Taming Master

Chapter 260 - The Dragon of Abyss, Bbookbbook (2)

Chapter 260: The Dragon of Abyss, Bbookbbook (2)

"Damn it...!"

Ian saw the flying hammer coming and couldn't help but curse.

'I don't want to be attacked by such a reckless move…!'

At this point, it wasn't the time for a boss monster to change its pattern of battle.

Moreover, such an anonymous attack pattern, this was a first for Ian.

'Should predict the attacks according to the monster…!'

Ian was putting a lot of concentration.

One thing that was definite was he would die if he was hit by the reckless moves of the monster.


In the middle of a jump, Ian avoided what came at him!

However, nevertheless, he didn't manage to avoid the attack of the flying hammer.

'Hum…! It could be just a little scratch, but… but wouldn't the vitality drop a little bit?'


Right in front of Ian, a huge quantity of water rose in the form of a tent.


Ian's eyes grew bigger as he saw what happened in front of him, a veil of water that had risen from the ground absorbed all the destructive power of the hammer coming in the direction of Ian, and the hammer fell to the ground.

'What is this? Has Bbookbbook's AI triggered this skill?'

One thing was definite, the timing at which that water veil choose to come was indeed very awkward.

This being the power of Bbookbbook, Ian was pretty surprised at it.

Bbookbbook didn't have much high stats of the intelligence.

If Ian hadn't given him a job command, he wouldn't have been able to summon such a thing at the perfect timing.

"Hu-uh… hu-uh…!"

It wasn't sure if this was luck or not, but Ian, who had been able to come out of the crisis, chose to breathe and looked at the Monarch of Abyss.

Of course, he didn't forget to praise Bbookbbook.

"Good work, Bbookbbook! You were awesome!"

Bbookbbook laughed and wiggled his butt.

"Bbook- Bbookbbook! This is nothing Bbook! I'll protect my master the next time too, Bbook!"

Ian was a bit stingy with his praises.

Because of such a thing, small praise of that level was enough to get the familiars to feel pleased.

Ian regained his breath and got back up.

He didn't want to fall down twice.

'Let's concentrate for now, even a little mistake would probably end everything!'

The attack now was as vague as before, but it came from a foreseeable range.

Such an attack pattern would make any opponent look helpless.

However, in the case of Ian, it was because he wasn't able to think it through.

The battle was getting much longer and their concentration was decreasing.

'20 minutes for now…! I should catch that jerk in 20 minutes and clear the dungeon...!'

Ian had made up his mind, grabbed the spear in his hand, and ran towards the Monarch of Abyss.

The Monarch's life gauge bar was now less than 30%.

* * *

One of the largest desert in the central continent map was the Moakan desert.

There was a massive battle going on there.

As the monster wave began, there was a bloody battle between the infamous low-level players and the monsters pouring out from the opened portals.

There was a tremendous scale of monsters that were pouring out, a few hundreds of thousands of them came out into the central continent.

However, the mood of the battle was different from the past, probably because there was no proper commander to lead or guide the players.

The battle between the empires in the central continent seemed like a reminiscent system war, and the present battle was made to look like a continuation of the past.

Kang!- Kang Kan-!

All the players from the Kailan gathered there along with star ranked players.

"Damn! Why aren't the 150 level ones coming to replace?"

"Get out of the way! You won't make it with half-life!"

"Ha, this bastard, what did you say? Didn't you see me cut them in half?"

"No, why not go further in...? If it wasn't for you butting in, I would have taken down twice as more, don't you think? Ha… No answer, this is a real battlefield. What about having a high level? My ass…"

The name 'Anise Etting' was a thing meant to divide the players.

"God's shield!"

Wheing! Wheing!

"Don't, this idiot! Why are you putting a shield on him? Euahk!"

Not intending to do it, a player put a shield on the monsters and gave a rough time to the players on the same side.

"Ka, Khak. This is always fun ."

This was really a battlefield, and many lunatic players were running around dealing with little passive moves.

"Fire Barrier."

"Holy Light"

However, one thing that all the users had in common, was that this wave of monsters was a lot more difficult than they had imagined.

Of course, when the first monster wave was launched, the players were dominating the monsters with a big difference, but the problem was.... Today was the 'first wave'.

Despite the lack of level and difference, there were a lot of low-level players who came to this battlefield thinking they would face the lowest level of monsters, and in less than an hour after the battle started.

With higher level players out in the other yard, there was no player to protect them.

By this time, the community divided and moved to one side.

The public was rooting for Ian and Remir who destroyed the two monster wave portals and gave strength to the players.

