Taming Master

Chapter 265 - The Master Slayer – 2

Chapter 265: The Master Slayer – 2

Innately, humans have an instinctive feature of being jealous.

However, people tend to differ in the degree of emotions that they experience, and those who are weak are usually filled with these kinds of tendencies.

Ian could now be considered as a celebrity in Kailan, and there was no user who didn’t know him.

There were a lot of fans whom he managed to gathered, but he had also gathered a lot of people who were envious of him.

And they only believed what they wanted to.

– Ian went on a 1 to 1 fight against a ranker, and you want me to believe that? And Ian was able to win?

– Ian’s level is more than 190, do you believe that? You really believe that nonsense? Think rationally, isn’t he only 20 levels different from the other summoner rankers?

Even among them, there were those who saw Ian with his weapon right in front of their eyes and yet they chose to not believe.

They could not believe what they were witnessing right in front of their eyes.

And among them was a user ‘Seian’, who was rubbing both his eyes with his mouth opened wide.

‘What the hell? What kind of situation is this.?’

Seian was a level 192 warrior class user.

The warrior class was a class that was specialized in the 1:1 combat; they were classes that could even pitch against a boss monster as well as PVP.

And a person of that quality was inside the top 100 rankings in the whole world, and yet he was cautious and concerned about his fight against the monster Sekaros.

Such an enormous monster, and yet Ian’s spear easily went right through the back of its throat.


Being a ranker in the class of top 500, it was hard for anyone to imitate the movements even after witnessing them up front.

Ian’s technique was not known, and whenever Ian’s spear moved, lightning seemed to fall off the air.

Kwang! Kwakaw! Kawng-!

Whenever the lightning fell, the vitality of the monster Sekaros was being cut.


After attacking, Ian didn’t let himself get attacked by the monster’s rapid movement, and the pained Sekaros moved its body vigorously.


A vibrating sound reverberated through the massive body of Sekaros!

Kung-! KuKung-!

In the battlefield that was filled with darkness everywhere, the rough and ragged breath of Sekaros filled the air.

Grrr- Grrrr-

No matter how many times Sekaros tried to lean forward and shake off Ian, it still had no option but to be the Son Wukong in the palm of Buddha*..

‘You will be the 100th Sekaros that I would have hunted with Remir.’

The battlefield where Ian was hunting had 50 to 55 master leveled monsters.

It would be the fourteenth time for Ian to fight against a Sekaros without the aide from Remir!

Ian knew all the weaknesses and the patterns of behavior of the Sekaros right from the beginning, and the monster fell down like a child.

“Goodbye! Yo!”

Compared to a named or a semi-boss leveled monsters, this Sekaros was twice as strong.

Ian had erased almost two-thirds of Sekaros’ vitality in just a matter of 5 minutes.


Sekaros squeezed its mouth shut, and the next moment, the monster fell to the ground with a thud, producing a tremor.


Since Sekaros was one of the greatest masters of all time, it was huge, so the users in the surrounding area could feel the tremors from the ground.

“Nice, started the day with a good hunt.”

Ian smiled and moved toward the next target, and all the users who had watched Ian’s act were with blank expressions.

“Did, did you see it?”

“That thing had more than 200 level seniority, right?”

“Yah, not 200, it is about 250.”

“Wow, it’s awesome! That was so crazy!”

And with the help of Ian, the users morale had risen.

Thud-! Thud-! Thud-!

One of the soldiers who was guarding the Toboll began to sound the war drums.

“Wow! Lets get rid of everything!!”

Riding on to the momentum, all the players began to jump into the battlefield.

Ian, who had just changed the atmosphere of the battle, jumped onto Pin and flew into the air.

“Nice, the users seemed to have come out once and for all.”

Ian had opened his Toboll rank widow to check.


– – – – –

Contribution status to Toboll –

User Name: Ian

Position: Soldier

Rank: D

Points Attained: 157825

Cumulative Damage: 47982590

Damage per Sec: 267584

Cumulative Recovery: 15980

Cumulative Kill Points: 87

Total Damage: 153768

Cumulative Damage Ranking: 375 (top 5.7%)

Damage per second: 1st place (top 0.01%)

Cumulative Recovery: 5945 (top 90.36%)

Cumulative Kill Points: 789 (top 11.99%)

Final Contribution Ranking: 692 (Top 10.51%)

The Final Contribution includes cumulative damage, recovery and kill points excluding DPS ( Damage per sec.) rankings.

After finishing the day one can increase the position and rank by the consuming earned points.

The player with the highest rank in the Toboll will become the ‘Toboll Captain’ for the next day, and will have authority to command the general soldiers

– – – – – – –

Ian’s eyes gleamed once he saw the system messages that had popped up.

“Oho? There isn’t a proper ranker in this battlefield? I shot into the top 10% as soon as I came.”

Ian had a great advantage of using Karceus’s Breath in the cumulative aspect, but considering the hunting that had been done in the past two to three hours, this seemed like a high ranking.

But, Ian wasn’t satisfied with it at all.

‘What is a Toboll captain? Tomorrow, I will fight unconditionally in the battle.’

The NPC who had come with Ian was burning red out of embarrassment.

* * *

“Ha, It is really crazy!”

In the control room of LB Corporation, the developer of Kailan.

