Taming Master

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: (7). Goblins’ Campsite -1

Lukin, who had followed the punitive force with his guild’s members to complete the Destroying

Goblins’ Campsite quest, was very puzzled to see the entrance of the Somur Canyon empty.

“What the- Where are all the Scouts?”

His friends, Falcon and Milan, were also puzzled.

“Yeah, weren’t there tons of them when we did the ‘Scouts’ quest this morning?”

“That’s what I’m saying. Those Scouts give a lot of EP… was there a player who had nothing to do

and decided to get rid of them?”

Monsters in ordinary hunting grounds had their own regeneration times. They appeared in designated

positions after a certain period of time. However, the Goblins in the Goblins’ Campsite weren’t like

that. They were more like event monsters, hence, they were regenerated a few days after the

Campsite quest ended and the Chief was killed.

Therefore, Lukin and his friends were very confused.

“Maybe you won’t be able to level-up today.”

Actually, Falcon and Milan weren’t particularly interested in doing the quest. They were there to only

help Lukin level-up.

Lukin was at Lv. 34 while Falcon and Milan’s levels were in the early 50s.

“Yeah… I need to reach Lv. 35 today… the Priest quest is too hard even for you guys, right?”

The Priest quest was a hidden quest that would be activated by going into the tunnel at the back end

of the Campsite after destroying it.

“Well, I don’t think so. If I’m not wrong, the Goblin Priest is at Lv. 55. The Priest quest is hard not

because the Goblin Priest is strong, but because there are a lot of Goblin Warriors with him. If we hunt

the Goblin Warriors with the vigilantes during the Campsite quest, I think it would still be possible.”

“That’s right. If we get rid of the Goblin Warriors first, the both of us can handle the Goblin Priest.”

“Really? That’s good. I need to get some EP.”

However, thinking about losing the great amount of EP that every Scouts could have given him, still

made him sad.

“For now, we must go back and report that there are no Scouts. We must then proceed with the


Lukin nodded, “Yes, let’s go back.”

The three went back to Hugo, captain of the vigilantes NPC, and reported, “Sir, there are few scouts

left. We can attack the main camp right away.”

Hugo was glad to hear it and he immediately stood up.

“Oh, really? Good, good. We would be able to minimize our losses. Let’s go!”

Lukin silently complained.

‘What’s good? The EPs are all gone! It’s just annoying.’

However, Lukin had to get as much EP as possible, therefore, he volunteered to stand in the


“May we stand in the vanguard?”

Hugo was even more pleased and nodded, “Of course. Can you really do it?”

“Yes, we will go first.”

“Thank you.”

Hugo was satisfied by seeing Lukin and his friends moving fast to stand at the front of the army.

Soon, Hugo was behind them with more than a hundred NPC vigilantes and started to march toward

the Goblins’ Campsite.

Then one vigilante NPC shouted at Hugo.

“Sir, new mercenaries have arrived.”

Hugo stopped and looked at the direction where the vigilante was pointing at.

They were Ian and Harin.

When they got near, Hugo stretched out his hand.

“Oh, new mercenaries. Our mission would be easier with more men. Thank you for coming all this


Ian held Hugo’s hand and lightly bowed his head.

“We’re just doing the right thing.”

Ian was relieved to arrive before the quest started. If he had been alone, he would have arrived earlier

on with Ly, however, traveling with Harin slowed down the journey.

“Now, today we will kill all the Goblins in Somur Canyon! Soldiers, forward!”

Hugo gave an order and the vigilantes ran forward shouting with all their might.

On the other side of the Canyon, countless Goblin Warriors were running out of the Campsite.

There were hundreds of them and Harin got a little afraid by seeing their numbers.

“Hey, Ian… do you think we will be okay?”

However, Ian saw those Goblins as delicious EP.

“It will be fine. Just do as I told you on our way here.”

“Will that be enough? Then you will be fighting alone.”

“No. You will be using enhancing skills and distract them with the Shield. That will be very helpful.”

The Priest had a skill called Shield of Brilliance. It was the best defense skill with which a Priest could

protect himself.

Shield of Brilliance converted part of the Priest’s Holy Power into a shield so that their Health wouldn’t

decrease as long as their Holy Power wasn’t fully drained.

Its downside was that it could only be used on the Priest himself, however, it was a very effective skill.

If a Priest put all his Holy Power into the Shield of Brilliance, he was considered to be very safe.

Ian had assumed that Harin would be quite good at using this skill as she was afraid of battles. In fact,

he was right, Shield of Brilliance was Harin’s main skill. Well, the truth was that she had only worked

on that skill.

Therefore, their strategy was very simple. Harin would put all her Holy Power on the Shield of

Brilliance to protect herself while using enhancing skills on Ian and Ly.

To sum it all up, she was an enhancer who couldn’t die.

That wasn’t the end. Ian was formulating a big plan of fighting in the front lines with Harin.

‘Harin’s level is higher compared to the monsters in the Goblins’ Campsite. Additionally, her Shield of

Brilliance proficiency is as high as a Lv. 60 Priest.’

In other words, if Harin only focused on defending herself, she would not die even if she was terrible

at gaming.

If they fought with the vigilantes at the back, Harin wouldn’t be able to do anything.

‘I can fight alone, but…’

He had brought Harin, therefore, he wanted to use her skills and hunt as efficiently as possible.

Ian was going to put Harin in the middle of the front lines and when the Goblins were distracted by

her, he would gain EP with Ly.

In this plan, Harin was literally their ‘meat shield’. So, if she was even worse at gaming than Ian had

thought or something unexpected happened, she could really die.

“Okay. I trust you, Ian.”

Harin heard Ian’s plan but couldn’t realize its main point. Therefore, she just nodded.

Ian felt a little guilty. So, he then looked away and patted Ly.

“Don’t trust me, trust him.”

Ian tried to justify himself.

‘Harin would get a huge amount of EP with this plan, well, only if she doesn’t get killed…’

He wasn’t pissed off about the fact that Ly got delicious steak and he didn’t. No, that wasn’t the


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