Taming Master

Chapter 259 - The Dragon of Abyss, Bookbbook (1)

Chapter 259: The Dragon of Abyss, Bbookbbook (1)

Ian approached the Monarch of Abyss, looking at it as a kind of precious thing for him to consume.

'Did I take this too lightly because Level 100 players were able to clear it?'

Ian, who thought the dungeon was easy, didn't have many trail of thoughts after that.

However, unlike his thoughts, he didn't show a speck of hesitation or concern on his face.

'It is a Legendary one at level 350… boss monster because it is stronger than Yankun.'

Ian examined the Monarch of Abyss.

'A large hammer chain… can it compete in a fast pace?'

On the other hand was Lilson, who had no intention of going against the boss, he had almost lost his soul.

From the mouth of the frightened Lilson, a few soulless words started to come out.

"This… Ian, no matter what I would opt to runaway…"

However, because of all the commotion happening because of the explosions, the words from Lilson couldn't go through Ian's ears, so Lilson just sat down.

"Huu, confirmed that one level is down…"

In fact, Lilson's resignation from action was an obvious act.

It was his sense that it would be impossible for any player to take down a boss of level 350 all by himself.

Lilson couldn't escape from the dungeon from the back as he would have to clear out the monster of level 190, and it was impossible to log out of a dungeon before clearing it out.

Lilson and Ian were like thrown away rats.

At least, that was what Lilson thought.

'I'm so sorry, Ian. If you had known beforehand that this was such a strong dungeon to clear, you probably would have brought your guild members too…'

Though these were Lilson's thoughts, he still thought he should watch the battle that was about to happen.

He believed if he knew what was happening, he could at least not be hit from it.

Lilson's blurred eyes were now shining like lanterns.

'It is a big monster, but when will a day come for one to witness a match of Ian this close.'

Lilson hurriedly started to record a personal video.

'I need to put this on video.'

Lilson's mind cleared. The battle between Ian and the Monarch of Abyss had begun.


The Monarch of Abyss, an ancient giant, roared wildly.

[You deserve the Power of Abyss!!!]

Ian just nodded at it and laughed.


[If so, confirm it right away!]

After the words stopped appearing, the Monarch of Abyss, lifted a hammer in both of his hands and swung it with a huge force towards the place where Ian was.


The size of the hump on the hammer was so huge it was bigger than Ian's whole body.

When such a tremendous looking hammer hit the floor of the dungeon, the entire area began to shake as though an earthquake had occurred.


The boss was continuing to swing its weapon at Ian, but there was no way such a slow-paced attack could actually hit him.

"Karceus, Breath cooldown time, we will talk when you get back. Ly and Halli attack with me"

Ian had deliberately pulled Bbookbbook back.

No matter how high the vitality and the armor defense of Bbookbbook were, he didn't pay such price for the familiar to die.

'It is not a kind of monster that can be taken down by tank.'

If in a case, the level of Bbookbbook and the Boss monster was even a little bit similar, it might have been a little worth to try out, but the level 150 difference was not something to be taken lightly.

Ian had immediately used Pin's wide range buff and Halli's power buff.

'I have to maximize the difference of power..!'

Moreover, when Ian walked over to the giant, he managed to make the overwhelming giant with a difference of level 150 move.


Ian barely leaped into the air to avoid the giant hammer.

"Halli, this way!"

Halli, who moved quickly after the hand gesture Ian made, picked him up on his back.


Well, at the moment, apart from Bbookbbook, Halli was the lowest ranked among Ian's familiars.

However, it had the agility much greater than the others, probably because it had a power buff which converted its other stats.

[Kuaah! You cockroach!]

Ian and Ly along with Pin, these three started to take down the vitality of the giant.


While attacking the giant, Ly's long claws dug into the chain armor that was on him.

[The familiar 'Ly' has done tremendous damage to the 'Monarch of Abyss'.]

[The health of the 'Monarch of Abyss' is reduced by 187698.]

At that moment, the giant's gaze moved to the wound done to him. In this small gap, Ian had taken his Judgment of Spirit King and struck the giant to the ground.


Ian's spear sharply went and pierced the layers of chain and armor!

[Tremendous damage has been done to 'The Monarch of Abyss'.]

[Health of 'The Monarch of Abyss' is decreased by 448739.]

The spear had gained another +20 power, and it began to shine.

['Lightening of Judgment' was summoned.]

[Added an additional 224368 light damage to the lord of Abyss.]

[Decreased the movement speed of the 'Monarch of Abyss' by 20% (-30%).]

The 'Lightening Judgment' was a unique ability attached to the Judgment of the Spirit King.

The lightning judgment was capable of being in action with a 10% chance of hitting it, but with the Judgment of Spirit King power now grown to 30%, it had now activated to a 30% chance.

Whenever the strength went up, it wasn't just the attack power of an weapon that rises, but the overall strength of an weapon.

