Taming Master

Chapter 249

Chapter 249: The Beginning of the Devildom Monster Wave (3)

In the end, Ian and Remir decided to move as one party.

And that was a truly outstanding choice.

“Bbakbbak, use provoke as you fall back! Ly, you cut off the enemies that approach near Remir!”

“Understood, owner.”

Bang- Ba-bang-!

Remir was an extremely Offensive-type Fire Magician.

So to someone like her, the existence of Bbakbbak, a provoking tanker that endured attacks while she casted her magic, as well as Ly, who took care of any enemies that didn’t have a lot of Vitality left after getting hit by her AoE magic, brought forth an incredibly synergy.



Ember was an AoE fire-type magic skill that was normally hard to even use as the casting time required was so long.

As Ember, which was one of the greatest fire-type magic skill that Remir had, was activated, everything in the front began to burn.

Zz-zzt Zz-zz-zzt-!

The effect of Ember was very different from normal fire-type skills.

All subjects that were within the range of Ember began to turn bright red.

Compared to other skills that had a showy effect such as a giant explosion or a fire burning powerfully, Ember showed an incredibly simple effect, however the effectiveness of it wasn’t.

• All opponents that were within the range of Ember have received powerful fire-type magic for the time duration.

• The Vitality of the High-rank Magical Beast, the ‘Dark Hound’, has decreased by 129,840.

• The Vitality of the High-rank Magical Beast ‘ the Dark Hound’, has decreased by 131,120.

It was a extreme fire skill that forced in an incredible amount of DoT damage to the point that the Vitality of the Dark Hound, which was a High-rank magical beast, dropped down to close to half in an instant.

While Ian was battling, he glanced every so often at the form of Remir battling, as he weighed up her fighting power.

‘Ember is a skill that I’m seeing for the first time amongst Magician skills… It looks like it’s a special skill that only Remir’s hidden class can learn.’

Ian was in quite a bit of awe at Remir’s strength.

‘Even considering the fact that it’s a skill that has a long casting time, that’s an incredible amount of damage. It’s almost equal to Karceus’s Breath…’

If the two skills were compared, the fact that Karceus’s Breath was a skill that was close to a prompt skill as it was invoked in about 2-3 seconds made it better in that aspect, however, it seemed that Remir’s Ember had a shorter cooldown time than Breath.

‘Anyhow, she’s good enough to be called the 1st place ranking Magician for sure.’

On top of that, how was Solare the Magician as well?

He boasted a greatness to the point that the fact that he was much stronger than Kaizar could be felt.

Solare’s combat abilities were to the point that they didn’t lack whatsoever even when compared to High-rank Devil Yankoun.

‘I don’t think that he’s her retainer… Is he just an NPC that is temporarily with her because of the quest?’

Ian checked Solare’s information.

• Solare/Level-325/Class-Magician/Rank-Mythological

And his two eyes rounded.

‘No wonder… For him to be a Mythological-rank NPC. No wonder he’s this strong. If his level was just higher, he would probably be much stronger than even Yankoun.’

As he finished his thoughts there, his expectations over Kaizar’s awakening grew even higher.

‘If Kaizar also found all of his memories and awakened so that he became a Mythological-rank… He will probably become even stronger than Solare, right?’

Ian let his happy imaginations go wild.

Meanwhile, while looking at Ian battle, Remir was beyond awe; she was shocked.

‘What, what the hell? Was the Summoner originally this powerful of a class?’

Ever since she saw him break through the zones of the Devildom from the beginning while constantly getting ahead of her, it had been a long time since Remir had tossed away her belittling heart towards Ian.

This was because Ian’s fight continued on for too long to regard it as anything like ‘luck’ or ‘coincidences’.

However, despite that, the Ian in front of Remir’s eyes had a fighting power that far exceeded her imagination.

‘Even with just that griffin or Fenrir, I feel like they have a fighting power that is equivalent to any other decent ranker-grade Summoner…’

However, Ian had about four or five Familiars that were that strong.

On top of that, how were his retainers as well?

Kaizar was also strong enough for it to be shocking, but the greatness of High-rank Devil Yankoun was so tremendous to the point that it was questionable as to whether it was real or not.

Bang- Ba-bang-!

And the most surprising fact was that even in this incredible dogfight, Ian was displaying perfect movements and Familiar control.

‘It’s seriously to the point that it’s incomprehensible. How exactly is he able to handle a High-rank Devil as a retainer, and on the subject of him being a Summoner, how exactly is his own fighting power that strong as well?’

Anyhow, Remir and Ian’s party created an incredibly powerful synergy, and they quickly broke through the dungeon and made their way down.

However, just when they went down to basement level 3, where the Devil Summoning Stone was.

Ian’s party, who broke through the dungeon violently, couldn’t help but halt in their tracks for a moment.

In that spot, they had met a Legendary-rank magical beast that they were seeing for the first time.

* * *

“So, in the end, Khalifa has awoken.”

Long, straight hair and pointed ears.

From the mouth of Iriel, an elf with a beautiful outer appearance that looked as if she was carved from the goddess of beauty, who was also the owner that guarded the Forest of Love, a long sigh escaped.

And next to her, Gripper, a Magician with the bombastic modifier of the ‘Dimensional Enchanter’, sat.

“That’s right, Iriel. However, wasn’t this, in the end, a sequence that was expected?”

Iriel slowly nodded her head.

“It certainly is. If Ian had just grown a little faster, it may have even been possible to have stopped Khalifa from awakening, however, unfortunately, he has awoken faster by a second.”

