many users started to vanish into thin air along with their screams.

Soohee, who was seeing this became very flustered at this and decided to cancel out her casting spell.

“Damn it…!”

Before she released out her magic spell, that monster is bound to run toward her direction.

And since all the users that were supposed to block the monsters access were now dead, there was no other choice for her.

Soohee spits out the saliva that was in her mouth.

‘This is it… It’s over! If the archers have the skills then it could be possible to catch that monster, but now… Surangka plains should give up…!’

Soohee looked over at the terrain of the battlefield and tilted her head.

However, she didn’t see any solution to the problem that was in front of her.

‘Damn, that is why there should have been two top-ranked players in the warrior class…!’

A warrior class can go for 1:1 against a monster.

This seemed like a very desperate moment.

Soohee could not hesitate anymore.

‘Nothing can be done. Should retreat for now.’

For the three days, she had the highest contribution in the Surangka plains.

It was all thanks to her, she had a B rank on the battlefield and the ‘Main man’ in this time.

Soohee waved her hands to command the users that were surrounding her to retreat.

“Everyone! Fall back…!”

But then.

An unbelievable sight was unfolding in front of Soohee, who turned to send a signal.


Enormous shadows covered the canyon.

It was because a Seka dragon was flying with its wide wings and opened mouth.

“Everyone fall back, right now!”

A man was riding on the dragon’s head, and the hand gestures of his made the users fall back to their position.

And in the next second.

Kwang- Kwakkkk-!

From the mouth of the dragon, a tremendous destructive power was pushed out.

Shia- shuuuu!

Low-level battalions could all melt away with a single stroke!

All the low-level battalions were pushed into the gorge and were burned with the attacks, even half of the mid-level ones with full vitality were now at half vitality.

“This…This is…!”

And Soohee knew the identity of the dragon.

“The dragon, Karceus…?”

An unforgettable mass siege in the middle of the Central Continent.

She could never forget the protagonist and his dragon, who succeeded in the temple, which was always seemed impossible.

“Ian… Ian came…!”

Soohee was a ranked player from the Valiant Guild.

Soohee the mage ranker who was recruited by the Guildmaster of the Valiant Guild, Roy Chen himself.

At that time Valiant Guild along with Lotus Guild had helped join the Pyro, and there was no way Soohee wouldn’t have to know about Karceus and Ian.

“If this is how it is, then we can win…!”

Ian who once ran around Kailin began emanating his tremendous presence.

However, due to his personal quests, Ian had concealed his trail, and his abilities were devalued among the other users.

-Ian? That lucky guy who got a legendary pet, a honey-sucking summoner?

-Well, there are many who are stronger than Ian. I don’t know why it is such a big deal. Honestly, even if he is a ranker, there are other rankers who are much stronger than him.

However, Soohee who had witnessed him in the battlefield knavery knew well about him.

‘Ian is the games god.’

From mere combat to massive combat, as well as from close contact to a distanced combat style, he was a natural, and the flow could be seen through his actions.

It was Soohee’s personal opinion that anyone who was standing on the opposite side of Ian had no choice but to lose.

But then. In Soohee’s eyes, a high ranker montser directly hit Breath with vigorous power.


The Breath was so painful that she began to move back in pain with a very aggravated expression.

Kung- Kung- Kung-!

Thanks to the Sekaros, all the battalions and toboll soldier at its feet were dying helplessly.

‘Sh*t, Breath, Even I don’t take away so much vitality, is it a named monster?’

Soohees’ brain started to get a hold of her.

Suddenly her gaze moved towards the direction of Ian’s.

‘Sh*t…! Even if it is Ian, a summoner would not be able to deal with a named singly.’

Soohee began to look around, so she could find high-level warrior users.

But, Ian who was riding on the head of Karceus, jumped into the air and dived straight at the Sekaros.


It was a stunning sight that could be seen in the blockbuster fantasy movies.

But the users who were looking at this sight were more flustered at his actions rather than feeling that this was cool.

-What is it? Is he crazy?

-No, even if he is Ian, jumping at it with a spear in hand?

Ian however, had already hunted a legendary master a few months before.

Rather than hunting, it was an event full of violence, but still worth it.

Ian’s hand wrapped itself around the Judgment of the Spirit King, and he felt strong.

‘Okay, my items have changed a lot since then.’

With a gold light was going to come chaos.

Ian’s Judgment of the Spirit King was pierced into the back of Sekaros.


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