Taming Master

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: (7). Goblin’s Campsite -3

“Then you’re suggesting we PK (Player Kill) him?”

Lukin pressed a finger on his lips and said carefully.

“Just whisper, Milan.”

“Oh, right, sorry.”

Falcon had a worried look on his face, “Isn’t our decision a bit rushed?”

They were not professional PKers, however, they had killed users when needed in the past. None of

them felt guilty. They were just worried that the players killed would not have gears worth the penalty

for PK.

Evil Fame could not be gotten rid of, therefore, they had to be careful.

“Think about it. One summoning magic artifact is worth at least twenty million Gold. We can get six,

seven million Gold each.”


Milan swallowed hard.

Their levels were in the 50s, therefore, twenty million Gold was a great amount of money for them.

In the real world, it would be worth forty million Won.

They felt very tempted.

“If we do this, we won’t have to worry about buying gears till Lv. 80. Do you really want to let this

opportunity go?”


Both of them didn’t say anything. However, Lukin could read the greed in their eyes.

Lukin thought he was about to convince them when he started to talk about the plan.

“And I have a great idea.”

Tempted by the idea, Milan asked, “What is it?”

“They must not know about the Shaman quest.”

“You are probably right. After all, that’s some information of high quality”

Ian’s party would be quite lousy without Ly. At least they thought so.

“If we tell them about the Shaman quest and be nice, they will probably lower their guard.”


“And well, we pretend to do the quest together and kill them at the right moment. We should be able

to kill all the Goblin Warriors with the wolf’s help… we just have to kill them the moment right before

the Shaman dies.”

Lukin’s plan was not that great, however, it sounded worth trying. Additionally, Milan and Falcon were

already blinded by their greed.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

While they talked, the second part of the quest began.

They exchanged looks and moved to proceed with the quest. They had to do what they had been

doing until it was time to kill the Goblin Chief.

The quest was reaching its end.

All that was left to kill were the remaining Goblin Warriors and the Goblin Chief.

Harin did better than Ian had thought and Ly’s performance was great as well. Thanks to them, Ian

was about to reach Lv. 30.

‘What special class skill will I get?’

In all classes, users were given two special class skills when reaching Lv. 30, Lv. 60, and Lv. 90.

However, the skills weren’t designated. They varied, therefore, users thought the levels 30, 60 and 90

were very important. Getting good skills during the earlier levels would enable them to improve faster

and start raising the good skills’ proficiency early.

In Kailan’s community, it was known that special classes were definitely given a random skill.

However, Ian believed that it was wrong.

‘One of the given special class skills is related to the skill with the highest proficiency at the point of

reaching Lv. 30. The other is given randomly. So, they’re not that random.’

When Ian was an Archer, he had gotten ‘Sniping’ and ‘Concentrating’ when he reached Lv.30. The

one with the highest proficiency among Ian’s skill was ‘Increasing Shooting Range’, so, he got Sniping

Skill as he had expected.

That was the conclusion he made after analyzing data of many users including himself, therefore, he

was sure about the rule.

‘The skill that has the highest proficiency now is…’

Ian scanned his skills window and soon he found it.

[Intermediate Training]

Category: active skill

Skill Level: Lv.3

Proficiency: 79%

Cool Time: 25 minutes

– Set the designated pet on ‘Training’ mode.

– Pet on ‘Training’ mode understands commands better than usual and learns from them.

– Repeated ‘Training’ raises the pet’s Potential.

– As the skill level of ‘Intermediate Training’ goes up, the increase in the Potential’s margin gets


The only skill that had reached intermediate Lv.3 was Intermediate Training which Ian had used the


‘It’s a skill that raises Potential… will I get a skill about Potential?’

It was exciting to think so.

‘The other one would be random… but I hope I get a skill that is about capturing.’

Ian imagined happy things like that as he killed the Goblin Warriors in front of him.

Ian was fighting Goblins well with his staff, maybe because his level had risen or because he got used

to using the staff.

“Ian, I have only 5% Holy Power left!”

Ian heard this and immediately gave Ly a command.

“Ly, help her! And Harin, get back!”

When they started hunting, Ly had been at Harin’s side to kill the Goblins who attacked her. However,

as Ly and Ian’s levels rose, Ly got stronger and it went deeper into the enemy army to fight.

At Ian’s command, Ly jumped up like a flash of light and killed the Goblin Harin had been fighting.

– Your pet Ly inflicted critical damage to the Goblin Scout!

– You killed a Goblin Warrior. You gained 921 EP.

Ly had gotten even stronger. At its attack, the Goblin died and turned grey in no time.

“Thanks, Ly.”

Growl Growl-.

Ian felt jealous for a second to see Ly have such a warm ‘conversation’ with Harin, however, soon he

got busy hunting EP.

Additionally, the Goblin Chief, the final part of the quest, emerged out of his tent.

“Kaka-! How dare you humans come here, you will all die!”

It raised its staff and flames went up everywhere.

Walls of fire appeared here and there while the vigilantes screamed.


“My armor is on fire!”

“Help me!”

Normally, by the time the Goblin Chief appeared, there were less than 30% of the vigilantes left.

Therefore, not many were killed by this Flame Skill, but this time, both Ian’s and Lukin’s party did

much better than ordinary parties, so more than half of the vigilantes were still alive. Because of that,

many were hit by the Flame Skill.

Hugo, captain of the punitive force who had been fighting at the front line, roared.

“Attack! Kill him and this battle will end!”

With that, a message came up.

– Your army’s morale increases by 30%.

– All stats increase by 10% for 20 minutes.

Thanks to the wide-range enhancing skill, the vigilantes all attacked the Goblin Chief.

Ian also started to attack it fiercely.

He activated the Aiming Weak Spot Skill and Ly lunged in to bite its shoulder.

– Your pet Ly inflicted fatal damage to the Goblin Chief!

– Goblin Chief’s Health decreased by 1,215 (0.7% of total).

– Goblin Chief is set on ‘Bleeding’ mode. It will receive 243 damage per second for 10 seconds.

The Goblin Chief was a boss monster, so although it was a sorcerer type monster, it had great Health

and Defense Force. However, soon the remaining Goblin Warriors were all killed and the Goblin Chief

was under concentrated fire. Its Health started to decrease rapidly.

– The Goblin Chief is left with 52,071 Health (30% of total).

– The Goblin Chief is on ‘Frenzy’ mode.


The Goblin Chief roared in rage and swung his staff.


Explosions happened here and there while a lot of vigilantes were killed.

– You were hit by Series of Explosion. You received 684 damages.

Ian couldn’t get away in time. Therefore, he got a large damage.

“Ah, this hurts too much!”

Ian complained and was about to activate the First Aid skill. However, a white light shrouded his body.

– Party member Harin used Light of Healing. Your Health is recovered by 1,020.

Ian was startled at the unexpected healing, but he nodded at Harin and focused on the battle again.

The Goblin Chief got even more frenzied as the battle drew near to its end, so making even a single

mistake could kill him.

After 10 minutes, the Goblin Chief’s body turned grey and crumbled down.

– You killed the Goblin Chief. You gained 6,740 EP.

– You contributed the most to the ‘Goblins’ Campsite’ quest. Your Fame increases by 124.

– Condition(s) of ‘Destroying Goblins’ Campsite’ quest was fulfilled.

And more pleasant messages followed up.

– You have leveled-up. You have reached Lv. 30.

– You reached Lv. 30, therefore, you will gain special class skills.

– You received the special skill [Pet Bestowing Skill].

– You received the special skill [Twisting Space].

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