"Where is the Burrow team who blamed Ian?"

"Yeah! Crazy bastard! Imagine if there were two more difficult waves like this. It is even horrifying to think."

"Right, I'm a level 170 player, and I almost died around three to four times during the hunt today."

"No. Why are you so pessimistic about the wave? It is said that the monster wave was much harder than expected, out of the four waves, this is the first wave. Let's hope that the next waves are stopped."

"Isn't this the first wave, that happened today? There was a wave that lasted for a month, but this wave today is harder than that."

"Shit, shi... I'm sure you haven't seen the monster wave today."

Due to the monster wave on the first day, more information about the monsters were beginning to be released, and the players started to respond to them.

The battle of the first wave was an ignorant struggle with no plans, no strategy, only parties that wanted points started to go in.

The top players who realized the seriousness of the monster wave started to play a pivotal role in the front.

However, when all the players in the Kailan were busy with the monster waves, there was a single player who was in a dungeon doing a completely unrelated quest.

Kwarung! Kwag-! Kwag-!

Giant ice cubes were pouring down like heavy rain!

Ian instinctively murmured to himself by avoiding them.

'What is this!? I don't know whether I'm playing an RPG game or shooting games now!'

Thanks to the uplifted intelligence of Bbookbbook, Ian had been able to avoid a crisis and managed to go into the battle much smoothly.

However, from the moment the Monarch of the Abyss's health fell to 5%, the difficulty of the battle had increased.

The giant shouted with a very high voice and the large ice masses were moving around.

Because of it, Ian had no choice but to quickly summon Karceus.

'Now will be the real end to this critical battle.'

Ian, who had quickly grasped the pattern in which the ice was moving around, controlled Ly, and

Halli gradually narrowed the distance between the monster.

'I'm aiming for the timing when the pattern changes exactly after 10 seconds.'

Ian circled the giant and concentrated to the highest of his ability to create a perfect opportunity.

After a while, the ice drops spread all over the floor.

"Halli and Ly, Now!"


Ian and his familiars rushed to the giant at the same time.

Of course, the giant wasn't keeping still when Ian was getting ready for the attack.

[Foolish Human! Die...!]

Suddenly, a bright light started to appear from both the hands of the Monarch of Abyss, and Ian, being aware of what it was, twisted his body in the air.

"Halli! This way!"

As soon as Ian had commanded, Halli received the buff and ran towards Ian in a flash.


The ray of cold air poured out of both his hands passed through the place into the direction of Ian.

Ian, on the other hand, avoided the giants due to its ability to perform a non-targeting skill and ran towards the giant as he climbed onto Halli's back.

"This is the end…!"

Ian pushed the Judgment of Spirit King into the air and threw it at the giant.

Unless one believed that the giant could be killed unconditionally, it was a reckless attack one should not be trying.

However, Ian's calculation of the damage was exactly on point.


Weakness acquisition skill, that skill displayed the weakness of the giant.

[Done catastrophic damage to 'The Monarch of the Abyss'.]

[Health of 'The Monarch of the Abyss' is reduced by 463782.]

The vitality of the giant, who fell onto the floor due to the attack, was almost down, and Ly finished it off and came back.

[The familiar Ly has done damage to 'Monarch of Abyss'.]

['Monarch of Abyss' health decreased by 273687.]

[You have succeeded in defeating 'Monarch of Abyss'.]

[You have cleared the Dungeon of Abyss.]

[You have earned 35,000 fame points.]

[You have earned 7687 million experience points.]


The secret dungeons boss monster 'Monarch of the Abyss'.

The monster fell onto the floor with a loud thud, and Ian wiped his sweat that ran down his forehead.

'This wasn't an easy fight.'

The corner of Ian's mouth went up.

The Seal that was being guarded by the Monarch of the Abyss was a seal indeed, but the reward Ian had gotten from killing him was so different.

'Well, I've killed the 350 level legendary boss, the rewards seem a little weird.'

Ian collected the items given out from the bloody corpse of the monster and approached the floating Seal of Abyss which had bright layers of light behind it.

The Seal of Abyss was a jewel in the shape of a droplet, it was exactly how Lilson had described it, with a beautiful color.

Ian, before even reaching it, instinctively spread out his hand towards the Seal.

However, at the next moment, an unexpected message popped up.

[This item cannot be acquired.]

Ian couldn't help but display a strange expression.

"What now…? This is a first for me to see a thing not being able to be acquired."

But then...

Bbookbbook which was behind Ian had now started to crawl towards the Seal of Abyss.

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