Taming Master

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: (6). First Evolution -3

– Kawin: Ian, are you online? Can you talk?

Ian, who had been beating up Goblins… no, who was being beaten up by Goblins, stopped when he

received Kawin’s message.

– You killed a Goblin Scout. You gained 1,250 EP.

“Ly, let’s stop for now. Come here.”


Ly was about to lunge at the next Goblin pack, however, he obeyed Ian and returned.

“You have done well. Eat this.”

Ian then gave Ly some bear meat from his inventory and opened the message window.

– Ian: Yes, I can talk.

– Kawin: That friend of mine contacted me. She’s online now.

– Ian: Oh, really? What did she say? Will she do it?

– Kawin: Yes, she will.

Ian let out a sigh of relief, if Kawin’s friend had said no, he would be forced to find someone else.

– Ian: Okay, thanks. What’s her ID?

– Kawin: ‘Harin’. Send her a message right away.

– Ian: Ok.

Ian thought the conversation was over and was about to open a new message window. However,

Kawin spoke again.

-Kawin: Ian, but… are you really okay? Harin’s battle power is practically zero.

Ian smirked. He didn’t mind that, since Ly had now evolved, he had nothing to fear.

– Ian: Hey, don’t worry. I just did some solo play at Somur Canyon.

– Kawin: Where was Somur Canyon…

Kawin hadn’t hunted there for a long time, therefore, his memory was a little fuzzy. However, he soon

remembered and was truly shocked.

– Kawin: What? You hunted at Somur Canyon alone? Isn’t that the Goblins’ Campsite?

– Ian: Yeah, it is. I hunted Goblin Scouts for hours. I even went up by five levels.

– Kawin: What kind of monster are you? Are you cheating or using bugs? I won’t help you if they shut

down your account forever.

To Kawin, that was a huge surprise.

Ian, who had just reached Lv. 20, was hunting at a Lv. 40 hunting ground.

Additionally, he gained five levels.

Normally, when you were at Lv. 20, you would be able to achieve one or two level-ups per day,

therefore, Ian could really be considered a monster.

– Ian: I’m not using any bugs. Anyway, there’s nothing to worry about.

– Kawin: O-okay… if you say so.

– Ian: Okay.

– Kawin: Haha… you will really catch up to our level soon.

Ian smirked again while he said very seriously.

– Ian: Just wait for two months.

– Kawin: …

The main members of Lotus Guild were at about Lv. 80.

Piolan had become the only Lv. 90 of the guild a short while ago and the other users were all between


According to Ian’s own experience, from Lv. 90, each level up required at least a week. If you spent all

your time on it.

He expected that the guild members would all be at about Lv. 95 after two months.

‘I will reach Lv. 100 in two months.’

Summer vacation would end by then.

Ian felt very confident.

He wasn’t nervous about getting his original Lv. 93 back and winning the bet he had made with

professor Lee Jinuk. Ly’s evolution gave Ian confidence and power.

’50 in two weeks. 80 after two more weeks. Then, a month left to 100.’

That was Ian’s great plan. All the conditions were better than before. Plus, he was walking a path that

he already had gone through in the past.

Not only Ly had evolved but the bet gave him extra motivation.

‘The bet might even help me. After all, I will win it at all cost!’

To do that, he had to start on the quest right away.

Ian then closed Kawin’s message window and sent a message to ‘Harin’.

– Ian: Hi, are you Kawin’s friend?

He got an answer instantly.

– Harin: Yes, I am. Nice to meet you.

Ian got straight to the point.

– Ian: Where are you now?

– Harin: I am repairing my gear at the forge in Lucain Village.

– Ian: Aha, you are at Lucain. Stay at the forge. I will be there in 10 minutes.

– Harin: Okay.

Ian rode Ly in order to reach Lucain in no time. He then went to the forge and spotted Harin standing

in front of it.

“Hello. I’m Ian.”

Harin was a female user with a thin and beautiful pale face.

However, Ian knew well how stupid it was to believe in a user’s appearance. A little change in the

appearance was possible in Kailan. The human face is a strange thing, a small change and you would

look like someone else.

“Hello. I’m Harin. I’ve heard a lot about you from Kawin.”

“Are you his friend?”

“No, we’re not really friends… we just know each other.”


Ian thought Kawin had said they were friends, however, it wasn’t a big problem. Therefore, Ian moved

on without thinking about it too much.

“I have prepared well and ready to leave now. What about you?”

“I can leave now as well.”

Ian liked Harin’s straightforward attitude. He hated party members who were too slow and lazy.

“Do you have any particular reason to do the Campsite quest?”

Harin nodded.

“Yes. There’s a quest I want, but I have to do the Campsite quest first to do it. I was going to ask for

help to Kawin or some other high-level friends, but then I heard you were about to do the quest…”

Ian got curious about the quest Harin wanted to complete.

“Is that quest related to the Campsite quest?”

Harin smiled and shook her head.

“No, that’s not it. The quest I want is given by the chef of Duke Trapin’s castle, but I have to do this

quest first to enter the castle.”

‘Oh, right. I remember now.’

Laper, who gave the Campsite quest, knew the castle’s captain of security. Therefore, users could

enter the duke’s castle by asking a favor to Laper. However, to do that, they had to raise their

Friendship with Laper and this Campsite quest was necessary for this.

“I see. But what is the quest you want from the chef?”

Then Ian remembered Harin’s craftsman class.

“Oh, you’re a Cook, right?”

Harin’s face brightened.

“How do you know that? Did Kawin tell you?”

Ian nodded.

“Yes, he told me that you’re a Cook.”

“Yes. I major in culinary in real life as well.”

“Aha, I heard that craftsman classes are hard to be good at, but it would be easier for you being a real


“Yes, it is. And it’s a lot more fun…”

In Kailan, craftsman classes like Cook and Blacksmith were affected by the user’s actual abilities, just

like with battle classes. Skills in real life would affect the game.

For the Blacksmith, the system would take care of the process of item-making, however, in case of

the Cook, it was more than 90% similar to cooking in the real world.

Apart from a few small things, like making a stronger fire than in reality and carrying around cooking

devices like oven and mixer more easily, many said it was exactly the same as in the real world.

Ironically, that’s why Cook was even more ignored by players.

It was too realistic, therefore, it was too hard.

“I’ve never had a Cook friend. Could you cook me something sometime?”

Harin smiled and nodded.

“Of course!”

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