Taming Master

Chapter 263 - The Lazy Dragon – 2 ( 11th volume)

Chapter 263: The Lazy Dragon – 2 ( 11th volume)

“It’s been a long time since I’ve come to other places rather than major areas and Central Continent.”

The Central region where most of the desert islands are, and the sad blue colored skies that spread in the Magi.

By comparison, the Northern continent’s environment was truly a paradise.

Clear sky and cool air!

The only drawback is that it’s a very chilly area because of the many snowy areas that were in it.

‘But it’s better in the cold than the hot.’

Ian preferred winter more than summer.

And the reason for it was fairly clear.

‘One needs to take clothes off when it is too hot, but if it is cold, you can continue to wear.’

But not everyone was like Ian.

“Master, why is it so cold here?”

Ian looked over at Kaka who was shivering in the back and laughed.

“Kaka, is this the first time for you to come to the Northern continent?”

Kaka shook its head.

“It isn’t the first to see, but…”


“I think it has been at least 1,500 years and I don’t remember.”


And there was another one that was shivering because of the cold.

“Master, I feel very cold Bbook.”

It was the chubby Bbookbbook with a round face that was coming behind Ian.

Ian replied with a dry expression.

“You come here often don’t you? Why is it suddenly cold?”

Bbookbbook replied with a sad expression.

“At that time I had a warm back.”

Ian shook his head.

“Not that… I guess the warmth from the local was much different from now.”


Bbookbbook was staring at Ian, but Ian being unfazed by it continued to move without any hesitation.

“A little more further, if we go beyond that ridge, there is a portal that will take us to the dimensional world.”

Now Ian was heading towards the direction of the monster wave—no other place than—

the Lotus Manor, the nearest place to the monster wave, Ian’s Manor.

Ian checked the time and made the necessary plans.

‘There will be around 15 min for today’s wave to open… and it’ll take an hour or two for me to arrive.’

Ian wanted to use the new Planet Destruction weapon and the power of the newly evolved Bbookbbook.

Of course, even if he went to the quest for the King of Rings, but right now he wanted to watch the battle.

And there was another reason for it.

‘If once a user starts to do quests related to the King of Rings, it is bound for one to find monsters that are increasingly powerful.’

In order to test the performance of the items obtained, one should hunt in an environment that is similar to the obtained environment.

No matter how good the weapons change, if the difficulty for the level to go up, the two won’t go well.

Ian had items that he wanted to try. So he was going to the battle against the monsters without much thought.

‘Well, there must be a portal that can warp us into the Lotus Manor in the Eastern Continent.’

He was rather eager to experience the wave that will be for half more day and go to the tower of dimensions.

Ian started to pace quickly as his plan got more clearer.

‘If I’m going to hunt monsters, I’ll have to catch one more thing.’

* * *

“Uhh… It is really bad. Today, I think that not only Surangka, but it will break through the plateau of Libellia.”

“Yes. It is the 3rd day, it is almost gone. In the 20th and 30th days… How far are we going to hold it back…”

The Surangka plains in the Northern continent had two magic portals.

There were many users, like the mages who were gathered there.

This was the third day of the monster wave.

Users were participating in the battle with the tips that they had gained, or the tips that were shared.

On the first day, it was a really messy ground, but after the difficulty of the monster wave was overwhelming, more users started to gather.

“It couldn’t be that there are only low toxic rankers in Surangka?”

“I know, right? Most of the rankers are gathered in the Central continent, but for any ranker to be left on the Northern continent seems to be like a huge deal.”

“Guys, It isn’t that… It is because there are a lot of rankers in our Luspel Empire.”


“If you think about it, most of the top users are from the Kaimon region. I guess rankers from Luspel are going to be on the Central Continent.”

“Now that you say it, it does make sense.”

There were a total of four places where the monster wave had opened, and two were in the Central continent, and the other two are in the northern continent.

But the location where the monster wave is supposed to start was vague.

While the two monster waves in the central weren’t much far—the monster wave in the Northern continent was created in the extreme ends of it.

Therefore, the portal in the western end was being kept and used by Kaimon, and the one that was opened in the east was kept by the users of Luspel.

Therefore, the empire of Luspel lacked more in terms of power when compared to Kaimon, and it was making a hard struggle against the monster wave.

On one side of the barracks of the defense side—a few users who were ready to battle sighed.

