Taming Master

Chapter 262 - Lazy Dragon – 1

Chapter 262: Lazy Dragon – 1

A turtle dragon—it was a being that meant a dragon and a tortoise.

It literally meant ‘Turtle Dragon’.

But the shell that actually represented the tortoise part fell off.

So Ian approached him with a ridiculous look.

“Hey! Bbookbbook, ah. Is it alright that this thing falls off?”

Bbookbbook answered Ian’s question in a dry manner.

“Surely, I have no need of it now, Bbook!”

“But you are a tortoise. And does it make sense for tortoise to not have a shell?”

Bbookbbook shook its head and answered in a gleeful manner, “No Bbook. Now I’m a dragon.”

Ian looked at Bbookbbook in a very watchful manner once again.

‘What the hell is this guy?’

The tortoise shell on the back fell off, and even then, it looked way too round for it to look like a dragon.

It looked so much like a tortoise when looking at its face, probably because it had big round eyes and a mouth that was sticking out.

‘Hmm… it looks a little like a hippo character..’

Whatever it was.

Ian’s Bbookbbook was still very lovable.

The biggest criteria that Ian regarded in his familiar were their performance.

And in that aspect, Bbookbbook was very good.

Ian’s gaze moved toward the shell that was lying on the ground.

“Then what about the shell? Should it be kept as a memory?”

There it was, the shell from Bbookbbook, lying right behind it.

Ian picked it up and wanted to check it out.

‘Can this be a useful thing?’

– – – – – – – –

The Dragon’s Shell –

Classification – Miscellaneous ( Goods )

Rank – Legendary

Durability – 1/1 ( Durability cant be decreased.)

It is the shell of the legendary new creature ‘Abyss Dragon’.

This shell is know as the best material for making shields and has very high value that can’t be exchanged by gold.

To be able to get this, a hundred years old dragon must be hunted, but no one has been able to do such a thing yet.

Hard Shell –

When the shell is attacked, it can absorb the damage up to 20%.

A Legendary Material –

It is a material which can be graded as ‘Legendary’. This is the highest of the ‘Legendary’ class, and is equal to the lowest level in the ‘Myth’ class.

(The legendary grade material can be produced by the help of a blacksmith with a manufacturing skill of Master’s Level.)

An item that only belongs to Ian –

This item cannot be transferred or sold to any other users, and will not drop even if the user dies.

A shield made of a dragon’s skin is known to be not penetrated by any form of attack.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Ian, who had read the complete description of the item, released a sigh of relief.

‘How is this going to be used?’

The shell of a dragon.

After reading the stats, it was definite that this item was incredible.

Even if it was a low probability mythical item, it would still possess tremendous power.

But the drawbacks weren’t just one or two.

‘What does it mean when saying about the levels of the blacksmith?’

First of all, there was no blacksmith user with a master level ability to produce in the current Kailan community.

Compared to the combat abilities, accumulating the proficiency in the production jobs for these professions was twice as hard.

But this was a kind of problem that only time could solve.

The best blacksmith at the moment was still a long distance away from the master level.

It might take at least one year for a master level blacksmith to level up.

But the fatal problem was something else.

‘I don’t get it, what am I supposed to do if this item is stuck with me!! I cant even send a request

using this!’

This was the problem.

If the item has the option ‘User Attribute’ attached to it, then it can’t be handed to another individual or group for the purpose of production.

That being said, if Ian ‘was not going to raise his skill level, it was stated that material the Shell of Dragon can’t be utilized.

‘That also needs master …’

Apart from a combat user, there was a chance for changing the user type.

From the likes of it, for Ian, it wasn’t much a problem nor was it an impossible task for him to be a blacksmith.

No matter how nice and nostalgic it might sound, there was no way he would do it at this point of time.

“Ah… Oh… My god…..”

Ian could make a very special amulet for the familiar with a low abilities.

But the blacksmith skills that were required was still an unknown matter in this world.

‘Huh…. I cant just throw it away, so I must have it.’

Ian put the dragon’s shell in his inventory.

It had a nice ability to absorb 10% of the damage when hit, but it was big enough to be a bit restrictive when moving.

“Someday… When I’ll be too bored to do anything in Kilian, then I might be able learn a new technique.”

Ian, who finished rationalizing himself, looked over at Bbookbbook who was still eating and said, “Bbookbbook-ah, lets go from here now. Have the meatballs quickly.”

Ian had urged Bbookbbook to complete it quickly and walked towards it.

But at that moment.

[Familiar’s ‘Bbookbbook’ unique ability, ‘Don’t interfere when eating’ has been triggered.]

[A shield with 343762 defense has been created around Bbookbbook.]