Thought it didn't increase the attack count, but it truly is a tremendous destructive power.

The only regretful part was that debuff of speed that was supposed to be caused because the lightning shock didn't play a major role because the boss monster had great immune ability.

'Too bad… even if it was just an electric shock, wasn't able to completely use it.'

Ian and the familiars were now taking the battle more seriously and nervously.

Specifically Ian, who was watching the giants movements with utmost concentration.

The more the battle continued, the more alone Ian had felt.

'Uh...! It would have been a whole lot easier if I called out Kaizer or Yankun or Celia.'

Celia's ability to heal the familiars in the battle would have been a tremendous help to this one, the most lingering thoughts of Ian's were on Kaizer and Yankun.

If all my familiars would have been there, I would have caught the boss.

"Ooh, uhh."

Ian's breathing started to pick up a pace.

In this meantime, the vitality of the giant was decreasing.

"Master, be ready!"

At these words from Karceus, Ian jumped into the air to avoid the movement made by the giant.


A growing purple light began to be emitted from the mouth of Karceus.


The strong breath of a powerful dragon that was about to attack.

It took a little time before the breath was blown, but it was a short time gap in which the giant couldn't escape.

If it had a debuff, it wasn't truly known, but in the present situation, the giant had no place to take guard to avoid the breath.

Without any doubt, the breath of Karceus passed and engulfed the whole body of the giant.


Ian's gauge automatically moved into the direction of the giant's vitality gauge.

'Hu, so now you're half was done?'

The Monarch of Abyss's life gauge began to flicker after being hit by the breath of Karceus.

Ian had stopped attacking and retreated.

'I'm not sure what kind of new attack pattern will emerge, so I need to be at my utmost caution.'

Many of the boss monsters in Kilian had various kinds of attack patterns.

Patterns were very different from each boss monster, so there was no possible way to assume they had a common pattern.

The attack pattern changed once life points hit 50% and another change when it hit 20%.

Ian watched the giant's movements with nervousness.

'Now what will you do? Magic? A recovery skill?'

The pattern Ian hated the most was of the Ly's kind, who restored their life to the fullest.

The fact that a monster managed to fill its vitality in an instant proved that mac can be used.

In addition to it, there was a case that until it replenishes, it would be in an immune state, and if such cases did appear, it would be hard to push one's luck.

Fortunately, the Monarch of Abyss didn't fill its life. Instead, its body was gleaming with light, and all kinds of buffs were imposed on it, with awesome stats.

[Increase of all battle abilities of 'Monarch of Abyss' by 30%]

[Increase of health recovery state of 'Monarch of Abyss' by 15%]

['Monarch of Abyss' special ability 'Abyss' has been activated.]

[For the next 15 minutes, the defense of the 'Monarch of Abyss' is increased by 27.5% and reduced the opponent's movement by 30% when hit. (The slowing effect can't be overdone.)]

As he read the system message, Ian's expression faded.

'Hu, isn't it a little harsh…?'

Ian carefully checked the buff effects on the giant and held the Judgment of the Spirit King tightly in his hands.

'Just one single mistake, and it is game over.'

If the hammer could be blocked, the hammer looked like something seen on screen.


Ian was rushing towards the giant.

* * *


Lilson swallowed his dry spit.

'This… This is the real fighting style of Ian…!'

As mentioned before, Lilson was a huge fan of Ian.

Of course, he was still recording the video of the combat, the player and the familiars moving around.

However, even then, he thought Ian's fighting ability was fabricated a little bit.

'I thought the video was just edited in an astonishing manner.'

The image editing that was done dedicated to the image of Ian and most users thought Ian's combat style was outstanding because of the editing technique.

The images online on the internet were stunning because of the bloody scenes in it.

However, Lilson, who was witnessing the battle in front of him, had to change his opinion.

'This… those videos are lacking.'

Ian looking great was never the product of image editing.

Now, Ian's combat was so awesome all the picture would turn out well regardless of the angle.

"Huh! I shouldn't die now. Even if Ian doesn't manage to catch the monster, the video alone will be enough for me to win the tournament."

Lilson though after a painless death, he would go back to the castle and show Ian the video he had taken.

'If the guild is included in this for promotional purpose, the income will be good, but the publicity effect it creates would be enormous.'

Lilson was getting delusional in his head, but he was constantly moving to take the footage in a much greater manner.

As time went by, Lilson's expressions were starting to appear stronger.


Lilson's gaze was fixed on the gauge of the monsters'.

Lilson started to get excited as he saw what was flickering on the life gauge of the monster.

"Are you… trying to catch it?"

However, at that time...


The giant roared and attacked out of the blue.


The huge hammer he had was now in the direction of Ian.

According to Lilson's point of view, it wasn't something one could avoid, and he closed his eyes shut.

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