“Wow… but in our whole empire of Luspel, isn’t there a single ranker?”

“Yes, there aren’t. Famous rankers like Ilian, Shakaran, Culon, and etc, are among the most important users of the Kaimon empire. The known rankers from Luspel region are Samuel Jean, Roy Chen, and Martin… Roy Chen is still in the top 5 overall, and Martin is 9th? He almost fell down to 10th and Samuel Jean is in 10th. And the archery class rankings have also dropped to the second place.”

At these words, a user who was sitting beside and listening to their conversation replied.

“Well, there are users whom you have missed mentioning.”


“You missed, Remir and Ian. They are really important.”

The man frowned a little.

“They haven’t showed up in the monster wave till now, right?”

“That is true but…”

“And Miss Remir, I’m sure she is going to be a great player because she was mentioned as the world’s #1 in the magazines’ official magicians ranking, and so did Ian being the 1st ranker in Summonars. So What?”

At that point, the summoner user who had been listening to it till then replied.

“Oh, I don’t think that you have seen the battle video of Ian till now.”

The man shook his head and replied.

“Not that, I surely have seen them. And I admire him too. Obviously, his battle instincts are on a different level. But he still is a summoner. A summoner with leveling up difficulties. Now the level of the top ranking summoners officially is less than 170. What can one do with that level?”

The summoner user felt hurt once again.

“Ian is different…! According to my sense, Ian will probably be in 180-190 levels…”

At his words, the opposite man sighed.

“I’m aware that Ian is considered to be almost like a God among the summoner users. But think with common sense. Even if Ian’s rank is high, how big can the difference be between him and the other ranker, 10?”


“According to what I know, even if by any chance Ian is going to be here… it will be tough to reach a defense rank of 10th.”


At the man’s words, the summoner who defended Ian backed away.

‘Absolutely not… Ian will be able to hard carry it all the way if he comes here.’

He was soon thinking that Ian would join the forces of this two-dimensional war and prove them all wrong.

‘What a gruesome game for summoner…’

However, at that moment, a drum started to sound high at a distance.

Dong- Dong- Dong-

“Three minutes before the battle begins! Please finish all the maintenance and get into battle poise!”

* * *


[You have joined the Barracks of Defense for the Dimensional War.]

[To participate in war, you must register as a Tobeldewon.]

Ian moved as fast as he could, but yet he reached the Barracks after the battle began.

“What, one has to register?”

Ian, who wanted to hunt immediately, frowned at the unexpected message that popped up.

‘Where should I… go… over there?’

Ian moved back and forth to the barracks of the largest.

And in it, one NPC sat down idly.

‘I think he is the one…’

Ian spoke to him.

“Hey, how are you?”

At this, the NPC was awake and stared at the player.

“What, still in barracks? Looks like everyone has started before, why are you still here?”

Ian answered him immediately.

“This is the first step to participate in a dimensional war. To participate, one has to register as a new member.”

As soon as Ian was finished, the NPC threw a wooden card, as if it was a nuisance.

“You see the pile, you see the pile? Sign it over there.”

And Ian’s message came up, with a line of a system message.


[You have been registered as the ‘Invaders of Tobaldewan’ in the plains of Surangka.]

[Position – Soldier.]

[Rank – D.]

[All the positions have five grades from S to D, and the higher that one participates in the battle, the higher the rank and grade you will get.]

[The higher the position and rank, the better the rewards you’ll get at the end of the monster wave.]

Ian stared at the wooden card in his hand.

And there was a little D written in a rough manner.

Ian had a frowned expression.

‘What is this…? A soldier, D?’

Ian who had great status as ‘Marquis’, as the one who collects tremendous fame beyond the others.

Ian didn’t like it, he was displeased with the NPC’s action.

‘There are more than 10 million units of fame that are piled up… Shouldn’t it look into those stuff?’

Anyway, the position in the battle didn’t seem to have anything to do with the systems way of ranking, Ian had to go up all the way from the bottom.

Originally, Ian was planning to go to the quest after participating in the wave for a little while, but when this happened, an unknown sense of rebelliousness grew in him.

Ian held the large wooden plank with a D carving on it with his hands and murmured in a small voice as he stepped out of the barracks.

“A change of plans…!”

Ian was planning on spending half a day during the monster wave.

‘Let’s invest only three days. Till then, the public rank will rise up, and a decent rank will be build up by then.’

Ian’s passion began to burn.

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