Taming Master

Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Bbookbbook and the Seal of Abyss (2)

As the result, Lilson’s information wasn’t exactly accurate, but Ian had decided to listen to him for the time being.

“According to my intuition, that thing is definitely the Seal of Abyss. If it isn’t that… I should still be accepted by the 1st rank guild for this.”

Ian immediately talked to Herz about Lilson joining the guild and, without any delay, started to move towards the Abyss.

“This… I haven’t been here in quite a while…”

Ian was murmuring to himself, while Bbookbbook, who was beside him, had a very happy expression.

“Yes, Bbook. It has really been a very long time.”

This Abyss Lake was a place that held a lot of memories.

Excluding Ly, this was the place where Ian had spent the longest time to meet Bbookbbook and the others.

Ian and Lilson climbed into the anchored boat, while Bbookbbook crawled into the lake with a–Plop!

Bbookbbook started to immerse its body into the lake, and once it was completely immersed, it started to swim around.

“This is my hometown after all. I missed this cool and clear water.”

BBookbbook seemed like a person who was longing to eat meat for a long time. Ian, upon seeing this, couldn’t help but smile at it.

“Apart from having meatballs, that punk never looks that happy, I guess this is a first.”

Ly, which was beside Ian, nodded its head in agreement.

“Yes, master. I never knew there was anything Bbookbbook liked apart from meatballs.”

This was the second time for Ly to come to the Abyss lake, yet it seemed very refreshing.

If this place was a general hunting ground, it wouldn’t have taken such a long time to come back to this place. The view of this Abyss was so beautiful even Ian started to feel pleasant.

“Ku, fresh air, clear water! This is such a perfect virtual reality game, but I never thought a thing like overseas travel would have been possible. I don’t think that I can, in any possible way, find another landscape better than this.”

Ian’s string of thoughts were filled with praise for this Kailin game and how it worked. After about thirty minutes or so, Ian and his party got to the middle of the Abyss.

Lilson, as soon as he got off the boat, started to guide the road they were supposed to take.

“Okay, so… come this way, Mr. Ian.”

However Ian felt something was off in the direction Lilson was taking them.

“Umm…? Lilson, that direction doesn’t lead to the centre, it is the route that takes us to the Northern coast isn’t it?”

Lilson smiled and answered, “Yeah. That’s right”

“… Mr. Lilson thinks the secret dungeon is located behind the tower.”

Lilson nodded and after a brief pause, he explained.

“Yes, the secret dungeon is exactly right behind the tower, but it isn’t a place that can be accessed so easily. If it wasn’t for me and my friend no one would have probably been able to find that dungeon.”

Ian was still uncertain about it, but he decided to walk in the direction Lilson was guiding.


The direction Ian and his party were moving was that of the hunting ground, it was famous for having the most monsters on the Island of Abyss.

However, there weren’t any monsters in sight.

Lilson muttered with a strange look on his face.

“Uhm…? Why isn’t there a single monster over here?”

Ian smiled at his question and answered, “For a second, think about the level the monsters in here are. If they can’t go against Kaka who has attack ability, they possibly cannot fight the other ones. Will they try to fight us? I wouldn’t mind it.”

At the end of the words from Ian, Kaka who was flying beside him, glanced at him, but Ian just shrugged his shoulders off.

Lilson just shook his head.

“Hmm… this is the first to hear something like that.”

To be completely honest, Ian’s hypothesis is half-right and half-wrong.

Monsters would never try to escape even if there was a huge difference in the party passing by.

However, Ian had the power of a dragon Carusus, and the energy of the dragon was oozing out from the monster.

If the level difference between the monster and the dragon is more than 100, the monsters were designed to avoid that particular scenario.

Despite not summoning the Carusus, the presence of the dragon was enough to frighten the lower level monsters.

Thanks to that, Ian was able to proceed on his path without any trouble and Lilson led them on through the complicated road which kept on dividing. It was like 20 more steps far?

There was an empty ground in front of Ian’s party, which had three circles drawn in it.

“Well, what could this be?”

At the question from Ian, Lilson moved his hand towards the circle and said.

“Come over here. It is a wrap gate that leads to the secret dungeon.”


Lilson looked around at the members of the party and was muttering something that couldn’t be comprehended.


Ian was curious about it and asked, “What are you doing now? Is there a password needed to be memorized to enter the dungeon?”

Lilson replied briefly after shaking his head, “No, nothing of that sort. If you come along, you will find out soon. For now, don’t cut my words, I cannot afford to forget what I memorized.”

“Is that so…”

“Just keep on moving and follow me.”

Once the conversation between them had ended, the magic circle started to get into action, and the party members were warped to somewhere.


The moment they had arrived, Ian looked around the place he was warped to.

He was flustered with what he saw in front of him.

“Uhm…? What’s this? There are four more circles this time?”

On the other hand, Lilson moved onto another circle without a speck of hesitation while Ian was confused.

“Come this way!”

Ian, who had gone through this process a number of times, now managed to realize what the numbers Lilson was memorizing actually meant.

“Ah, the number was the number of magic circles…!”

Ian and his party continued to change circles and moved to another place.