A translucent blue shield was created around it, and Ian who was walking toward it was blocked by the shield.

“What the hell is this?”

Ian looked at Bbookbbook with a flustered expression.

Bbookbbook, who was eating in a relaxed manner, had met the eyes of Ian.

“Bbook, When I eat food, I didn’t like being disturbed even in my tortoise form.”


Ian had no other option but to wait until it was done eating.

* * *

He had spent a lot of time in the capsule, to the point that it was even getting hard to keep track of time.

As soon as Jinsung came out of the capsule, he laid on the bed.

‘Uh… What’s the time now?’

Jinsung, who wasn’t able to see if it was day or night, tilted his head and to confirm the time.

The clock was pointing at 9:30.

‘It is bright outside, and the clock says it is 9:30… It is 9:30 am…’

Since the initiation of Kilian game, Jinsung had a regular gameplay habits.

However, once the levels went higher, it was more difficult to clear the quests. Now, it seemed that the change of day and night was almost unrecognizable.

For Ian who was a night owl, he reached the dawn of morning at 9:30.

“I should sleep for at least 20 hours. I should release all the stress and fatigue that I accumulated, I need to start again with clear and bright energy.”

Jinsung had set the alarm for after 20 hours to the next day at 5 in the morning, and drifted into sleep.

* * *

“So… You wish to enter our guild?”

In front of Herz was a female mage with round eyes, who was wearing a red colored robe.

Ramir, who had bright red hair, shook her head and answered Herz, “No, It isn’t like that. Only till the time the monster wave is going on, I want to be a part of the Lotus Guild.”


Four days of hunting with Ian.

It was a nightmare that Remir couldn’t forget.

‘Well, can there be a man as demonic as him?’

Except for the time of minimal rest, it was essential to hunt most of the time.

‘And I made sure to remember all the cooldown time for my active skills.’

In passive skills, their effect wasn’t that wide scale or large, hence, it was tough for the party of Ian to

know the precise time of action.

However, in the case of an active skill such as attack spells, it was clearly possible to know whether it was activated or not even if it wasn’t the castor himself.

That was why it wasn’t that impossible to know the cooldown time of the skills of the party if one was willing.

And Ian, after just one day after hunting alongside Remir, was able to memorize the cooldown of all the attack skills of Remir.

‘They are easy to say, I have a lot of active skills.’

Even Ian, he didn’t just remember the time of the skills, but he moved according to the timing when the skills were activated.

At first, she assumed that it was just a battle reflex, but after a while, something felt odd and so she asked Ian.

[Ian, how did you know my skill timing so accurately?]

[Oh, that. I memorized all the cooldown time of your skills.]


[Engulf fire is about 3 minutes and 30 sec, the Glacier Curtain is about 2 min and 15 sec. And the Flame Explosion is about 25 sec…]

Remir, who had this conversation with Ian, had muttered to herself.

‘I must be crazy. Why did I have to come here?’

After the hunt, Remir immediately vowed to never hunt with Ian again while being in a party.

But after an hour, maybe two days passed, and her thoughts started to change a little.

The pain during the hunting period has been forgotten. Experience points were achieved through battle, runes filled the inventory, and the high grade items started to appear in front of her eyes.

‘Ian, if you aren’t a monster like that, it would be impossible to hunt in this madness.’

She wasn’t completely sure if she wanted to join the Lotus Guild, but she did want to do more hunting with Ian.

The Pyro was actually close to the location of Lotus Guild, and it was the location for the monster wave, hence, Remir came with the intention to hunt once again alongside Ian.

Remir said to Herz.

“If I stay here, I won’t be a burden. So, how does that sound? Can I come in?”

And doing the obvious, Herz welcomed her.

‘It would be ridiculous to waste such a top ranked mage!’

Herz smiled and replied.

“Definitely! It would be an honour if Remir would be joining us.”

“Thank you Herz.”

Ian suddenly came to the mind of Herz who was looking at Remir’s face.

‘Even if it is so… temporary, a first place ranked user in our guild?’

A few days ago Fiolan searched a ranked priest class user Levya.

And now, a most famous ranked mage class user.

And at last there was Ian who was overwhelming the other summoners.

“But that guy Ian, when will he come here?”

In response to Herz’s murmur, Remir questioned.

“Is Ian not here, right now?”

Herz nodded his head.

“Ah, yes, I haven’t seen him for a long time. I guess that he is busy doing some important quest right now. Maybe if you stick by a little longer, he’ll join you soon.”

Remir was a bit disappointed at it, but she nodded her head.

“Well, sure.”

Well, even though Ian wasn’t present, there was no other such defense structure that could withstand the monster wave from Pyro.

Remir was going to face the monster wave and was waiting for Ian to show up.

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