Taming Master

Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Bbookbbook and the Seal of Abyss (3)

Lilson was awestruck.

“What… just…happened…”

However, it wasn’t just Lilson who was flustered at what had happened.

Ian also had a similar look on his face.

“What the hell is going on?”

In fact, from the moment he had heard about a boss monster, Ian was in deep thoughts.

‘I’m a little skeptical about the first attack with the 20 strength, but I will try to go all the way and do it right the first time.’

Ian had activated the Buff skill, which he had possessed, and had activated the weakness acquisition skill on the boss monster as soon as it came into his line of sight.

And the moment, he had discovered the red dot on the chest of the monster, Ian’s planet-destroying weapon had penetrated the chest of the Golem.

Kreuung! Krrr!

That one attack.

With just one stab, the pieces of rocks and ice that were covering the body of the Golem split into pieces, it fell onto the floor. They could see the incredible damage that had happened right in front of their eyes.

[Catastropic damage has been done to ‘ The Guardian of the Abyss’!]

[‘Abyss Guardian’ health has been decreased by 5238775.]

[You have successfully defeated the ‘ Guardian of the Abyss’.]

Ian started at the Judgment of the Spirit king in his hand and stared at it with great admiration.

‘This is… crazy attack power…!’

In Kilian, the interaction between the attack ability and defense ability wasn’t designed in a simple manner.

For example, if a user of 200 ATK attacks a monster with DEF of 50, it wouldn’t be minus of 200, minus 50, 150 DEF, it wasn’t like this.

Even Ian, who was so into the concept of research, was also not able to comprehend the design structure, he only knew it vaguely.

‘In Kilian the more the difference between the attack and the defense power the more damage will be amplified.’

The Judgment of the Spirit King that was made through the +20 fortification by Ian had an enormous attack power of over 6000.

‘The level I possessed is 200 and had a basic attack power, and the opponent has a level difference of 70. Compared to the Golem, my defense is comparatively weaker than my attack power’

In this manner, Ian had first amplified his damage.

However, this wasn’t the end.

‘There was the attack buff, and the defense buff of the enemy and the damage has been amplified three times more due to the weakness capture….’

With all these in force, as soon as the attack came from Ian who was determined, the 130th level Boss monster fell down in a single strike.

Ian had laughed at the big mouth that he had possessed.

‘Ku… temptation took over me.’

Ian had opened his mouth to speak with Lilson as he was staring at the Golem who was still yet to fall into a blank expression.

“Lilson, what are you doing? One can go inside, right?”

Once Ian was done talking, Lilson nodded his head and approached Ian.

“Ah, yes! You can go.”

As both the men had entered the dungeon, a system message had popped up.

[Enter the secret dungeon, ‘ Vibe of Abyss’.]

Ian, who had entered the secret dungeon and had taken down the guardian of it, had started to follow the guidance of Lilson and began to move further into the dungeon.

It was very quiet and serene inside the dungeon.

“Lilson, I think that it would be better for you to let me know the directions from here on now.”

“I understand.”

With Ian in the front of Lilson, Ian was wielding the spear the Judgment of the Spirit King every time a monster had appeared.


[‘Snow Wolf’ has faced catastrophic damage.]

[Vitality of ‘Snow Wolf’ reduced by 8974398.]

[You have successfully defeated the ‘Snow Wolf’.]


[You have successfully defeated the ‘ Ice Gargoyle’.]

[You have successfully defeated the ‘Ice Golem’.]

Each time Ian had wielded the spear, the monsters lurking in the dungeon just vanished.

Although it was an easy dungeon as there was a large level difference from the beginning, the speed at which Ian was conquering the dungeon and proceeding was enormous.

Ian was almost poking his way into the dungeon!

‘It feels this good to relieve the stress?’

Ian’s body started to feel stiff.

‘What would happen if we come across to fight with the masters, what is meant to happen? I don’t think that the power would be that great as this… but it won’t be so pitiful, it would probably twice less than my current ability.’

Ian’s attack power that now had millions of deaths at its tip, might have fallen in half from the distance that where Ian stood.

However, even then, they weren’t a thing that could be taken lightly.

‘Huph, if only the magic system had opened again. Devil dragon could hunt! Balrog could hunt…! I could have collected the souls and recruited the legendary monsters to hunt.’

The Abyss was not a very wide dungeon.

It was a narrow field, and it was less than half the size of a dungeon field.

However, because the number of floors was many, it took some time to reach the lowest floor.

Lilson who was walking right behind Ian and constantly guiding him, spoke to himself.

“Oh. Oh…?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it looks like the dungeon has changed a bit.”


“Well, I haven’t gone to a lot of dungeons other than one.”


“Uhm. Does a dungeon evolve…?”

However, it didn’t matter much, so Ian continued to do down through the dungeon.

‘I’m sure the Seal of Abyss wouldn’t have run away on its known.’

How long had it been?

Ian now started to sense that the monsters were getting stronger.