The numbers Lilson was memorizing was meant to be the number of circle he had to take. Ian looked Lilson once again.

“Wow! How did you managed to find this?”

Though he didn’t want to try it. Ian couldn’t help but wonder how as he was playing this from the beginning. Just one wrong circle or a wrong route, the player could end up meeting a very dangerous monster or a strange trap.

Ian, who was thinking like a crazed person, suddenly had that thought cross his mind.

“Having Bbookbbook as the dungeon detector and Lilson, there was a possibility to find more secret dungeons…!asked,n turned his gaze and looked at Lilson.

It was a moment when Lilson’s value in the team was upgraded from ‘a person who was just needed to find the Seal of Abyss and a reporter’ to ‘a talented person whom one would like to carry on working with’.

“Lilson, aren’t we almost done?”

Lilson nodded with a confident look.

“Yes, Mr. Ian. I think its only two more moves we’ll have to do.”

After continuously moving through the magic circles for 10 times to 20 times, finally, Ian’s party managed to reach the destination.


Suddenly, wind started blowing from all directions.

Ian felt a chill run through his body, so he looked around.

“”Umm…? Here…! Is this really the place behind the tower near the rocky mountain?

In the centre of the Island of Abyss, there was a very steep and high mountain.

The tower rose to the highest peak, and the place Ian and his party had moved through the circles was to the peak of it.

Ian shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

“Uhm, I know where we are, so the next time we are needed to move, it would be nice to not move around in these circles.” Said Ian.

Lilson asked, “Um… What’s this? There is no defined path to move from up here…”

Ian replied to him, “I have a griffin with me, so I think I will be able to move up with him, I don’t know if I’ll be able to move again, but…”

Lilson shook his head.

“Oh, this is not the place we are supposed to come Ian.”


“I’m not able to see much, but space is really bound up. I don’t think it will be visible from the outside at all.”

“Ah ha…”

The peaks of a high mountain.

A group of people who were walking around on the narrow path around the periphery, to found a giant stone gate at the top.

Lilson who was in front of the stone gate looked around and talked to Ian.

“Mr. Ian.”

He had a nervous expression, and Ian, too, had the same expression.


Lilson’s words continued, “When you open this stone gate, there will be a gatekeeper that will be guarding the dungeon. The last time I was here with my friend, we ended up dying many times, and after many trials he barely managed to get past it.”


“Of course, you Mr. Ian would be able to win it without much difficulty, but I think that it would be better if you summon all your familiars before entering. Any there aren’t much familiars here apart from Bbookbbook…”

Ian nodded his head and asked Lilson.

“What kind of a guy is the boss monster that resides inside?”

Lilson spoke with a low voice, “the level of it is over 130, and it is a huge Golem uses a wide range skills of the Bing class system. This isn’t a joke, it used a magic power called ‘Abyss Hall’.”


Ian turned over to look at Bbookbbook.

“Bbookbbook, ah.”


“The monster inside, by any chance, could he be related to you?”

Bbookbbook nodded his head.

“Bbook, yes. Somehow, it is Bbook.”

Lilson clapped his hands and replied, “That’s right! It is similar to the familiar that Mr. Ian has. It was probably twice as big as it.”

Bbookbbook added something else.

“It could be a father one Bbook.”


Ian started to walk forward little by little.



“This stone gate, how is this supposed to be opened? Please open.”

Lilson looked a little flustered at this request from Ian.

“What? Open it?”


“Mr. Ian, you haven’t summoned your familiars yet. No matter how strong you are, a summoner can’t catch a level 130 monster without a familiar…”

At the Kaka who was floating around, Ian gave an answer.

“Don’t worry. No matter how huge it is, there is no way it could ever touch our master who is stunning.”


Ian shrugged his shoulders, and Lilson felt a little relieved and turned his head.

“Then… I will open the door.”

“Yes. Do it.”

“In case you think its too much, summon a familiar!”

Once Lilson was done speaking, Ian nodded his head, and Lilson approached the stone gate.

Lilson took something out of his inventory and brought it to the front of the stone gate.

Then a blue light began to shine, and a roaring sound started to come from the giant stone gate.

Kung- KkuKkuKung-!

The stone gate began to open slowly.

In the time being, as the bright light started to shine from it, Ian’s party went in without any slight hesitation.

But at that moment.

From the inside of the stone gate, a strong

mechanical voice started to come.

[Who… dares… to enter the… the Abyss!!!]


The light was filled all the way into the stone room that they had entered into!

The light began to weaver then past the light came a figure that could be seen.

One the other hand, Ian who had no expression looking at these events that were unfolding in front of him, pulled out The Judgment of the Spirit King and started to move forward.

Lilson, looked at him, he shrieked and shouted, “I, Ian! No! Even if it is you, It is still very dangerous…!”

However, Lilson’s scream couldn’t be heard on the other end.


Came some sound which was bewildering, and at the same moment Lilson’s mouth which was speaking had spread out wide.

“This… this is…”

In front of Ian and Lilson a system message had popped up.

[ You have successfully defeated the ‘Guardian of Abyss’.]

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