Taming Master

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: (6). First Evolution -4

As the Cooking process was very realistic, food in Kailan tasted as it would in the real world. Ian really

meant it when he said he would like to eat food cooked by Harin. After all, Ian usually ate barley bread

to live, however, it tasted very bad.

They talked and got to know each other and soon reached Laper.

They received the quest immediately.

“Oh, you’ve got a party member. I don’t think two would be enough… however, I know what you can

do, Ian. Therefore, I will trust you to do this. The advance party departed a little while ago, so you will

be able to catch up with them if you move fast. Go and help them.”


[Destroying Goblins’ Campsite at Somur Canyon]

Laper, leader of vigilantes of Lucain Village, asked you to follow the punitive force going to the

Goblins’ Campsite and help them.

Quest Difficulty Leve: E

Required Condition: Party of two or more

Reward: You gain Gold according to your level of contribution. You will receive double EP when killing

goblins during the quest.

– Would you like to accept the quest?

They arrived a little late, therefore, the punitive force departed first and the quest slightly changed.

However, the reward remained the same.

‘That’s good.’

Ian silently let out a sigh of relief and asked Harin.

“Harin, have you received the quest?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Then, shall we go?”

With that, Ian waved his hand. Then Ly, who had been roaming around the castle’s walls, sprinted

toward him.

Lucain Village was a small city in the border area, therefore, there weren’t many people. Still, Ian

found the attention drawn by Ly to be quite bothersome.

Growl-. Growl-.

Harin was surprised to see Ly and stepped back.


“It’s okay, he’s not a monster. He’s my pet.”

However, that surprised Harin even more.

“What? Your pet?”

“Yes… is there a problem?”

Ian could have realized why Harin was so surprised, however, he just asked back without thinking.

“If you have a pet, then you must be a Summoner… it has been only a few days since the new

classes were opened. How can you already do the Goblins’ Campsite quest?”

Ian was in trouble. He was at Lv.25, however, if he said that, no one would join his party.

‘Should I say that I got a Summoning magic artifact? But she’s Kawin’s friend. I cannot tell her a lie

that will be soon proved to be false.’

Ian decided to tell her what he had told the guild members; an excuses with a ‘little’ exaggeration.

“Oh, I got lucky. This wolf here has great stats… so I can level-up quickly while hunting Goblins.”

His explanation had many weak points, anyone could see that he was trying to evade telling the truth.

However, Harin bought it right away.

“Oh, I see. I really envy you. I’m at Lv. 45 but I still have to run from the Goblin Scouts…”

Ian felt a drop of sweat trickling down his back. That had never happened, even when he was hunting.

‘What, what the- Why does she seem to… really believe me? Is she trying to be nice?’

Additionally, not being able to hunt Goblin Scouts at Lv. 45 didn’t make sense, even for a character

who was mainly a craftsman class. Ian wondered how Harin even raised her level to 45.

Ian tried to smile.

“That’s because you mainly worked on a craftsman class, haha… I’m sure cooking is very useful as

well. It’s just that it has been only a few months since Kailan came out.”

“Thank you for saying that. But it’s fine, I like cooking more than fighting.”

Harin appreciated Ian saying something nice about cooking.

However, then, Ly slowly came to her side.

“Wow, but this wolf is really cool. I think I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Harin complimented Ly and Ian felt pleased.

“Huhu, he is one of a kind.”

Ly allowed Harin stroke his fur, it liked her.

Growl-. Growl.

“Does he have a name?”

Ian nodded.

“Yes. You can call him ‘Ly’.”

“Aha, his name is very cute. Hello, Ly.”

“Can I give it some food?”

“Yeah, I think he likes all kinds of meat.”

Harin took something out which made Ian’s eyes widen.

‘That’s a steak cooked with sauce!’

It was fresh out of the inventory, therefore there was still some steam coming from it. Most of all, it

smelled so good.

Ian’s mouth started watering.

He recalled the barley bread he had eaten an hour ago.

‘But I cannot ask her to give me the food she took out for Ly…’

Harin threw it at Ly who ate it in one bite.

An unexpected system message then appeared in front of Ian.

– Your pet Ly ate smoked steak. Health increases by 200 for 20 minutes.


Ian looked confused. Harin then asked, “Ian, what’s wrong?”

“Ly’s stat just went up. Is that because of your cooking?”

Harin nodded.

“Yes. After my Cooking skill reached Advanced, depending on its rank, the stats will be enhanced for

a certain amount of time after eating my food.

Ly’s total Health was about 1,400. With an extra 200 Health, it would be a great boost to his hunting.

‘Befriending Harin could help me in many ways.’

Ian thought there wasn’t a single useless class in Kailan. Currently, craftsman classes were minor

classes that were ignored, however, Ian was sure that their true value would be discovered soon.

Ian had thought Harin would be a burden to him, however, he changed his mind.

Ly kept smacking his lips as if it could still feel the taste of the stake. Then it went to Harin and started

rubbing its head on her.

“Was it good?”

Ian couldn’t help asking.

Harin laughed while Ian complained, “Isn’t there anything for me…”

“For now, nothing.”


Harin smiled and said, “I will cook you something even better once we finish the quest. Don’t be too


Ian became more serious than ever.

“…you promised.”

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