Taming Master

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: (7). Goblins’ Campsite -2

Pang-! Pang-!

With a light sound, the clubs of the Goblins that were attacking Harin bounced off. It was because of

the Shield of Brilliance that surrounded her.

“Harin, how much Holy Power do you still have?”

Ian asked as he blocked the Goblins’ attacks.

“I think I can hold out 10 more minutes! Don’t worry about me!”

Harin did better than Ian had thought, therefore, his plan was turning out to be successful.

‘She’s doing well! Was I worrying too much? After all, she’s a Lv. 45 player’

Actually, Ian was not too worried about Harin. It was because her part was just too simple.

Apart from using the enhancing skills on Ian and Ly once in a while, she just needed to check her

Health and use everything on herself, shield, healing and all. Even a player who was using the Priest

for the first time could do it.

However, the Priest was quite famous for being one of the most difficult fighting classes.

In fact, the class didn’t require delicate control, however, you needed to carefully check the whole

battlefield. Therefore short-eyed people would not be able to use the class efficiently.

‘Harin is doing well.’

Ian finished the Goblin he had been fighting and glanced at Ly.

Of course, Ly was hunting like crazy.

Goblin Warriors were stronger than Goblin Scouts, in fact, they turned grey and disappeared after

getting bitten by Ly three or four times.

Ly had a weak Defense Force and Health. Therefore, its was going up and down like a roller

coaster. However, thanks to Harin who had a Defense Force Enhancing skill, Ly was fine.

– You killed a Goblin Warrior. You gained 910 EP.

– You killed a Goblin Warrior. You gained 925 EP.

The EP was divided among Ian, Harin and Ly. Still, they got a tremendous amount of EP.

– You have leveled-up. You have reached Lv. 27.

Ian gained another level just after three hours of fighting.

‘This feels good!’

Ian felt his stress for hunting going away immediately.

The Goblins’ Campsite quest consisted of three parts.

The first part was the fight between Goblins and vigilantes. This part alone took 5~7 hours.

If it took longer than that, then it meant the you failed the quest.

In spite of its great EP, the Goblins’ Campsite quest was not popular because of this very first part.

The time spent fighting was endless!

Most users avoided the quest, except for lunatics like Ian who loved labor and endless hunting.

The second part was slightly easier.

It was to find and kill all the Goblin Rangers who fired arrows at the leader of vigilantes while he

fought the Goblin Chief.

Additionally, the last part was to help him kill the Goblin Chief.

The difficulty level of the second and third part of the quest depended on how many Goblin Warriors

they killed during the first part.

Ian clenched his fists.

“I will reach Lv. 30 here.”

He was determined to improve fast.

In addition, judging from Ly’s actions, it looked like a realistic goal.

However, Ian wasn’t satisfied even with this excellent environment: he wanted the EPs of the Goblin

Warrior that were hunted by the vigilantes.

‘I wish Ly had some kind of wide-range attacking skill…’

Wide-range attacking skills had great advantages, when using them, he would be able to get a portion

of the EP given by the monsters he attacked, even those he attacked only once.

Then, Ian remembered a monster.

‘Ah, why couldn’t I think of this earlier?’

There was this place, which wasn’t a hunting ground, but Sorcerers had to go there before Lv. 40 to

learn Ice Magic.

The Lake of the Abyss.

It was a very large lake. When standing on one side of it, you wouldn’t be able to see the other side.

Additionally, in the middle of the Lake, there was an island made of ice. This island was famous

because there was a quest through which users could get the Scroll of Ice Magic.

Monsters in the island were Ice Golems who had similar levels to the Asiatic Black Bears. However,

there weren’t many of them as they were hard to hunt. So, no one used the island as a hunting


‘I will go to capture Ice Golem as soon as I am done with this quest.’

What Ian was thinking of was the Ice Golem’s unique skill.

‘Ice Wave’.

It was a relatively huge wide-range magic attack.

It was a shockwave skill. It didn’t inflict a huge amount of damage, however, it inflicted Ice type

damage in a wide range and sometimes it had a slowdown effect. Therefore, it was a very effective


Moreover, Ice Golem had great Health, so it would also be an excellent attacker as long as Ian was

careful against Fire Magic.

After deciding on what pet he was going to recruit next, Ian felt even more encouraged.

Thanks to Ian and Ly, the first part of the quest was done in only 4 hours.

Lukin was experiencing something that didn’t make sense.

‘What is he? A Summoner can’t have a level high enough to come here already…’

He forgot to fight and just stared at Ly.

He came to Somur Canyon today to do the quest so he could level-up. He had even paid two of his

guild’s members. However, a two-user party was hunting Goblin Warriors as fast as his own party,

even though he had two players in the early 50s in his team.

Lukin was enraged.

‘That wolf appears to be at least Lv. 60… what’s happening…’

He pondered on this for a while and came up with a conclusion.

‘He must have an artifact that can summon a certain pet!’

Lukin’s guess made sense!

In Kailan, there were some artifacts with Binding Magic that enabled the owner to control monsters.

Therefore, sometimes users had pets even before the Summoner class came out.

However, those artifacts were very rare, even ones with low-level monsters in it, so they were quite


Most users had never seen them.

Lukin got greedy.

As the first part’s battle was about to end, Lukin called his two friends.

“Falcon, Milan, come here for a second?”

“Why, Lukin?”

Lukin whispered, “Have you seen the monster used by those users?”

“I have. You mean the red wolf?”

“Yes. What do you think?”

Milan looked puzzled at this and asked back.

“Think what? He must be a Summoner.”

Lukin shook his head and spoke again.

“No, have you seen it fight? Summoner hunting here must at least be above Lv. 40… but that wolf

alone looks above Lv. 60!”

Falcon and Milan said nothing and listened while Lukin continued to talk.

“The Summoner class had just been released. How can he be at Lv. 40 already? They may be able to

reach Lv. 20, at best.”

Falcon and Milan’s eyes widened at this. Unlike Lukin, they had been killing Goblins without thinking.

“Oh! That makes sense.”

“Yes, yes. I saw on the community that the highest-level Summoner who had posted an article in there

was Lv. 17 or 18!”

Lukin’s eyes sparkled.

“Then what is that red wolf?”

Falcon spoke cautiously, “Maybe… an artifact with monster summoning magic?”

Milan looked surprised while Lukin nodded.

“Yes, that’s what I was also thinking.”

Lukin then looked around.

The first part was about to end. Goblin Archers were running around to begin the second part.

“I’ve seen them fight. The girl doesn’t know how to do her Priest things. Moreover, apart from his wolf,

that guy with staff has no skills. He uses a staff, but he is still fighting in close combat. I don’t think he

has any dangerous skills.”

Falcon and Milan realized exactly what Lukin meant.

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