“Um… I remember the monsters at the beginning of the dungeon didn’t even reach the hundredth level, but now, they are around level 150.”

At these words from Ian, Lilson tilted his head and answered.

“I’m not so sure about it either. It is not an original dungeon. When I came, the highest level of monsters we came across were only level 120.”

Ian nodded his head and summoned his familiars.

He managed to move at a nice pace even without the help of his familiars, but now, Ian ted to reach to the end of it.

Since entering the Dungeon of Abyss, the level of monsters had been growing as they went further down the dungeon.

Lilson turned pale and busy, avoiding the monster appearing here and there.

He fell into confusion.

‘Were the rankings always like this?’

This was the first time for Ian to encounter such monsters, but he felt embarrassed at how easily he was able to hunt them down.

Ian, who had been able to clear out a whole floor, held the spear close to him and mumbled.

This was the first time he had a serious expression.

“Hmm… This shouldn’t be done…?”

Lilson who stood beside Ian asked him with a sour-faced expression.

“Wha, what is it?”

Ian touched his chin and answered.

“No, it is okay for now, but if the monsters continue to rise in their level, then we will be in deep shit.”


“Normal monsters will be able to reach a level of 250, but if they get that stronger, it could be troublesome for me too. I don’t know much about the trail you have brought me but…”


Lilson lost track of his words as soon as he heard the thing about level 250.

‘No, could there be any monsters in this field that could reach the level of 250?’

Lilson responded with an awkward smile to hide his embarrassment.

“Ha… Ha ha ha, I don’t think it is possible. No matter how strong they get to be, you will not see a field monster over level 200.”

Miraculously, Ian and his party were able to clear out the filed where monsters of level 200 started to appear, the end of the long, long dungeon had attracted the party.

Lilson, with a sigh of relief, said to Ian, “Ian do you see the blue light that is coming from there.”

At these words from Lilson, Ian turned his head to the direction that Lilson was pointing at, and there was steady ray of light that was coming out from narrow gaps.

“Any sign of Abyss from there?”

Lilson nodded his head and answered.

“From here, it is the same terrain of the dungeon as when I was here before. I can’t be sure if that really is the Seal of Abyss, but when I got in, I’m sure it will be there.”

“It better be…”

As his words reached the end, Ian began to move towards the direction from which the light had been coming, and Lilson followed him from behind.

However, at that time, Bbookbbook, who had been behind Ian for a long time, bend its head and spoke the back of the people.

“Bbook! It is in there! Bbook!”

Ian turned his head in a reflexive manner.

“Hmm? It’s there? What is? The Seal of Abyss?”

Bbookbbook nodded its head.

“Yes. There is the Seal of Abyss in there, I’m sure Bbook…!”

Ian’s face bloomed like a flower.

It was then that he had felt relieved.

Ian’s intuition told him that there would be some kind of sign regarding the Seal in there, but still, there was slight anxiety lingering around.

“Okay then, I’ll go inside first and see what this Seal of Abyss thing is, and try to find it.”

Ian spoke out with a strong tone and started to move in the direction of the light. Bbookbbook, who had gotten down from Ian’s back, started to move along with him.

Kung- kukuKung-Kukukukung-!

At this sound, Ian screamed.

“What? Did an earthquake take place?!”

“I mean. What is this?”

In front of the two flustered people, a system message popped up.


[All the conditions needed for waking the Seal of Abyss have been met.]

[The power of Abyss that was asleep has awoken.]

Ian’s eyes were shimmering.

“Oh… Oh… Finally…!”

The message continued.

[A monk of the Abyss, who was in a deep sleep for a thousand years, has shown up.]


The floor of the dungeon where Ian was standing on started to shake more and more.

‘Oh… Shit… it doesn’t really break, does it?’

If the dungeon decides to cave in, there is no way Ian could stay alive, this made Ian a little worried.

‘Should I log out now…?’

However, there was no way that could happen.

This was the source of evolution he had been longing for, for Bbookbbook. There was no way he could log out because he was afraid of the dungeon collapsing.

Chok- chok-!

The floor was shaking a while back, now it began to split, and the gap from where the light was coming now became divided and strong bright light began to shine.

Ian and Lilson were able to hold their ground, but they didn’t let their fear take over.

‘Boss Monster will come out any second now…’

And suddenly a huge explosion took place.


The wall in front of Ian was exploded, and several small explosions took over the place, and the light was getting stronger than ever.

The ceiling of the dungeon wasn’t very high, so it blew out due to the explosion that had happened and there were dust and debris all over the floor.


Ian’s guess was right.

In the large and vacant space, there had emerged in front of Ian and his party a monster that resembled a giant they had met in the Central Continent.

[Monarch of the Abyss/ Lv: 350/ Rank: Legend.]

Ian’s eyes drifted towards the droplet that was floating behind the monster.

‘Fine, I wouldn’t mind if there wasn’t much of an event…!’

Ian had grabbed his Judgment of the Spirit King.

Now it was the time to take the monster down and evolve Bbookbbook.

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