The ‘Shadow of the Evil Dragon Khalifa’ Quest that Iriel had given to Ian a long time ago.

To be honest, this quest was a quest in order to stop the sealed Khalifa from awakening.

Ian had managed to achieve the quest conditions, which were ‘Summoning Master Level 3’ and ‘Acquisition of the God Dragon’s Soul’, however, as he was proceeding through the other quests, he didn’t have a chance to go and find Iriel, so in the end, within that time, Khalifa had awoken.

There was no way for Ian to know of these facts, but somewhere along the line, each and every one of his steps have been influencing the outlook of the Kailan world as a whole.

Gripper spoke to Iriel.

“However, the biggest problem is that Khalifa has awoken much faster than expected. Ian had grown even faster than our expectations.”

Iriel slowly nodded her head.

“That’s right, however, I can’t help but be disappointed.”

The mouth of Iriel, who momentarily closed her eyes and was submerged in her thoughts, slowly opened again.

“If we cannot change the dimensional war, then we must find the best way besides that, right?”

Gripper responded with a low voice.

“That’s right, Iriel.”

Iriel looked up to the blue sky, as she quietly chanted.

“I’ll have to assign ‘that new task’ to Ian.”

Gripper nodded his head.

“Please do.”

And shortly after, in front of the eyes of Ian, who was in the middle of diligently grappling somewhere in the far Devildom, a questionable system message rang out.


• You have failed the ‘Shadow of the Evil Dragon Khalifa (Hidden)’ Quest.

• Your Affinity with Iriel has dropped by 10.

• The ‘Shadow of the Evil Dragon Khalifa (Hidden)’ Quest has been updated into a new quest.

• You must go and find Iriel as soon as possible.

• Remaining Time – 9 days 23:59:59

• If you do not look for Iriel within the time limit, your Affinity with Iriel will drop drastically.

* * *

Meanwhile, Ian, who was in the middle of a bloody battle with a ‘Devil Dragon’, which was a Legendary-rank magical beast that was so powerful to the point that it was outrageous, couldn’t hide his perplexity at the lengthy message that popped up unexpectedly in front of his eyes.

‘Damn it, what is this suddenly now? I shouldn’t have a quest that I failed now, so then what is it saying that I’ve failed?’

However, there was no way that he could continue his thoughts about the message.

This was because the mouth of the Devil Dragon that was in front of him began to wriggle.

“Damn it! It’s Breath, dodge it!”

As Ian, who discovered the invocation sign of the Devil Dragon’s AoE Breath the quickest, shouted, Remir and Solare swung their staves at the same time.

“Shadow Shield!”

“Chaos Hole!”

As they did so, a white protective film formed around the whole party that was facing the Devil Dragon, and in front of the Devil Dragon, who was preparing to let out its Breath, a giant, black vortex was created.


And in that moment, the Devil Dragon, who had finished with the charging of its Breath, opened its mouth wide.


The dragon’s breath poured out fearsomely to the point that even just the sound was frightening.

And that breath wrapped around the whole party that was on the premises before it passed by.

The Chaos Hole that Solare summoned had sucked in a portion of the Breath and had canceled out some of the damage, and the Shadow Shield that Remir had summoned absorbed the damage once more on top of that from there, however, despite that, it was an incredible Offensive Power.

Bang- Ba-bang-!

Since the Breath’s destructive power was to the point that the whole dungeon shook.

• You have been directly hit by the inherent ability of the Devil Dragon, ‘Dragon Breath’.

• You have received a critical amount of damage!

• Your Vitality has been reduced by 464,798.

• You have fallen into a ‘Burned’ state.

• For an additional 10 seconds, you will receive 57,980 damage every second.

Ian was dumbfounded when his Vitality, which was almost filled to the maximum, had dropped down to about 10% left at once.

‘No, why is its damage like this?’

With this amount of damage, amongst his Familiars, he had lost both Halli and Pin, who had died at the same time, while with Ly, Ian had withdrawn him autonomously.

This was because there was only about 20% originally remaining with Ly’s Vitality, so as soon as Ian saw the breath, he had withdrawn him.

‘If I knew that this would be the case, I would have also withdrawn Halli and Pin…’

However, to regret now was too late, and he could not let everything go like this.

Ian had Bbakbbak, who was the only one that had maintained 100% Vitality due to his inherent ability, ‘Absolute Defense’, step forward and stand up.

“Bbakbbak, Roar of the Turtle Dragon!”


As Bbakbbak cast an AoE provoke, the gaze of the Devil Dragon was momentarily tied to Bbakbbak, and Remir and Ian did not miss this moment.


Ian quickly darted forward towards the Devil Dragon.

‘This is the last chance, if not this one, there’s no chance of winning!’

And as Ian moved, Kaizar and Yankoun, as well as even Solare, swung their weapons towards the Devil Dragon at the same time.

Bang- Ba-bang-!

Yankoun’s big axes as well as Kaizar’s greatsword dug into the nape of the dragon’s neck at the same time, and seizing that opportunity, Solare and Remir began to cast their magic.

Whoong- Whooong-!

And Ian, who had stepped on the wing of the dragon and leaped up into the air before anybody realized, raised up his Judgment of the Spirit King high up in the sky.

“Please, go die!”


• You have dealt critical damage to the Legendary Rank Magical Beast, the ‘Devil Dragon’.

• The Vitality of the Devil Dragon has been decreased by 398,709.

The Devil Dragon, who had taken all of the attacks of Ian, Yankoun and Kaizar on its weak points, let out a roar filled with pain.


And in that moment, the magic of Remir and Solare directly hit the abdomen of the dragon.


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