The control room was a place where the users activity could be seen and the gameplay could be assessed in real time. It was a place where the top 1000 rankers were being monitored.

There were about 50 screens in the LB Corporation, and there was a single user who was being monitored regularly.

“No, Team Leader. What was that?”


“That… that looked like a bug play.”


The members in the control room were looking at the battle images of Ian. And they all forgot to breath for a moment.

“Yah, Yu Dari. That is the 4th transcendental weapon.”

“Yes, Team Leader.”

“That was why we received 80 bug reports in the past… and I told you it wasn’t something that needed to be looked into, right?”


“But now that I see it with my own eyes, I understand the feelings of those who reported it.”


“When it was being originally designed by the team, when was the item’s supposedfirst release date?”

At the words of the Team Leader, Yu Dari thought for a few moments by scratching his head and opened his mouth.

“I think it was about half a year later… But even then, how is it possible to level it to that strength in such a short time?”

The Team Leader sat down on the couch next to him and complained.

“But why is that thing in that guy’s hand? He put it through the neck of a 40 million worth master class monster? But he is a summoner, and it doesn’t make sense!”


Yu Dari looked at the screen with a composed expression and opened his mouth with a dying voice.

“But Team Leader.”

“What, idiot!”

“Team Leader, even if one gets hold of that equipment, can one play like that?”

At the words from Yu Dari, the Team Leaders eyes grew big.


Yu Dari pointed toward the direction of the screen and spoke.

“That can’t happen. That guy Ian… he is raving the battlefield of Toboll all alone… even if I go in there now with that exact equipment, I can’t do that sort of a play. I will suffer at least 90% of the damage because of the wide range attacks.”


“And look at that skill cooldown, is there a skill cooldown of 2 seconds?”


“Isn’t that a machine?”

“It seems like that.”

“From what I see, the fourth transcendental weapon is not the scam, but it is Ian who is the scammer.”


As the conversation between the two continued, they couldn’t help but feel down.

There was nothing they could do but die, as just a single player managed to destroy the balance of the gameplay.

“Haa! I need to plan new content again. But what am I going to say to the development team?”

“Now that you’ve mentioned it. I’m worried about it too…”

Kailan was the most systematically aligned virtual reality game in the world.

That being said, it was the development team that added many great contents to it.

Even if it was the planning team that picked up a plan, it was the development team that would go on for countless of sleepless nights to execute the plans.

Therefore, Ian, the content destroyer, was the natural enemy for the LB company.

“Wow… How harder will the next content be? Honestly, the monster wave was also very difficult, now it will be very tough to raise the level of difficulty.”

“I don’t know…”

While the two of them were having their conversation, one of the persons who was watching the screen with Ian in it looked over at Yu Dari.

“Mr. Yu Dari.”

“Why? What is it?”

“But it makes sense.”

“What the hell are you trying to say?”

That guy looked at the screen with a frown and gulped his saliva.

“Can I watch the video for a duration of 20 minutes?”

The guy’s eyes were very much immersed into the video of Ian.

Yu Dari spoke in a honey-like voice.

“Watch it like a hawk, hawk!”

* * *

After Ian had joined the battle of Toboll, the atmosphere of the battle had completely changed.

It was not just because of the combat abilities of Ian, but also because of the morale that rose in the other soldiers.

Now, if a middle-level master appeared, they believed that “Ian” could be trusted to deal with it.

The presence of Ian made him equal to more than 10 rankers all together, so the Toboll was able to regain more than half of Surangka plain in an hour.

“BBookbbook-ah! That one!”

“Okay Bbook! Leave it to me Bbook!”

Ian pointed to one of the middle level master and asked Bbookbbook to deal with it. Bbookbbook came and opened its mouth.

[Familiar ‘Bbookbbook’ unique ability ‘Greedy Predator’ had been triggered.]

[The targets vitality is below 20%, so the ‘Predation’ has been activated.]

[You have defeated an intermediate monster ‘Crocker’.]

[Bbookbbook’s vitality has been restored to 327512.]

With an exception to the boss monsters and named monsters, Bbookbbook could swallow an enemy with vitality of 20% or less.

Ian was utilizing this skill very efficiently.

“Bbookbbook-ah, there is an other one here.”

“Okay, Bbook!”

[The familiar Bbookbbook unique ability ‘Greedy Predator’ has been triggered.]

[The targets vitality is less than 20% of its life, so ‘Predation’ has been activated.]

[The familiar Bbookbbook while utilizing ‘Greedy Predator’ was being interfered.]

[The familiar Bbookbbook unique ability ‘Do not interfere when Eating’ skill has been activated.]

[Created a shield while taking away 343762 of the opponent.]

Ian laughed and smiled as much as he could.

‘Heeh. Why is this so much more interesting than what I had expected?’

To be honest, Bbookbbook had a great attack ability, but it wasn’t so good when compared to that of his other familiars.

However, Ian started to feel grateful for the new pattern of fight because of the new abilities.

‘I want to try out the wide area healing as soon as possible, but why isn’t the opportunity coming?’

It had been only 20 minutes since Ian had entered the battlefield, and yet he had already ranked in 30th in Cumulative and 40th in the total contribution.

If Bbookbbook’s ability was used in the same manner, then he could go into the 10th rank in the overall contribution.

About another ten minutes more?

Finally, Ian had found the opportunity to use the skill ‘Blessing of Abyss’.

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